[11/09/08~12(12days) California, US] Learning on the road

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8th Sep 2011

I took the rest the day before. So Starting was good. I found that I was so excited to ride again. I thought the more I ride biking, the more I love riding.


Two dollars for two hot dogs.


Destination was short that day(Cambria to San luis obispo). I rode over 30mi(50km). Easy day. My host showed me farmer market and we had fun. I really like to stay with host. They know their area well. So sometimes they showed me around and it’s really fun.


9th Sep 2011

My host gave me an advice for the route(San Luis Obispo to Lompoc). It looked complicated. So I had to say to myself “you will find the way well. Don’t worry!”


Pismo Bitch. Of course I didn’t research a tourist place. So When I arrived here, I felt like getting gift from the road! 😉 I like to travel without a plan.

looks so much fun. I want to do that someday!


I lived Canada for a year. And I thought US is similar to Korea. Also countryside of US look like countryside of Korea. I thought Canada is less busy and more park.


I had to go round. Because I couldn’t go on freeway with bike.


I stayed at Warmshowers’ house. It was really relaxing after riding. My host does love bike. He tried fixing my rear brake. Always thankful everyday.


10th Sep 2011

Host rode with me around the city. I thanked him.


It was heavy windy until 3~4pm that day. I found that the hardest is not up and down but windy. And It was really hard to control my bike.


When I arrived near host house(Lompoc to Santa Barbara), I got a flat tire. It was the first time to get a flat tire. And I rode with a flat tire for one hour. It made more holes.


My hosts were really kind and nice person. I loved talk with them. They love to ride bike and had lots of experience biking around US. They loved to ride around US. Yes, US is so big, but they wanted to see all US with their bike. Hope they can do that!


11th Sep 2011

It didn’t work. So I had to change a tube. I learned that I must not ride with flat tire for a long time!


Santa Barbra was so pretty!!! And I heard some rich people like Oprah Winfrey live in Santa Barbra.


That sign on the bottom helped me a lot to find a way. But it made me get lost later. I realized it doesn’t mean to go pacific coast.


It was easy to ride biking. I loved that road. SO PRETTY! (Santa Barbara to Oxanard)


12th Sep 2011

I stayed at Couchsurfing’s house. My host was really funny and I laughed so many times. Actually I got lost on the road the night before. I was panic and even I got a flat tire! If I don’t know where I am in the dark, then I got panic. Of course I will overcome for this long trip. But not yet. Anyway because of my host who is funny girl, I felt better.


I had seen many farm and it reminded Countryside of Korea.


Finally I arrived in LA. I stayed with strange host. I supposed to stay two nights. But I changed my plan. I got a message from Korean who lives in Torrance. So I moved to her house next day.

Please correct the mistakes if there are any. (out of context, grammar, word and anything!). Thanks

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