[12/03/23~25 (D+207) Honduras] Just Passing

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Honduras border looks like market. It looks so crowd and old. But it’s not problem to get visa. It costs 60 Lempira (3$)


Today is also hot and humid. Colorful clothes are beside the river for drying.


I think it’s not house for living but for laundry. And the other side is for drying.


It’s over 90 km (56 mi) from border to the next city. I already rode a bike over 30 km (18.75 mi) in El Salvador. I think Today will be long day. Lots of El Salvador men was rude but I think I am still seeing that kind of men in Honduras. But it’s not much like El Salvador. I think Mexico was really generous but I should not expect meet people like Mexican guys in Central America. Little child come to me.


They look serious and smiling.


Although it’s 38C (100F), I ride my best so I can arrive in the next city in day time. These days it’s too hot and humid so I wake up early to start before sunrise. So I have to wake up around 4:30am but sadly I can’t sleep well with hot and humid weather. It makes me so exhausted. My legs are really ugly because of bugs and mosquito. Also my leg is burn by strong sun rays.


Honduras is not small country to pass in two days. But my route is very close to next border. So I am gonna stay just two night in Honduras.


I am looking for Honduras food. When I look around market, I find many people are eating this one which is called Posoles. Owner says they mix milk and something I can’t understand. It is cool and delicious. It reminds me of something which mother made like this one for me in the summer.


I am still looking for Honduras food. But I can’t find so I just have chicken and cola for lunch. It coast 45 Lempira (2.5$)


Again I buy beer of Honduras to take picture or to drink. What do you want to see the picture of the world??? I am taking picture of beer and money to record the world.


The last day in Honduras when I am on my way, I find cows are crossing the road.


It’s time to share the road with cows.


With local children.


It is too short to know Honduras. Honduras is also same like when I was in El Salvador. Still men shot at me. But it’s not much like El Salvador. The most of Mexican men were so generous. But Central America is a little bit different and I should not expect like when I was in Mexico. When I face rude men, I will ignore them for my happy day. Nobody can ruin my happy day unless I feel bad.




Days in Honduras = 3 days
Distance in Honduras = 130km (81.25mi)
Flat tire=0
Costs in Honduras = USD 30$
(1$ = 18.6 Lempira)
City I stayed = Choluteca

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