[12/08/23~9/19(D+385) Peru/To Lima] Teleport to Lima

I move from Guayaquil, Ecuador to Lima, Peru with teleport. Actually it takes 26 hours by bus. I sit on the front so that it is comfortable.


Street vendors


Service of the bus is great that they give me food. (I pay 70 $ for ticket and 10$ for bike)


Banana tree


It is Ecuadorian border. I don’t need visa so that I expect three month I can stay for. But they give me only two month.


The second floor and front is my seat. It is good to view.


Finally here is Peru.




Thankfully one of my friends introduces his friend who volunteers in Tumbes me. But sadly we have no chance to meet.


Motor taxi


Dark is coming


Bus stops to get dinner.


It is dinner. I took the bus for 5 days in Canada to go up north, but they didn’t give me anything. . It is interesting that South American bus feed me in the bus.


It looks scary..


In the morning I can see desolate wilderness.


There is NOTHING.


It is strange to see sea with the desert.


The bus stops for taking resting. I was wondering that the guy is a big manikin, but I saw manikin moving. He is real person!




There are many empty seats that there are no people in front of window except me.


These days I am reading Life of Pi. I already read it in Korea few years ago, but it is still interesting. The most interesting part is that the story is made on celluloid and is scheduled for release end of the year. I am so excited for it.


The desert and the sea


I am wondering how it is if I ride a bike at here.


Local people


Seriously there is nothing. I think it would be dangerous to bike alone.


I’ve never seen this one in any Latin America. It is too desolate.


I arrive in Lima after 26 hours from Ecuador. It is shocked that Lima is well developed. How come different it is between capital and other towns.


Going to Lima



Lima, Capital of Peru, is located beside the pacific.


He jumps down from cliff and then gets money from people. I though he is poor. But when I talk with him I see that he has a nice car. It is interesting.


He jumps!



I think Lima has also the desert.


It is my first time to see that capital is located on the sea. A sea view is nice.


On the first picture, the left is heart of chicken. Taste is so-so.


Lima has really wonderful park of fountains Winner of a Guinness Record for the largest complex of water fountains in the world.


The laser shows wonderful things. I really impressed. If you love show of fountain in Las Vegas, you must see it in Lima if you have chance to come to.


Lima fountain show


Las Vegas fountain show (I took the video last year)


Before I knew it, I traveled over one year. I ready some gift for myself who has a lot of curiosities to celebrate one year. I will post it on next journal.

  1. So many nice clicks. Enjoy your trip and stay blessed.

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