[12/06/03~10 (D+284) Colombia/Pereira-Cali] I will wait for you.

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6th~9th June 2012

Gregorio, who was my host in Medellin, has his uncle in Pereira. His uncle has house at out of the city. House is over 35 years old, but it is so big and has a brook.


I format my computer and write journal. To write journal is like to write a book report. To understand the book after reading has to write review. I am trying thinking that it is important to write journal to understand my way.


I go fishing one day.


A bait is a dog food.


I just wish I get one fish, but I get 10 fish. I see big fish but I don’t get any one. I think big fish is smart enough to figure out dog food.


It is from the garden.


To peel banana is like to peel cucumber that it is hard. It is so sweet after frying.


Avocado is big, but when I see inside it, the seed is too big.


There are many beautiful birds around the house.


It is a scary spider!!!


10th June 2012

There is the downhill for a long time.   And then there is a flat.


I am so enjoying riding a bike, because it is my first time in Colombia to go on a flat.


I like to take the train, because it is like I am doing time travel.


I ride over 100 km (62 mi) today. I feel so lucky that Tulua starts festival as soon as I arrive.


I’ve seen a few festivals, but Tulua’s festival is the best of them. Actually I didn’t expect anything of Tulu, because it looks like Tulua is just one of the towns on the map.


I go to the local market with host’s family.


I enjoy looking around the local market. It is for a long time to see it.


It looks like Colombia has many different kinds of fruits.


She cleans fish. I loved to follow my mom when she went to the local market which looks like the same above the picture. And then she bought very delicious meal for lunch in the local market.


I can see the people who are selling plants at the inside.


It is called chontaduro. It is my first time to eat. Taste is like  a chesnut. People usually eat with salt, lemon or honey. I like to eat it with honey.


It is called Salpicon which is made of fruits. It is very sweet and delicious.


I am so surprised that they have a good library in the town. It looks like that Tolua has everything.


It is called Misperos. Taste is also strange.


Lunch is the fried skin of pig, fried banana, soup and rice. Colombia also eat heavy lunch, and they don’t have almost dinner.


It is called Mazamorra de maiz which is made of corns and milk. It is very savory taste. I try eating without milk a little bit, and I find that the milk makes taste is better.


I stay at Colombian friend’s home. He has many trophies and her mother is so proud of him. The next day, I meet him and I am so surprised that he is studying the law in the university. I am so wondering that how he can do both of them very well. He says “If you have to do, then you have to do. That’s all.” He is really good sports player. This year he came third in international game in Ecuador.

He gives me advice that it is dangerous before Pasto over 100 km (62 mi). I ask why it is dangerous. He says to me that because of drug dealer and guerrilla. Also he tells me some story of the  drug dealer.  I will write here just a little of them, because I am too fear to say all.

At first, the west cultivates plant of drug t in Colombia. And then the east in Colombia produces it as drug. And then they transport to Mexico. The last is that Mexico transport to the U.S. Of course, it can also go to the world.

For example, Colombia could earn 100$ for 1 kg (2.2 lb) of drug. When Mexico send to the U.S, they could earn 1000$ for it. And then when the U.S sell customer it, then they could earn 3000$. Usually small dealer could sell 15 tons in a year. Big dealer can sell 100 tons for a year.

I am so sad that my most favorite countries, Mexico and Colombia, are known as most dangerous countries in the America.  I think the only one who can stops it is the U.S government because most of drug is going to there.

Another sad thing is that usually governments think that the war is good way to earn money. Of course, they never say it in the public. I hope the U.S government tries stopping it seriously. And I do hope Colombia government and Mexico government try stopping it their best. I know it is not easy because everyone, police, judge, actor and more , is included in here so that it is dangerous to root out drug trafficking. But Let’s try!!


12th June 2012.

Today is the last day to enjoy the flat in Colombia. I think there is no more flat in Colombia. So I feel very good to ride on the flat, but I see something on my way.


The yellow dog is with the dead dog.


I think he might be hungry. So I give my meal as usual. But he is not like other dog who liked to eat it.


Even it rains, he doesn’t move.


He refuses meal, and only keeps being with his dead friend.


He tries calling his dead friend.


And then he sits on the ground and looks vacantly.


He licks the ground. So I give water with sugar cane, because he gets quite wary of me.


He could go to the town to drink water. But he didn’t. He is just sitting beside his friend although he was thirsty.


He is back to his friend side.


Again he looks blankly.


Although he tries lit, his friend never move. When trucks pass with making big noise, he is so scared and lies. It is so sad to see.


It is so poor.


There is nothing to do for him. I just give more bread just in case and go back to my way.


I am choked up for a little while. I see the same color dogs soon.


I don’t know why I feel so sad and cry.

Maybe, they were like these dogs. They might have played together and run together. But one day maybe the black dog was hit by car and went to the shoulder. The yellow dog might have been with the black dog from the first to the end.

Even his friend can never come back to him, he is still waiting.

It is the sadness of the one being left.



I will wait for you.

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  1. Hi Jin,
    Your photos are, as always, quite beautiful.

    I feel your sadness with the dogs, as I was cycling in Baja, two dogs were following me and one was hit and killed as it ran next to me. I understand your sadness.

    Keep your chin up and keep pedaling.


    • Hello Mike,

      I am sorry to hear that. There are too many poor dogs and many sad things on the road. I am not sure what I can change for those. Just what I can do is keeping going. I just see your blog that you are in Las Vegas now. I hope you have a good time with your friend and family.

      All the best,


  2. This is so sad and so heart wrenching. I advocate for lower speed limits, education for drivers telling them to drive slow and use caution, for changes in laws and planning that protect animals and allow them to cross the road safely.

    The drug war is a crime against humanity, nature and animals. They are plants, they should be completely legal.

    Be kind to animals, eat less meat. Bicyclists and people who walk need to organize and make a difference for animals, we all do.

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