[12/06/10~18 (D+292) Colombia/Cali-Popayan] Terrible accident

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I see some funny sign.


Cali is the third largest city in the country, after Bogotá and Medellín. It is too traffic so I fall on the road. Fortunately nobody hits me at that moment.


My friend in Tulua introduces me his friend, Lina, in Cali for a place to stay. I have something to do in a post office, so we go to a big shopping mall. It is surprising that Colombian Post office is more expensive than other country. Usually it was one dollar to send mail. But I have to pay over 4 dollars this time.


After that, we go to have Cholado which is kind of Ice cream. Cali is very hot so Cholado which is made of fruits is very popular to the people.


We go to the old church in the night. It is good to see the night of Cali


The church is closed because it is late night.


Cali’s night is cool.


I think I’ve eaten new fruits in Colombia. This one is very interesting to eat. It is like egg so I have to hit it on edge of the table. Then it is broken. They say they don’t chew but just swallow because seeds are weird. But I like to chew seeds because it is fun.


When I was in Panama, I sent mail to Mexico and Canada. But I didn’t know when it arrived. Finally I got an answer from Canada. It is tax return!
I left Korea on 17th of July 2010. I hitchhiked for 5 months in Canada and I worked only two months during traveling. But I got over 800$ for 2010 tax return. In 2011 two and half months before my visa expired I really worked hard ever. I worked from 9 am to 11 pm 7 days in a week for two and half months. But my 2011 tax return is 260$. Actually I thank that I don’t have to pay more tax.
Today is her Cousin’s birthday. We go to a nice restaurant and thank to the bonus, I can order some expensive menu. I feel so good.


I expect that I can get a package which was supposed to arrive in 12th of June from the U.S. But it is delayed so I decide to keep going to the south. When it arrived in Cali, I will come back only by bus.


Some truck’s driver shakes a mango over the window. I think he stops to hand me mango.


It’s one of Colombian Bus. Maybe I also have to take this bus to get my package when I have to go to Cali. I stay at Colombian friend house at that night.


Today will be a hard day. Santander, where I start from, is at an elevation 1,000 m (3280 ft), and I have to go until around 2,000 m (6560 ft) today. It will take over 50 km (31 mi).


I see Indians wearing beautiful clothes on my way.


The plant takes root in the tree. I just remember that I used to say some word.

My love can never move.
Nobody can move my love.
Because I am the tree that only can take root in your heart.
-The Scent of Chrtsanthernum (Korean book)-


It is really hard to go an uphill all day. I take the rest on my bike and on the road many times. When I reach at Piendamo where is my destination today, I try to stop to catch my breath by putting my foot on yellow thing. But at that moment I lose my balance and fall into a  hole. I think I try to hold something. Yeah there is only my bike. And the terrible thing is that my bike is also fallen after me.


The surprising thing is that I feel like the time is stopped when I fall down. It is like the movie. It is the longest time I feel ever. Unfortunately the hole is deeper than my height.


Situation is the worst. My head hits side of the wall, my body is bent and my legs are buried by front wheel. I shout my best. There is entrance of the town, so I expect I can be rescued soon. But after 5 minutes, still nobody comes to me. I just look around the hole and find that my bike is totally inside. Nobody can see my bike from the outside. I am so frustrated and cry so much. What the hell is going on?? How come.. But I do know that I have to get out of here as soon as possible before it gets dark. So I try to move my bike. But it is too heavy to move. I feel so terrible. I am in the dark messy hole. Bike never move and even it tries to kill me!! The only thing I can do is just to shout. After some minutes, somebody comes and rescues me.


I still can’t understand that how the heavy bike can fall into a hole after me, and how I survive even I fall from 1 m 70 cm (5.5ft). My right leg is so black and my back and left leg get also bruise. I can’t remember which leg was buried by bike.


Bike seat is also broken. Fortunately, helmet saves my life. If I didn’t wear helmet, I have bled a lot and I have been unconscious.


It is funny that I can see the rainbow after the accident. Unlikely the movie, I don’t feel any happiness after rescue. My body and bike was rescued but I feel like my heart is still in the hole. Maybe I can understand a little bit about trauma. Trauma can happen when their heart was not rescued. I do need somebody who hugs me. But there is nobody I know. I am just stranger, and I feel like I have to take care of myself.


I ride a little bit more because I want to get out of near the hole. Thank to local people, I can set up my tent. Today a special little handsome guy visits my tent.


I am invited their dinner.


Patricia loves green. Everywhere is green around the her.


It is very delicious dinner. I thank that I am with people.


The next day all my body is too sore. I am also invited breakfast.


It is only my house.


It is not good to ride a bike today, and most pain is on my right leg. When I pedal, my right knee has some pain. But it is too short to hitchhike, just only 20 km (12 mi). One of cyclists buys fruit yogurt for me.


Actually there is no more fun to ride a bike today. I am afraid of bike because bike pressed down me in the dark hole yesterday. Even when I take the rest, I sit a little bit far from the bike because I feel like bike can press down me again. I hear some information that there is a international bicycle competition. So I wait while playing guitar.


Cars and police pass one after another


Finally many pro cyclists pass. I am wondering about cars that why they carry many bikes. Maybe it might be their team car.


Sometimes people have asked me that I am a sports player. It is funny that I didn’t have a bicycle in my country. The real sports player are totally different from me.


There are many people watching them on the road. Thank to sports player, I am also applauded cheer from the people. I envy pro cyclists a little bit that they can get applauded on their way.
I get lost a little bit to find friend’s house. But it is no problem to get to friend house of friend of friend.
I hope I can get a package as soon as possible.
My right knee is not good to ride a bike so that I should take the rest while waiting my package.
It was not horrible like 127 hours of a movie, but it was terrible experience in my life to be stuck on the dark hole.
I think I am lucky that I didn’t get hurt too much. The most amazing thing is that helmet saved my life. Always it is important to belt up in a car and wear helmet on a bike. I think it is the only way to protect ourselves.

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