[11/09/20~25(25Days), US] Be strong

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20th Sep 2011

It was good to star early. (LA toSan Bernardino, 105km, 65mi) Finally no more coast. And it was so hot. I missed Ocean.

21st Sep 2011

Next day I made plan to cross the desert. I had bbq party with my host who was gorgeous. She was so friendly.



22nd Sep 2011

(San Bernardino to Spring Palms (127km, 79mi))

Going to the east. I found some Korean stuff. But it closed.



Picture looks peaceful. But it was so hot. I was totally exhausted. The east was so hot .



I did need the rest. Finally I found the shade. So I slept one hour and had some lunch.



Unfortunately, I had a car accident. I felt bad for that car which didn’t stop after accident. Fortunately next car was ambulance. They check my body and it was not bad. No bleed and my bike also looked okay. They said I should report that. So I waited police and found that it was my fault. They said bike is just like a car. So If I report that, it would take long time because of my fault and I agreed that. I was wondering about that car. WHY YOU JUST KEEP GOING??…. You are bad. I was sure that this accident was the last in my trip!! I got some bruise. It was getting better. But My mind needed more the time to get better for that car.



My mind was broken after that.



That night I got some mail from other traveler. It helped me a lot.



23rd Sep 2011

So hot again!



There was not much shade. JUST SO HOT



When I couldn’t find shade, I sat on the road. I was sleepy. Then Somebody asked me “Are you okay? Do you need a ride?”. So I gave up to ride at that time and got a ride.


I stayed at warmshowers’ Cottage. He was 71years old. But he still loved bike. I got some courage from him.



24th Sep 2011

In the morning



My chain was just broken on the road. I didn’t know why it happened. Some body gave me a ride to town. He fixed my bike for free and gave me some part in case. Nice people!!


I was invited from him who gave me a ride. His grandson on the picture.


He who has a licence to sell showed me a marihuana.




I had fun with them! haha


Cute cowboy!


8L water to survive in the desert


I felt like I was in the movie. Desert with horse and country music!


I stayed at Joshua tree.


Somebody let me set up my tent at their camp ground. And they invited me at the party.


Campfire with them. It was a amazing night.


Beautiful night sky.


25th Sep 2011

Next morning I walked around.



I supposed to stay for one night. But it was so pretty. So I decided to stay one more night



Joshua tree National Park didn’t have water. So it was uncomfortable. But So pretty.


Please correct the mistakes if there are any. (out of context, grammar, word and anything!). Thanks

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