[11/10/02~05(35days), US] Meeting people on the road

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2nd Oct 2011
Mike who was my host brought me buffet again before I left Las Vegas.

He gave me a ride to Valley of Fire. I’ve taken video of hosts since I bought camcorder in LA. After I took video of him, I cried. I didn’t know why. It’s still hard to say good bye although I met so many people on the road.


I should be careful when I left my luggage.




I left my all stuff in campground and went around


up and down. It looked the Mars.


Somebody on the rock.


Wild animal!


It was so beautiful. I felt like the earth breaths




Again, some camping car let me set up my tent at their campground


I am not used to camping. So I’ve cooked just few times.


with the star I love


3rd Oct Nov

I love riding in the morning so much.


Unexpected scenic!


I was looking around and met some woman. We talked in English for 10 minute and I wanted to make sure. So I asked “where are you from?”
“I am from south Korea” . haha.   It was good to meet same country people on the road. She cooked Korean food for me.


On freeway because of no back road.


I could see some green stuff


When I took the rest, I met some Korean. They asked me about my biking trip and then gave me 110$. Lucky Korean day! I arrived in Mesquite around 3pm. I’ve never arrived early like this before.  Easy day! I stayed at Couchsuring’s house


04th Oct 2011

I’ve been three states at that day. Nervada, Arizona, Utah. But Storm was coming.


After 10am to 4pm, it was uphill with raining.


I was scared because of thunder storm.


But I decided not to get a ride if somebody ask. Because I didn’t want to make a mistake like when I was in Mojave. when I was totally wet with raining, somebody stopped their car and asked. And I said NO!


After 4pm, finally it was down hill. But I must have been careful.


My shoes was wet. So when I went downhill, My feet was totally frozen.


I am very disappointed of Ortlieb. It leak and already had some holes. And It’s also uncomfortable to take stuff from bag. Oh..Just so expensive.


04th~06th Oct 2011

My host’s house was so big. So the first day I stayed myself at another house. The second day I met other cyclists who are traveling around the world. Always exciting to meet other cyclists.They are 50years old and from US.


I had a good dinner with them. I stayed for two nights. My host had some Piccaso of picture


It was good to stay with them for two days. I supposed to stay for three nights. But weather looked good. So I decided to ride gain!

Please correct the mistakes if there are any. (out of context, grammar, word and anything!). Thanks

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  1. It’s so funny to read your beautiful experiences for me.
    I will trail your route some day.

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