[12/08/18~23(D+358) Ecuador/Riobamba to Guayaquil] I have a heavy heart.

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Now I have my heart in my mouth whenever I look the snow mountain. I realized that there is something I can’t do in the earth.


I stay in Local friend home in Riobamba. We drive to other town. When we go to the restaurant,  I ask why there is rice. She says that it is for taking salt easily.


Friend of Friend


It is my host May and her sister.


It is I and her friend. Actually we are taking cable car for one dollar.
Of course, there is no insurance for cable car of one dollar.


Our cable is the right on the picture.


It is also only one dollar. In Banos, Ecuador, there are a lot of fun thing like it and it is very cheap. It is so poor that I spent too much money on climbing High Mountain.


It is so exciting!




We watch movie together after coming back to Riobamba.


I still feel frustrated in High Mountain. Anyway I am going to ride again. Above the picture is my breakfast.


There are too much poor dogs on the road.


This cathedral was built at the first in Ecuador.


The room is small.


Again it starts hard riding. I start from an altitude of 2,800 m (9,186 ft). I have to ride up to an altitude of 3,800 m (12,467 ft).




Donkey with boy


Today I decide not to push my bike. I try riding a bike my best. But as I go higher, I couldn’t ride a bike anymore. I am too weak to ride a bike on the high altitude. Again I start to push my bike.


I feel like I am near almost an altitude of 3,800 m (12,467 ft). But there is endless uphill. I am too slow to find the grocery. I don’t have any food because I shared my bread with poor dogs before and I am too tired.


Being tired and hungry, I lower my head on handle bar. At that time one car stops in front of me. I see there are five children in the car. They say they are going to Guayaquil where I am going. I am too tired to deny their kindness.


As we go far, the road is smothered in fog. We can’t see anything. It is totally dangerous!


At some points, there is no more foggy.


My dear lovely family saves me on the road! (The photo is from family.)


Thanks to lovely family, I can arrive in Guayaquil safely. The weather is too hot in Guayaquil.


On July 26, 1822, Jose de San Martin and Simon Bolivar held a famous conference in Guayaquil to plan for the independence of Spanish South America.


There is another park.


Number is every on the stair. The last number is 444.


New building


I see many big shopping malls in Guayaquil. But there are also many poor people at out of the center.


This is my host home. It is really nice house that I’ve ever seen in Latin America.


The last night, my host, Maria, shows me really nice area. I’ve never seen this one in Ecuador. She says this area is really rich place.


I eat Ecuadorian tamal at my last night in Ecuador.

I have enjoyed riding between Andes Mountain and kind people in Ecuador.
I am so sad that salary in Ecuador is 300$ for a month. That’s why lunch is only 1.75$.
I hope someday local people’s salary gets better.

I have a heavy heart because I fail climbing Chimborazo.
But I will never forget that what I see on the Andes Mountain.



Days in Ecuador = 51 days
Distance in Ecuador = 406.99km (269.14mi)
Cities I stayed = 9 cities
San Gabriel, San Antonio, Quito, Machachi, Latacunga, Ambato, Riobamba, Casa Condor, Guyaquil
Cities I stayed = $1296.36 (Laptop $600, Climbing $270)

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