[11/11/12~11/20(D+81) US] Between US Border and Mexico Border

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11th Nov 2011
I rode from Tucson to Nogales, AZ(Border). It was over 77mi(123km). I liked that sign. Let’s share the road, please!


It became windy after noon. The headwind made it much more difficult to ride. Even when I went downhill, my speed was only 10km/h(6mi/h). It began to rain after 5pm. I rode from 6:40am to 6:40pm. It took longer than expected because of the windy conditions. When I arrived at my host’s home, I had some pain in my neck, knee, back and hip.


My hosts live in Nogales, AZ, but they are from Mexico. My host said, “Let’s go eat some tacos.” So, I thought we would go to a restaurant near his home—but he meant we would eat tacos in Mexico! I have heard so many terrible stories about Mexico. 98% of the people have told me terrible stories about Mexico. The other 2% of the people have told me that it will be fine—just be careful. So, I believed in myself and the 2% of the people who have survived Mexico. I think I will not really know until I go there.”

I am not brave. I found it is scary to go the restroom during the night until I was 21 years old. Sometimes, I slept with the light on while laying in my bed because I was scared of the dark. I used to have nightmares 3 or 4 times a week. When I was about 22 years old, I began to overcome my fear after I moved away from my family. I am really trying to overcome this fear. I am not strong. I am not brave. But I am really curious about the world. This is why I am on the road.


I decided to travel to Mexico, but I was still nervous. One time, my friend who lives in the US told me that 22 people were killed in one day along the border—and my host says, “Let’s go to Mexico to eat tacos?” What???


I was shocked that it was very easy to cross into Mexico! Mexicans look just like you and me. I will eat many more tacos very soon! Yeah!!!!


I thought every Mexican had a gun and they shot each other on the road. But, I found that they look like normal people.

In front of the restaurant.


13th-15th Nov 2011
The next day, I crossed the Mexican border again. I felt a little bit different from the day before. I saw many homeless people. My host recommended that it is safer to use a Mexico credit card. I tried to get a credit card, but I failed because I need a special visa.



While I stayed in Nogales, AZ, I ate Mexican food for every meal. Mexican food is spicy—and I love spicy food very much. But it made me frequently go to the washroom. haha



It is good to heat tortillas in a microwave. Korean food always has rice. I think tortillas are like rice for Mexicans.



16th Nov 2011

My host took me to the Expo in Mexico. I was shocked again!



It looked so normal!!!



My host, Edward. He wass really helpful and kind.






I was too nervous before. And I was surprised that it looked so normal. So I took many pictures of the city.



Finally, I obtained a Mexican credit card. However, all my money is in a Canadian bank.

I have heard that there are many HSBC banks in Mexico. Also, I will be able to find many HSBC ATM machines in South America. But I am not sure if I will be able to use my Mexican credit card in South America, because Canadian dollar > Mexican Pesos > local money. Thus, money has to be exchanged twice. I will see later if I will be able to use my Mexican credit card in South America. Anyway, I don’t need to carry much money while in Mexico. In any case, I was so excited to have Mexican stuff!!!!



I thought that they couldn’t pronounce my name because they could not pronounce the “J” in “Jin.” My host recommended a new name for me: Monica!! But perhaps they can really pronounce my name. I will see later if they can. Anyway, I got a Spanish name!!! Yeah~~~~



18th Nov 2011

My hosts, Almida, crossed the border and I followed her. I thought almost every day they crossed the border which is called the worst dangerous place.


There are McDonald and Burger King fast food places in Mexico. There were many vehicles on the road. The traffic looked like traffic in my country of South Korea. Although my country is small, it has many people; thus the traffic is always terribly busy. It was different when my host(Almida) drove us in the US and Mexico. I think traffic makes one to drive differently.


I saw many street vendors in Mexico. I like this picture because of the red flowers and the man is smiling.


Almida went to hair shop. It looked normal house.


Such beautiful eyes.


I was bored later so I looked around.


At that time I had a camera so they called me to have their picture taken.


Such a cute boy.


They gave me a taco. I felt like I took a step toward Mexico.


Mexican boys.


It was so so delicious. There was always an avocado and a lemon. When I first tried to eat an avocado in Canada, it felt like eating fish, but now I enjoy eating avocado.

20th Nov 2011

I forgot it was autumn. Green, Yellow, Blue..


My host. They gave me love. How can I forget them.


I erased bike brand name from my bike. I am tired of the name.. What is my name? I hope I don’t have my name. Then I can fly in the sky. Then I can cross the universe..maybe….
I crossed the border over 5times already with hosts. But it will be totally different from going by bike. I believe I will have so much fun. I believe I will be good. I believe I will meet nice people like before. I believe I can do this. Let’s go to Mexico by bike!!!!! yeah!

English is not my first language. Please correct the mistakes if there are any. (out of context, grammar, word and anything!). Thanks
Andrew, Bill. Thank you for correcting this post.

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  1. Some truly wonderful articles on this web site , appreciate it for contribution.

  2. You are a very bright individual!

  3. Monica My name is Roberto Gallegos, I am a Mexican Cyclists currently in Malaysia. Mexican people are so nice and I love my country. I am sure you will have so much fun and find beautiful stuff along the way. I have not cycled there yet, but all I can tell you is that I am dying to do so. Please contact me, I can help you around with many friends and family all over the country. Here is our website http://www.tastingtravels.com We believe in what you do, we feel exactly the same about cycling, it is a great way to get to know the real country and it´s people.

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