[11/09/01~07(7days) California, US] The first

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1st Sep 2011

It was really hard to get out of San Francisco because of all the traffic. I started late around 2pm. The first day I only rode just over 22mi(30km) . I was disappointed  because I thought I would ride about 35mi(50km) or 40mi(56km).

Riding was difficult that first day. It was especially hard to find the right road. When I was on the freeway I didn’t know where I was and was almost hit by car. When I realized I shouldn’t be on the freeway, I tried get of it. At that time a policeman stopped me and gave me directions using his iPod.


Anyway, I gave up trying to go far. I had heard from cyclists that people would sometimes let you set up your tent in their yard. I tried this and a friendly family let me.  They gave me a hamburger for dinner and we had breakfast together. Yes , the first day was really hard for someone who has not done this before. I believed and hoped that I would get better



2nd Sep 2011

The Second day was really easy to find the road. Just one way. 1 highway!
The first day I had just seen city. And next day finally I saw beautiful scene which I wanted and it made me realize why I  am on the road. Nature always gives me lots of things.


I love ocean.



I thought here is famous for surfing.



I love biking but was not used to riding on a highway. I was afraid to ride in the fog since the road went up and down. It was mind over matter. I said to myself “I believe that I can do this. I trust myself.” So many times I said to myself “It’s ok. It’s ok. It’s ok. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be scared. You are ok. Trust yourself. You are fine.” . Finally I made it. I was really excited and happy!



foggy but it was pretty.



I only had bread for lunch and later found that it was not enough. I didn’t have water and I couldn’t see any shops or houses. I was so exhausted and cycling was so hard. During the morning I was excited but it got harder as the day went on. I asked myself Why. Why. Why…Why do I have still problem????  I was suffering from physical and mental exhaustion but there was where to get water. So, I just kept going and found this store. They gave me water and some soup. They even found a place to set up my tent.



I arrived in Santa Cruz next day.I went market and bought cooked chicken, some food and water



I had some problem with my bike before I start riding in San Francisco. But I solved that at some small bike shop. I needed the rest so I didn’t ride much. I was looking a place to set up my tent around 5pm. And that time somebody asked me to visit their house on the road. It was the happiest day on the road. I felt like I just got a billion dollar lotto. Good meal with kind family!


with their daughters



04th Sep 2011
My host was warm hearted and I felt so relaxed.



It was Milena’s birthday.  Milena is one of the daughters and I was happy that I could wish her a ”Happy Birthday”



They gave me lots of things for a bike and best of all love. I was traveling by myself but I didn’t feel lonely because of those who always helped me on the road.


John my host gave me an advice for route, so it was easy.



I bought two grapefruit for 20 cents!



looked like Korea countryside




The second day so many times up and down. But third day was easy. No up and down.


I arrived in Monterery. Somebody let me set up my tent at their yard and gave me some food for dinner.



05th Sep 2011
Start early in the morning. I like that. Nobody on the road except me.



In Monterey I went round ocean I love



It was sunny in the afternoon. BUT UP AND DOWN AGAIN!!!



It was really hard to go to the rest room and get water on the road. The Pacific coast shops are always too far for cyclists.  I got water at here and it was my first opportunity to ask.



Big sur. Actually I didn’t know where I was at that time. I just thought It’s awesome. But up and down… I pushed my bike so many times.



Up and down all day but I loved it here. When I told my plan to people  they said that every road is up and down. And I realized that was true!!



I met a hitchhiker and since I used to hitchhike in Canada it was good to talk with him



Pretty sunset.



Again at somebody’s yard



06th Sep 2011

It started off foggy again.  On the first day I was so afraid of riding with fog, but I was ok. I thought I was getting better with every day on the road.



It was up and down until 4PM. All day UP AND DOWN. But I was really impressed. I’ve never regretted the ride along the Pacific Coast. It was so beautiful. I felt like I was riding on the sky! What a wonderful earth!


The road stretched ahead across the flat landscape after 4pm



Elephant seal. Of course I didn’t expect that.  I thought the road (the nature) was just gift and that’s why I didn’t research information. So everything was unexpected gift to me



Flatlands. It was easy to ride and I had peace in my mind



~07th Sep 2011

I was supposed to use Couchsurfing.org which is host site for one night in Cambria. The host was so kind I stayed for two nights. I made a new plan and posted some of my story on my website. The first week was hard but I just trusted myself and believed in myself. That’s all I could do.  It was enough.


I am really happy to share it with you who can’t speak Korean. Please correct the mistakes if there are any. (out of context, grammar, word and anything!).

[Caroline! Thank you for correcting this post]

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  1. It was a joy to meet you in Casa Grande, Arizona and we are pleased to be a very small part of the incredible journey you are on. Thank you for sharing this experience with us. Travel safe. Stay sweet and beautiful. Janet and Trevor

  2. 한글로 된곳은 댓글을 달수없는데 영어로 된곳은 달수있네요.
    이제부터 차근차근 읽어면서 대리만족을 할렵니다

    • 안녕하세요.. 최근에 홈피 바꾸면서 전에 쓰던 댓글창 시스템을 변경했더니 댓글을 못 달게 설정 되어있는 걸 발견했네요. 알려주셔서 감사합니다. 수정했습니다…^^ 저번에 보내주신 후원금 잘받았습니다~ 홈피 꾸준히 업데이트 하도록 하겠습니다.^^

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