[11/10/14~19(49Days), US] With Germans-2

The first picture is for cooking, The second is for water, The third is for dump.


14th Oct 2011

Again good morning!!


In Antelope Canyon. It was 31$ for entrance. But I couldn’t bring tripod. They said I couldn’t bring tripod. But later I found other people brought their tripod. I was trying not being angry. I kept trying and finally my feeling was better and enjoyed touring.


Again John cooked!


John is so kind like an angel!






Horseshoe Band
It was my dream place!!!! Finally I visited my dream place!


Sundog. At that night, we arrived in Grand Canyon.


15th Oct 2011

Always thankful morning.


Finally Grand canyon. JUST GORGEOUS.


Delicious lunch!




Amazing Grand Canyon




Sunset at Grand Canyon


Star trail with Grand Canyon


16th Oct 2011

Apple pancake in the morning


Elk!! So big!


Some park. I could see Yellow. Yeah it was autumn.


If I was riding around here?…


It looked different from the north. Here was more green. Sedona


We stayed at beaver park. Awesome with Awesome people.


17th Oct 2011

Next day, like in the movie


Spaghetti for lunch.


long log long..


We walked on a trail afternoon.


Red wine with dinner.


I love to look the night sky with friends.


Skunk was everywhere.


18th Oct 2011

Next day.. walked around a brook


Again good morning.


Some flower.


Caroline wanted to see cactus like that. I was glad that she could see her dream.




Lake Pleasant


19th Oct 2011

Finally it was the time to say good bye to them. I checked my bike and found some hole.


I was so happy to travel with them. I must meet them in Germany in few years.


It was the best trip with them ever never ever. I miss them.


I asked church for one night and they said yes. Also she gave me some dinner.


Caroline gave me some food for my trip. She was really warm-hearted.




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