[11/10/11~13(43Days), US] With Germans-1

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11th Oct 2011

I didn’t have enough time to look around Utah. So I hitchhiked. I just waited for 10minute to get a ride.

She gave me a ride. It was fun to talk with her. She was really kind and nice person. We went together until middle of my destination.


But there was not many car. So it looked difficult to get a ride. I just waited and then some camping car stopped! And they gave me a ride. If I rode around here with bike, it must be hard!!! There was snow!


We went to Capitol Reef.


(Left is Caroline who is John’s girl friend, Right is Chris)
One couple and their friend. So total three Germans in the car. They were so nice Germans. Capitol Reef’s camping ground was full. They asked me to stay together for one night. Of course I said Yes. Because it was so cold!!!! I was really glad to have companions.


The more I rode in the desert, the more I love!!


12th Oct 2011


It was better than camping ground. Nice place to sleep.


I love morning!!It made me fresh.


Before I couldn’t sleep for 6days because of cold. So It was good sleep.


Nice breakfast. John and Caroline is couple. And Chris is their friend. John cooked breakfast!






We walked on a trail in Capitol Reef National Park together.


John always cooked. I envied Caroline who is his girlfriend. Good meal with Good people


They asked me to travel together. Oh!!! It was kind of my dream that travel with camping car. So I said yes. I was happy to travel with good friends.


In Lake Powell. I’ve never heard Lake Powell before. Desert with Lake.!!! It was fantastic. Sausage, beer and Campfire with good friend. It was perfect!!


Shooting star


My lovely stars.


13th Nov 2011

Again good morning. I love the morning so much since I start traveling.


Isn’t it pretty? I slept at there!


In Natural Bridges.


Gorgeous scenic. I kept thinking in the car, if I was riding around here..


Monument Valley.


We Couldn’t find any campground around Page. So we park somewhere and slept!

English is not my first language. Please correct the mistakes if there are any. (out of context, grammar, word and anything!). Thanks

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  1. They are good and kind people.
    That was a present that tour gave you from the road.

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