[11/10/06~11(41Days), US] As far as I can go

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6th Oct 2011

At one dollar shop.

It rained afternoon.


I was so cold. I stopped at some place to hide from rain. I supposed to go Zion but it rained and was cold. So I set up my tent at somebody yard. It was hard to sleep because of cold.


07th Nov 2011

Few days ago, it was so hot. It’s totally opposite.


It was cold but beautiful.


I stopped at used book store and buy some book!


I met her on the road. She had a friend who gave a ride. So she didn’t have any stuff not like me. I thought that’s good idea.


cute animal.


I wish I could travel with cat.



Finally close to Zion park.


Mike who was my host in Las Vegas gave me annual pass. So I didn’t pay anything for entrance. I promised I will give it back after traveling.


Big rocks.




I walked around Zion. It was good.


I asked some camping car and they let me set up my tent. It was for dinner. Maybe someday I will cook well…..


8th Nov 2011

Again cold night. It was hard to sleep at outside. I didn’t have any winter gear. They who let me set up my tent at their campground invited for breakfast. Nice people!


Before&After or After&Before


When I was in Pacific coast, there were always up&down. But uphill was too long at that time.


I couldn’t go through tunnel. So employed stopped some car for me and employed asked a ride for me. So it was not hitchhiking. But I got a riding. Strange experience.




I walked on a trail. When I went to the top, I could see my route. Yeah. I was there with bike!!


On the top


After zion, it was still up hill.


I wanted to go to Bryce Canyon. But it got dark. So I stopped and asked somebody. Again one night at somebody garage. They gave me a hitter. So Not terribly cold not like the day before


Pretty horse.


9th Oct 2011

Next day I gave some picture which I took as gift. Also She gave me a breakfast and apple which she grow.


I made over 2,000km at that time!!!


Again uphill. Speed was so slow. I got a flat tire on the road.


No downhill. Just uphill. But it was beautiful.


When I ate apple which I got in the morning on a bike, somebody gave me a banana. She said “You need more protein”. So many good people on the road.


Another hitchhiker on the road.


Again I couldn’t go to Bryce Canyon because of uphill. I asked somebody and she let me set up my tent at her yard.


10th Oct 2011

It was terribly cold ever ever ever. I couldn’t sleep well. I lived Yellowknife where is North. There is around -30C in the winter. But I found that if i don’t have winter gear, that experience doesn’t help me. I heard that night was -5c(20f)!!!!

cute dog looked trying saying to me “good morning”


Water was frozen. I slept without any winter gear! Terrible night.


I didn’t have plan to come Utah. But my plan was changed after talking with local people. It was really good choice!!


So red!


Change color!


Finally I arrived in Bryce Canyon. I was so hungry. So I bought some pizza and bread. It was surprised when I bought bread. Bread was 4.75$!!!!!!!!!!. If I go walmart, I could buy one dollar for a bread. Shocking!!!!!! oh…


It was totally impressing. The best choice to come Utah!!!


I met him at visitor center. He was traveling around the world. He let met set up my tent at his campground. Now he is in Asia!!! 🙂


11th Oct 2011

Bryce Canyon was really unique!!!

English is not my first language. Please correct the mistakes if there are any. (out of context, grammar, word and anything!). Thanks

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  1. I felt like reading a novel.
    I even knew It was surely nonfiction.
    So excited.

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