(Chile) Do you know mystery Rapa Nui? How about Easter Island and Moai?

Wonder of the World, Moai! Although there is scientific hypothesis, nobody knows what true is. There is much Moai . Who made it? when was built? why much Moai sculpture in this small island?? It is time to go to the middle of the pacific ocean to see Wonder of the World

I just heard that I can go to Island which has Moai from Lima, Peru cheaply. I was gooling and saw that Easter Island is too far.


Actually I didn’t know that where Moai is. I only knew Moai is on the Super Mario..


Maybe the true fact could be like this! Yeah. Let’s go to see!


Lima airport is nice. Actually I was concerned about going to Easter Island because it is 400$ for flight. But I couldn’t stand curiosity and I was not sure that I can come to South America again later.


People have said that it was built by alien. What is true?


To eat dinner or breakfast is in the midnight at the flight.


Easter Island is Chile’s territory. Chile has very strict rule in the airport that they check every luggage with X-ray. ( No meat, No vegetable)! In Chilean airport, there are a few front desks of the travel agency. I already booked my hostel so that they pick me up. They actually give me flower necklace, but it is something weird that it is like in official. Anyway not bad


I stay in campsite of Hostel, Mihinoa (http://www.mihinoa.com/es_mihinoa.php)
If I bring my tent, then it is 5,000 pesos (11$) for one night. If I borrow gear, then it is 12$.
Electricity and Wi-Fi is are 11$. If I use only Electricity, it is 2,000 pesos (4$)
Everything is super expensive in the Island so that I brought some things to eat from Lima.

Departure was 11 pm and Arriving was around 6 am. When I set up my tent, it is rainy.


WOW. It is very familiar. Where I see it?


The above photo was taken at Jeju Island in Korea. It is so similar.


Even the Island has Korean alcohol, Soju x)


Easter Island is smaller than Jeju Island almost 11 times. But it is still big island to walk all around the Island.
It is over 30,000 pesos (62$) to rent car.


Right now I can’t rent car so that I need the other traveler who will travel together. I walk to the Moai near the town that it takes 1 hour. Everywhere I can see basalt that it is totally like Jeju Island.


The above photo is Jeju Island. It is similar, but different. How is similar and how is different? Look at the stones! The form of graveyard is different, but the form of stone is similar.


It looks totally Jeju Island.


The above picture is Jeju Island. I missed so much Jeju Island and now I feel at home.


It is Easter Island.


It is Jeju Island. All of the pictures of Jeju which I show you is I took when I lived in.
I lived in Jeju Island for eight months until I left Korea. It is not normal to live in Jeju Island for young people who are used to living near Seoul which is the Capital of Korea. When I said to my mom that I am going to quit my job and go to Jeju Island, my mom was too mad with me. Many people think that Jeju Island is only tourist place. And usually Korean young people live with parents until they get married. So it was a big event that I am going independent in Jeju Island!! I think at that time my mom got shocked. Anyway I lived in Jeju Island without any help from home. After that my mom gives up expecting that I live like other young Korean people. Now my mother lets me do what I want. Although I have never asked money to my mom since I was independent, my mom is the biggest sponsor in the world.


The local people is playing guitar in the green field. In this Island, so many dogs are on the road. But it is a different dog that I’ve seen so far. They don’t look being hunger and having pain. Jeju Island is similar that so many dogs are on the road.


I am used to seeing this kind of things because I lived in Jeju. Jeju Island and Easter Island are volcanic Island.


Finally I can see Moai.


The size is bigger than I expect.


It is very impressed in real life.


The right one has eyes.




Every Moai looks different


Why people made Moai?


Big Moai


I walk around Moai and it reminds me of Jeju Island.


Moai with the sea


(Photo of Jeju Island) Jeju also has sculpture.


(Photo of Jeju Island) It is called Dol hareubang.


(Photo of Jeju Island) They are considered to be gods offering both protection and fertility and were placed outside of gates for protection against demons travelling between realities. It was made in 1700.


(Photo of Jeju Island) But the statue is not large as much as Moai.


I can see the parasitic volcano in the Island.


(Photo of Jeju Island) Jeju Island has over three hundreds of parasitic volcano.


(Photo of Jeju Island) Jeju Island doesn’t only have so beautiful color sea, but also many pretty parasitic volcano. I am so glad to see parasitic volcano in Easter Island.


Even here is a lot of horse!!


(Photo of Jeju Island) Jeju has also so many horses. Easter Island looks like brother of Jeju Island.


(Photo of Jeju Island) Jeju Island has a dialect. Young people in Jeju speak standard language and dialect that it is no problem to talk with them. But when I talk with elder people in Jeju, I can’t understand what they say. Seriously, I can understand and speak English more than the dialect of Jeju Island. Jeju Island has own their culture which is totally different from other place.


It is imitation. (Moai under the sea is also imitation.)


The Island has amazing wave so that I can see many people enjoy surfing. It is just awesome that I’ve ever seen. Jeju Island has so beautiful sky, but not wave.


It is more peaceful than what I expected. Island is big that tourists are spread.


Elder people looking at child


Imitative Moai is near the town


In the kitchen, sun goes down.


Yesterday, I met other Korean traveler. We arrange to rent car tomorrow. Today it is another peaceful day. The Wave is just super awesome.


I love here as much as Jeju Island


There are three Moai near harbor. The Island was founded by Dutch at Easter day in 1722. That’s why The Island is called Easter Island. But I just found that the Island is also called Rapa Nui. What is different between Easter Island and Rapa Nui?


Swellfish! (It is not died)


In the harbor, I can see turtles! It is really big!!!!


In the night, I write the letter. It is only one dollar to send post card. I’ve sent letters in many countries, but here is the cheapest place. In the Island, everything is too expensive except Post Card!


In the morning dog is sitting in front of my ten. Moai in the hostel is also the imitation. The place where I sleep is in front of the sea so that I can hear the sound of the waves in the night.


Population is over five thousands and two thousands of them are aboriginal people.


I meet French in the post office. She says that many French live here.


I love to write the letter, but it is too expensive! Although e-mail is free and easy, I still like analog. They stamp Moai on the letter! It is awesome that I send the letter in the middle of Pacific Ocean! They also kindly stamp Moai on my passport. I also some buy stamps for my friend’s hobby!


Finally it is time to figure out what is going on Rapa Nui. I, Korean couple and Chilean couple are on the car. Many Moai are on the floor.


The Sea


Moai looks sad.


Pretty parasitic volcano


Maois are spread.


Bone of Horse?


Here is Moai which doesn’t look keep well. I am wondering what happened in the Island.


We have seen many Moai so that everything looks Moai. Even the mount looks Moai!


Korean couple with a halo of the sun.


Here is Quarry. The entrance fee for Quarry and Orongo is 50$. It is too expensive, but I want to see and figure out what happened.




Why this small Island needed much Moai?


It is really bigger than other things which are located near the town.


So what happened before???


Rapa Nui is far away from the land.


Rapa Nui’s area is 166 ㎢ and Jeju Island’s area is 1,849 ㎢.


It looks like Darth Vader. There are 887 extant monumental statues and 400 of them are leaving in Quarry.


It is very famous Moai. The big Moai in the Island is about 10 m (32 ft) tall and 90 tons. Smaller Moai is 3~5 m (9~16 ft) and 20 tons. How can they make it and move to Ahu altar?


Moai is really big in Quarry.


I’ve never expected that I will see Moai in my life! How amazing!


They carve whole the mount so that now the mount is smaller than before.


The true is Moai is bigger than we see.


Long time ago, they didn’t have Iron so that they have to carve rock with the rock.


There is much Moai which is unfinished.


Every Moai’s shape is different.


A halo over the Quarry


Around 800~ 900 years, Polynesian came to the Island. Archaeological record shows that, by the time of the initial settlement, the island was home to many species of trees, animals and plants. It was an earthly paradise.


Around 1,000 years, they started making Moai but at that time it was not big. The reason also maybe is the same as Dol hareubang that it would be protecting Island and religion.


The chief of the tribe wanted to control people strongly so that making moai was going bigger. In 1400 years, the more people lived, the bigger they made Moai. They needed more food, but they used their resources to make Moai.


They needed many trees to move their Moai to Ahu altar. They cut trees, and birds were gone. Even they didn’t have trees to make a canoe to go fishing whales.


In 1600 years, every trees was cut and it was stopped to make Moai.


The worst thing was that they didn’t have food so that they ate each other! Cannibal!


It is weird shape. Why they made too much Moai? What was the matter with them??


In 1600 years, the Island became ruined. Dutch found the Island in 1722 years at Easter day.


In 1770 Spain tried to get this Island. In 1800s, Peru brought one thousand people as salve. The ill spread so that many people were died at this time.


In 1872, there were only 110 people. In 1888, Chile got this Island.


Rapa Nui lost their Island and their name was changed to Easter Island.


In 1900s, Chile tried to move people from the land to the Island. Actually aboriginal people doesn’t relate to Latin America that they are from Polynesia.


I saw newspaper that one native said Chilean treat them like as not being good. After some Island of Polynesia got independent, Rapa Nui wanted independence like them.


The other side of Quarry, there is much Moai. Tourist can’t go this side.


Starting in August 2010, members of the indigenous Hitorangi clan occupied the Hangaroa Eco Village and Spa. The occupiers allege that the hotel was bought from the Pinochet government, in violation of a Chilean agreement with the indigenous Rapa Nui, in the 1990s. The occupiers say their ancestors had been cheated into giving up the land. According to a BBC report, on December 3, 2010, at least 25 people were injured when Chilean police using pellet guns attempted to evict from these buildings a group of Rapa Nui who had claimed that the land the buildings stood on had been illegally taken from their ancestors.
In January 2011, the UN’s Special Rapporteur on Indigenous People, James Anaya, expressed concern about the treatment of the indigenous Rapa Nui by the Chilean government, urging Chile to “make every effort to conduct a dialogue in good faith with representatives of the Rapa Nui people to solve, as soon as possible the real underlying problems that explain the current situation”.
The incident ended in February 2011, when up to 50 armed police broke into the hotel to remove the final five occupiers. They were arrested by the government and no injuries were reported.
(From Wikipedia)


It is 15 Moai. I feel sorry about Rapa Nui that they lost their Island and how they are treated. That’s why I want to call this Island Rapa Nui, not Easter Island.


15 Moai is huge!!


It was restored after tsunami. How indigenous people moved this huge rock? It is almost 100 tons for each one!!!


Much Moai leaves alone at everywhere. Actually I think I can’t treat Moai is only rock. It was their culture! They made it together and spent time together. Probably when they finished building Moai, they might have a big party.


You can imagine how big Moa is with this picture. Around Moai, it is Ahu altar. People must not walk on there. I saw some people were warned by local people when they walked over there. I am wondering this is because of keeping their cultural assets or because of which they still treat Moai is religion thing.
(If you see picture that tourist touches Moai, it is illegal!)


Behind Moai


It is called Pukao which is about 10 tons.


Many horses in Rapa Nui


There are too many to keep Moai well.


Rapa Nui thought that they are the middle of the world long time ago.


It is so cute parasitic volcano.


Sometimes I am confused that here is Jejus Island or Rapa Nui. Rapa Nui is the big present to me who miss Jeju Island.


This is Anakena which is only beach you can enjoy your day time. According to oral tradition, the first settlement was at Anakena. Landing point provides the best shelter from prevailing swells, as well as a sandy beach for canoe landings and launchings, so it seems likely to have been an early place of settlement.


Everywhere is Moai!


I might imagine how Moai was built. But it is too mystery, because too much Moai in everywhere.


(Photo of Jeju Island) What is different between Dol hareubang and Moai?
Am I lucky that my ancestors didn’t make it like Moai so that Jeju didn’t get ruined?
If my Ancestors make it like Moai, maybe Jeju Island becomes the most famous Island in the world?


Orongo is near the town. People don’t need entrance to the park that they can see it outside of park.


I come here with other Korean people whom I met in the beach, because two couples go back to the town. The dog is everywhere! If you love a dog, you will be not lonely in the Island.


Unless I don’t ride a bike in the sunset, I love to see the most beautiful color.
(Too dangerous to ride a bike before sunset because dark comes soon)


My dear starts! I want to take the picture with real Moai, but I feel dangerous going out alone .


Middle of tents is mine. I am lucky that I don’t have enough money. That’s how I can enjoy the star and meet more people.


I rent car for two days with Korean couple. But they don’t go for sunrise today. So I join other Korean car which I took yesterday. I wanted to take the picture of Moai with the Milky Way, but it is impossible to come here alone. I am lucky that we arrive early so that I can take picture of Moai with a few star and sunrise.


He who jumps drives well. Most of car is manual! Auto car is too expensive.


15 Moai with Sunrise


I love this photo that color is so peaceful.


The car I took the morning was given back so that six Korean people are on the car which we rent for two days. We go to Ana Kakenga’s cave.


I have really good time with them because I can speak Korean!!! hahaha


The waves are just awesome. I’ve never seen that the waves are super amazing.


We must need the light because cave is too dark and narrow. I give my light to Korean friend as saying “It is super strong”. But when she turns on my light, everybody laughs that my light is weaker than Ipod’s light. Yeah, there is another reason that I must not ride a bike in the dark.




There is not much plant so that I imagine it would be the beginning of the earth.


7-Moai! It is interesting that Moai is looking at the sea. Every Moai looks at inside of Island except Quarry.


Big seven Moai


We go to Puna Pau where people made hats.


It is too heavy. I am wondering how they move it. It is far to the sea.


The town


Today is relaxing day that we drive slowly around the Island. It is really quiet Island.


I do love to live here.


(Photo of Jeju Island) The most place I love is Jejus Island. Now here is another, Rapa Nui!


This is my last sunset in Rapa Nui.


It is time to leave my brother Island.


It is really mystery Island.


There is special beer which is only sold in Rapa Nui. It is too expensive. I have bbq party tonight that I already spent much money. So I can buy only one beer for 3.5 $.




They are going to travel together next month with more people and tour guide for 40 days. I am jealousy of them.


Oh.. It is so good!!!!!


The guy who jumped in the morning buys wine but we don’t have cups. So we drink wine with empty beer can.


It is really strange? weird? taste. The boys don’t like it, but it is okay to girls.


The next day, Korean couple doesn’t go to 15 Moai to see sunrise. I feel so lucky that I went there already with other people. (I don’t have a driver license that I don’w know how to drive.)

In the noon, we go to Orongo. Long time ago, there was Bird Man cult that people are diving from Orongo and swim to the Island in the picture and then bring bird’s egg. The winner who brings bird’s egg in the first becomes a chief of the tribe. It is hard to believe that it looks so dangerous. But it can be possible for them who made huge eight hundreds statue.


There is more to see in Orongo.


The place where people lived in


It is interesting to see other culture of them.




Town of Rapa Nui! Everything is too expensive except sending letter.
Actually there is huge problem in Rapa Nui
Rapa Nui has many cockroaches. Every times I saw it in bathroom
The first day hostel rent me sleeping pad for free. When I held that, I saw cockroaches run away!!!!
But anyway I brought it and in the night I found cockroach IN MY TENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I got panic. I tried removing it from MY TENT with other stuff. But it was not possible.
So I just tried giving it back to office. It was itch whiling bringing it back, and I saw cockroach on my hand and he jumped down to grass and run away

WHAT THE HELL WAS GOING ON IN THE EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After that time, I saw many cockroaches even on the road. Here is heaven of the cockroach. Maybe that’s why many dogs don’t look hunger and poor????
Maybe if there were not cockroaches, I would stop cycling and live here.


The next day, I see that I have money to buy the other beer which I didn’t know taste of. Its taste is ….. I can’t explain. So… good?? So weird???? It is like Moai! Mystery Taste!


The local people who is carving Moai.


It is time to leave. When I come back from Moai to the Town, somebody gives me flowers from the car and gone. What a surprise!?

The fragrance of the flower is so sweet. To smell flower is like to see my mind.
My last time is so sweet in Rapa Nui.
I give those to Korean couple who stays more days in Rapa Nui.


I am in the flight.
Frankly speaking, I still want to live there so that I ask staff in hostel. If I work in Restaurant, how much I can get money. It is so shocking that I can get money only around 500$. Everything is expensive in Rapa Nui but salary is too low.


Mystery Island! Do I solve my curiosity?
No!!! No! No! Never!


Planet of Rapa Nui

Many people might think sorry about Rapa Nui. They were ruined because of Moai

Have you thought about that Rapa Nui and we are similar?

The More day, the more people but the less resources
When Rapa Nui cut the last tree, they might know that they will die. Although they knew that, they didn’t stop.

Maybe The last day of the earth will be the same as Rapa Nui’s last day.


There are many reasons that I want to travel the universe.
One of them is to see “The human is blessed animal or pool animal.”

Although I am leaving from planet of Moai, my mind is in front of Mai.


===============================Info for Rapa Nui =================================
There is ‘Lan’ company.
Many way to get Rapa Nui. From Lima is knows as cheaper.
There were promotion that it was 400$
I’ve heard that usually it is expensive.
You can pay with visa and paypal.
If you pay for promotion, it would be two options.
4 nights and 5 days or 7 nights and 8 days.
From lima. Departure is 11:30 pm and arrive is around 6 : 30 am, the next day.


*Place to stay
Bring your tent : 5,000 pesos (11$), rental gear 12$ (be careful of bed bugs.)
Electricity plus Wi-Fi 5,000 pesos (11$) , Only Electricity 2,000 pesos (4$)
Dom : 8 pesos (17$)
Room : from 10,000~30,000 pesos (20$~60$)
Hot water

(If you book before, they will pick you up. Also they will drop you down when you leave. You can also book in the airport of Rapa Nui. It is not far from town to airport. Just 3~5 minutes? By car


*How to tour
1. Walking
It is big Island that you cannot walk entire Island in one day.

2. Bike 24 hours 8,000 pesos (16$)
(The main road to go to Anakena beach is paved, but the other roads are terribly gravel and unpaved. Remember that it is volcanic Island)

3. Motocycle 4 hours (20$), 8 hours (30$), 24 hours (47$),

4. Car
24 hours
Manual (62$~103$), If you borrow in Mihinoa (hostel), it is 41$
Auto car is 155$

5. Hitchhiking
I met two French guys in the hostel. They hitchhiked to Anakena Beach. They said they took five cars and most of car was driven by Chilean.
It is only 30 ~45 minutes from the town to beach by car.




*Info of the place
Tongariki / 15-Moai. It is not possible by bike and walking. Need car to see Sunrise
Tahai / 7-Moai. It is near the town. By walking will take 40~60 minutes.
Orongo / By car 15 minutes. By walking over one hour. But you can’t see sunset with crater. Sunset is the other side. If you don’t have the time, I recommend you to see sunset in Tahai
Tahai / Sunset. Moai has eyes. It is 40 minutes from the town
Ana Kai Tangata / Cave is near the town that you can walk to there. There is drawing of bird man.
Ana Kakenga / The other cave. It is different. It is too dark that you must need the light.
Ahu Akivi / 7-Moai. Near the Ana Kakenga
Anakena beach / Beautiful beach is on the north. There is 7-Moai
Rano Raraku / It is Quarry. You have to pay 50$ for entrance.
Ahu Tongariki / Sunrise. 15-Mai.
Harbor / You can see turtle.

*Entrance fee
It is 60$ for Quarry and Orong.
If you buy in the airport, it is 50$
If you couldn’t buy ticket when you arriveed, you can buy it later
Dollar is better than Pesos for paying
You can use ticket for 5 days, but you can go just one time for each place.
You can’t share your ticket with other people, because they stamp on your ticket when you go inside.

(Is it worth to go Quarry?
In my opinion, definitely! You can imagine what happened at there and understand more than before.)
(You can see Orongo without ticket. Orongo’s crater is big so that you don’t need to go inside. If you go to the national park of Orongo, you can see their old culture and small Island for Bird Man)


* Info of Island
– I drink tap water and it is no problem. But I put some fruit powder just in case.
– The waves are super awesome that if you love surfing, you will love there. But scuba diving is not recommended.
– It is rainy Island. If you have water proof, then bring it! (It can be different for the seasons.)
– It is chilly in the night
– It is not smaller Island to walk and there is no bus. Bring your walking shoes
– There are too many super big cockroaches. (It can be different for the seasons.)
– There are so many dogs which are so friendly. When I went to Post office, four dogs were following me. But don’t worry if you don’t like dogs. Just don’t pay attention. Then they won’t bother you.
– In my opinion it is the safest place that I’ve ever been in Latin America
I hanged my camera on my shoulder without camera bag. Of course you need always common sense!
– The tree around the beach is new things.


* Price
– I’ve never been Europe, but I think the price will be similar to Europe.
– Post office is near the harbor. Just go up to the town from harbor. Off on Sunday. 10 am to 1 pm on Saturday. Off at lunch time on weekday. It is just one dollar to send post card to any place. It will take over 20 days.
You can get stamp on your passport.
– There is a special beer which you can buy only on the Island. It is almost 3.5 $ for one beer. Taste is really weird? good?
– There is also Korean alcohol which Korean love so much.
★If there is wrong information, please let me know via Contact.★

  1. Awesome post, very interesting and informative. Whilst reading i thought the population died from volcanic eruption but when i read all above i am amazed! What were they thinking! Who knows how their society truly worked but a very interesting comparison on how we live now. We know we are destroying the planets ecosystem and eventually ouselves yet the powers that be ignore the facts because they maybe lose their power.
    Keep up the great journey

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