[11/09/26~10/01(31Days) US] To Las Vegas

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26th Sep 2011
I started riding at 6:30. It was so hot to ride. So I woke up around 4 or 5am.


Going to Amboy


I thought there would be no grocery. So I stopped at fire station and asked. He said there is no grocery. He gave some snack and coke.


He said he had two houses and if I want to stay for one night, it will be ok. So I finished riding around 9:30am. But I already rode over 45km(28mi).


His hobby is collecting fossil. It was interesting to see old stuffs like 200millions ago.


I stayed alone at house. I took the shower and checked some route. I took Milky Way


27th Sep 2011
Again I started riding early.


I could see some house on the road


In the sunset and sunrise, I can see long shade of mine.


It was too long up hill. I pushed my bike over one hour. Also down hill was long!!! haha


There was really nothing to hide. So it was hard to go to the restroom. I waited no car on the road and then..


When I went to down hill, I was impressed. I’ve never seen this scenic. I started loving the desert. White thing is salt.


Finally I arrived in Amboy. I went inside post office. I asked her something. She said 4trairers, 8 people and one security guy in the town. After I talked with her, I felt more safe. That time was 12:30am. But it was so hot and I thought that I should not ride anymore. So I asked her where I can set up my tent. She said I can set up my tent behind post office. After then, I met security guy and he said I should set up my tent around his house. Also he gave me 6 bottles of water.


Picture is I66 old highway


It was too hot to ride. I thought it was lucky to finish around 12pm. Also it was too hot to sleep


So many shoes



It was just 7am. But I was already sweating too much.


From 6:30am to 12:30pm it was just uphill!!! So hard. I rode at the speed of 10km/h(6m/h) for 6hours.


Finally I reached Mojave desert


I was so exhausted because of hot. When I took the rest, some car stop in front of me and asked me “Do you need cold water?” So I said “yes”. He asked again “Do you need a ride?” I just asked “Do I have to keep going uphill?”. He said Yes! So I got a ride. I wanted to stop middle of the desert. But He just kept going to Las Vegas. So I just passed desert and I regretted. Because It was not uphill at all. I rode uphill for 6hours and then I missed downhill because I got a ride.


Finally, going to Las Vegas


My host is really awesome. He will sell everything he has except touring stuff. He is 50years old and retired. I loved to talk with him. He had different story. Every people has different story. Traveling is like finding their different story. He called somebody and my bike was tuned up.


He showed me around. At first we went to Red Rock in the morning


Nature made those all art


So cute tourist cars


Finally I visited Casino. I thought if I get million dollars from gambling, I will be not happy. That is really not fun to me.


We went buffet. So many good foods. I enjoyed so much.


I like trying new one. So I tried almost every different foods.


Las Vegas night!!

English is not my first language. Please correct the mistakes if there are any. (out of context, grammar, word and anything!). Thanks

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