[12/07/04~08/08(D+343) Ecuador] To Change bike

I was thinking to stay at Casa del Ciclista which is a host place like Warmshowers in Quito, but I changed plan that I stay at Korean home and just learn fixing bike at Casa del Ciclista. Every Casa del Ciclistas in Latin America are different. In Quito, it is in the Bike shop so that I can learn about bike. I was thinking it will take 3 or 4 days, but I work it over 2 weeks. I volunteer, help, learn and painting my bike at there.


After volunteer, when I work for my bike, I ask them about bike so many times. There are too much bolts and screws to take it out from bike.


It is rusty Kickstand.


There are too many things.


Take pedal.


Take out Crankarm, chainring for painting bike


Take Handlebar and fork


Take cable and other things


Just worry about how I can remember everything.


Does it look simple?


Every four or five hours a day I have been in bike shop for over two weeks.


It is time to clean.


When I volunteered at here, I cleaned some bikes. Now it is my bike turn.


It is my first time to clean everything of bike!


Broken seat because of accident in Colombia


It is bent.


It is my too weak front racks. I never recommend people to buy this one for cycle long way. I’ve seen many people have the problem with this product.


Rear racks don’t have problem so far.


Someday I have to change chain and cassette together. I’ve heard that I can’t change only chain. If I have to change chain, then I have to buy also cassette because it works together.

Parts’ name is below.


Too many stuff. I hope I never lose those.


Too rusty. I think when I took sailing boat to Colombia, my bike was going bad.


Dry. Isn’t it amazing? Everything is separated.


Sandpaper for painting


I remember that I said I want to paint my bike to yellow but I don’t know how to do it. Yeah! Now I am doing.


Clean front dropout.


Change spoke


Many bent spokes


Fix rim. I learn it at bike shop. It is most difficult part so that I don’t recommend people to try it by themselves if they don’t know how to do it. I have an experience in Canada that I tried it by myself and my rim was totally broken so that I had to buy a new rim.
So here is tool for fixing rim. If rim touch right side, then left side spokes near bent are turned right-handed. It is not simple like what I am saying. It should be check right and left, up and down.
I am not sure that I can do it on the road without big fixing tool. Especially I am always confused between clockwise and counterclockwise.


To pain lucky. At first it is needed to paint white.


Must need mask.




Now it is yellow.


It looks a fluorescent material.


The most things I like are RED racks.


Now it looks yellow.


Now it is problem that I do not know how to install everything. It takes almost one week to install. Bike shop is busy so that sometimes I have to wait to ask.


Almost every time I have to ask how to put it.


Fork and handlebar








Put front deraileur


Front wheel


bottle cages


Red kick stand


Fix brake


It is so hard to put front racks together. When I bought my bike, I couldn’t install front racks so that I gave money to bike shop and they installed it. This time I do it myself that’s why it takes long time.


RED is awesome.


Red bar tape and yellow things are awesome.
I lean that bar tape is very important stuff for giving change. I pay 7 dollars for bar tape.


I change cables also.


I had the problem with the lower bottle cage so that I install one more cage. I want to buy a good bottle cage but still I can’t find.


The first picture is when I brought my bike by train. I bought it from craigslist. It has been traveling almost one year. Time and the world are too fast, but my thought and bike are too slow. I hope someday I can catch time.

Hey Yellow Lucky, Let’s go!

Youtube video for changing bike


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