[12/01/10~2/17(D+170) Mexico] Our happy time together.

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Korean who lives in Mexico city sent me a message to invite me.  She has husband and twin sons. I felt on a message that she is very kind and generous. Her family has lived in Mexico city for 6 years.  When I meet them, I call them with respect word because of our respect culture to older people. But they said that call us mom and father. It is strange to call them it, but later I am used to call it. Above the picture my new mom is the left end. The second from the left is her son and the next is her friend family. I call him as teacher because he knows many things. The right couple from end is very friendly neighbor and they visit to our home almost every day. The last one is one of her sons.


I’ve heard that many Korean live in Mexico but it is my first time to get a message from one of them. I have awesome Korean food.


The next day, we go to Korean restaurant. It is so expensive more than in Korea. I do thank to my new Korean family in Mexico city.


I am supposed to stay 1o days in Mexico city. Her neigherhood, Jinyoung, teach me Spanish for one week. After class, she cook Korean food.


It’s Korean Karaoke which is very private. We rent room for a hour.


It’s Korean card and it is good to see Korean game.


Again, my new mom order Korean food for me and family.


She makes Tequila. I drink almost every night with her family and neighborhood. It is totally good to be with them. I feel like I am in Korea.


Mexico has too much traffic. But incredible things is that they close the main road for activity on Sunday from 8 am to 2 pm. It is very impressed to see it.


We go to the nature.


Picnic with my new family.


I’m really happy with them.


Sometimes, I look around. It’s zocalo.


Big church near Zocaro


So many people on the road.


I visit used book store but I can’t find any English book for me. My goal is to read 100 books in this year. The problem is that it’s hard to get the book. I have Ipod but I don’t want to use it on the road in South America. I hope I can make this dream real in this year like 2006 year. At that time, I made it and it made me now.


The place I stay is very close to downtown, so it is easy to look around.


My mexico mom make Kimbob, Korean dish, for me. She is kind ever.


My neighborhood makes another Korean food for us.


We go to Korean restaurant again. Always, it’s good to eat Korean food because I am Korean!!! My Mexico mom suggest to learn Spanish in Mexico city. She say she will pay for my language school, then I teach English to her sons. I seriously consider it. Because I think one months is too long to stay. But I decide to stay for one month because I love my new family in Mexico.


The class is from Monday to Thursday for two hours and every Friday is for activity. My first Friday is to cook Mexican food. It is so interesting.


One of Students who is from the US eats this one. But I couldn’t follow her.


I look around on the weekend.


Chapultepec is a very big park. I find very beautiful book store in the park. I couldn’t find any book for me but I love cafe inside the book store. I love to visit library and book store.


Mexico looks freedom more than my country. But Mexico city is really freedom more than other Mexico city because I can see lots of gay couple kissing on the road.


I am used to see vendors on the road.


Korean new year depends on moon calendar. Korean people do this one in the church in Mexico city.


Children or young people bow to old people for good luck and then get money. I also get some money from my new family.




This is rice cake soup and traditional food for new year.


I don’t know who is on the lower of the left. The children who wear Korean traditional clothes are teacher’s children. From the upper of the left is my new father, mother and brother. My mom has to go to Korea and she say she will come back on 9th Feb. It means that I am not with her for two weeks. But I am not sad because I will have time to be with her for two weeks. So I say good bye to her with smiling.


Another activity in the class is to visit museum together.


The angle with big buildings.


In museum.


Teacher brings me to Teotihuacan Pyramid.  It’s from 50 km (31 mi) from Mexico city. This is pyramid of the sun.


Pyramid of the moon.


A little big tornado.


Pyramid of the moon.



Pyramid of the moon.


The people rising to Pyramid of the moon.


Teotihuacan is the biggest pyramid in America. It was built 2000 years ago.


Thanks to teacher, I can see amazing old ruins.


We go to cave restaurant. It is so expensive but my teacher brings me to here. It is a really good experience at that day.


Sometimes, we have a birthday party in a language school. I wish my birthday is not on November at that time. hahaha


I am a little bit bored because mom is not at home. But her neighborhood visit for us.


While mom is in Korea, I cook Korean foods for my brothers and father.



While she is in Korea, we move to new house.


After moving, we have an awesome Korean meal in Korean restaurant.


It rains very often since Feb. I am a little bit worried about it. I hope it doesn’t rain when I ride a bike.


Choco . Before I came to her hourse one weeks ago, he adopted. I take care of him. To train him is my job. Because I love dog and I hope he is loved by family.

Sadly, mom flights is delayed because she is busy in Korea. I am so sad that I don’t have enough time with her. Anyway, I could see her before I leave.


Her neighborhood is going back to Korea. So We go to Korea restaurant again.


Karaoke is also again. Twin on the picture.


Her neighborhood is going back to Korea. I love them so much because it is always fun to be with them. So I am so sad to say good bye to them.


My mom goes to Korea for many reasons. The main reason is go to hospital and I hear her health is not good and she needs to stay for a month to go to hospital. I cook more days for them instead of mom. Every day is same. Go to language school in the morning and cook for them in afternoon and in night.

I wait mom everyday, but so sadly I can’t see her before I leave. I think I am like child. I should worry about her first. But I feel just sad because I can’t see her. Her neighborhood is back to Korea and mom doesn’t come back before I leave and Choco will go back to ex-owner because here is no one who takes care of him after I leave. Everything is so sad to me.  I want to be cool. But I am not.


I go to Korea embassy to register that I am in abroad for the election of members for the National Assembly. Although I am in abroad, I can vote if I do this one. Vote is very important. Our history is also very complicating. Young people were killed while they were trying to get the right to vote long time ago. Now, I can vote because of a spirit of their sacrifice.


My little baby choco. I research to bring him on my way. But I have to give it up because of crossing the border.


There is a huge gap between the rich and the poor in Mexico. Prices in Mexico is not cheaper but their salary is too low. I am sad to hear that somebody says “It’s easy to make company and get money in Mexico because of low wages.”


After moving to new house, I am seeing angel to go to a language school.


Around home.


Mexican friend introduces his family in Mexico city. So I go to bar with them.




I love to take picture of night. But I can’t have done it since I came to Meixco because of being dangerous. But I go to bicycle club at that night so that I can take picture of the night.


In Mexico city everyday they have bicycle clubs. On Wednesday  is the biggest club. At that night there are over 150 bicycle. We start to ride from 9:30pm.


It’s dangerous to ride a bike in the dark. But it’s very safe to ride a bike together. I have a really good experience with them.


We go to small downtown and have donuts with coffee. It is amazing riding with them. I am back to house 2:30am. But surprising things is that many people still ride a bike in the midnight.  It is good to practice riding a bike before I leave Mexico city.


The last day in a language school.


Finally, I am leaving. I am wondering I will be okay on the road. Because I stay in Mexico city for 5weeks without traveling with a bike.


Mom said that she doesn’t have photo album since she came to Mexico city. So, I make it for her. Sadly, I can’t share with her now. But when she is back to Mexico, she will like to see it. The time in Mexico city is really good because I am with them. I feel very happy to be with them.

I am gonna miss them so much.

I love all of them.

See you later….!

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  2. Before I came her one weeks ago, > Before I came her’s home???

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