[11/12/18~26(D+117) Mexico] You are My Chirstmas Miracle.

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I arrive in Culiacan after I ride over 150 km (93 mi) on 17th Dec.  I met brother and sisters of Nogales’host in Obregon. One of them introduced me her friend who has a family in Culiacan.
I can find wifi almost everywhere in Mexico. But there is always a password which make me not to use.  Fortunately, I could use wifi the day before and I found her email and got a Culiacan address. That’s why I ride over 150 km (93 mi) in the mount.  But my email was sudden and they din’t know when I am coming. I wait over 4 hours in outside.  Later I find that it is their mother birthday and I feel sorry. Karen open the door for me and she is so kind. She ask how long I am staying with them and I say just one day although my body is too sore. Because I feel sorry that they don’t know when I am coming. But Karen say that one day is so short. After I take a shower, I talk with Karen. She ask  that one more and I say maybe two nights? And she say that I can stay as long as I want. There are Karen,  Alexis and their parent at the house.  The next day, we go to restaurant and have a Mexican food.


They invite me to breakfast and show me around the town.


Karen. She is so kind and generous.

From the left, Alexis, Arceli, Karen and Faustino.


They show me a church. Mexico Religions is nominally Roman Catholic


We visit their grand mother house. Issaac is in the above picture. His father is a photographer and his father took picture of Alexis’ 15th birthday party.


Every weekend, they have a bbq party at their grand mother house. Alexis can’t understand that my family meet just a few time a year because she has met her family every weekend.


Every Mexican family is not like their family. But I think most of Mexican family is close to each other then any other country which I’ve been. Especially Karen’t family is more close to each other.


I am with their family.


There are many street vendors. The food is a snack with a cream and corns in the above picture.
It is really memorable at that time. I am supposed to leave the next day. But they ask me to spend Christmas together and I am not sure about that. Because I was already in Obregon for Two weeks and after then I just rode for 3days. If I spent Christmas with them, it means no ride for one week again.
I feel I can’t do it although I do thank them for asking me about that. I talk with Alexis and Karen about it with holding the food and I decide to spend Christmas with them because I love their family. Also, Alexis promise to teach Spanish every day like in a school.


The next day, we go to a shopping mall to buy Karen’s boyfriend Christmas gift. It is a big nice shopping mall. At that night, Alexis invites me to theater and we watch a movie with her friend. It is good to meet her friend.


The left is Alexis who is holding a pen and paper and the right is Karen. Alexis is my Spanish teacher and Karen is Alexis’ assistant. They speak English well. Actually, I didn’t expect that Alexis will teach me Spanish like in a school. But she keep her promise and she teaches me Spanish every day. Every time I have fun. Alexis and Karen are so funny! 🙂


Karen shows me video of Alexis’ fifteenth birthday after we study. It is the last year. I hear that fifteenth birthday is the most important to the Mexican girl. It is like a wedding but without man.


Photo by Victor Lopez Fotografia (http://www.victorlopezfotografia.com.mx/)

The photo is by her uncle who is a photographer. If you go to his website, you can see more pictures. At first, they go to a church to ceremony.


Photo by Victor Lopez Fotografia (http://www.victorlopezfotografia.com.mx/)

And then the next is a big party. It is called Quinceañera, Quince=15, which is is the celebration of a girl’s fifteenth birthday. This birthday is celebrated differently from any other birthday, as it marks the transition from childhood to young womanhood. It is interesting to know this culture because I’ve never heard it.


Photo by Victor Lopez Fotografia (http://www.victorlopezfotografia.com.mx/)

Photo by Victor Lopez Fotografia (http://www.victorlopezfotografia.com.mx/)

Also, she has an awesome pictures for fifteenth birthday and it was also taken by her uncle. I love the last one in the above picture and I want to take a picture like that someday. Alexis wants to be a top model but she is already a top model in my mind. After we are close each other, I take pictures of her more and I realize that she is an awesome model.


After watching her birthday video, they invite me to a baseball game.


I’ve never thought that I will go to a baseball game in Mexico.


There are so many people and I am afraid that I got lost. So I say to Alexis “Don’t let me alone, please!” and she laughs because I am really order than her. But seriously she take care of me and when I want to take a picture in front of game, she take me to front and waits until I take this picture. She is so kind!


The baseball game is with the Mexican Music. It is so awesome and exciting! Go, Culiacan! Yeah!


Their family is always together. I’ve seen their family almost every night during staying with them.


The left is Karen and the right is Marianne who is her cousin.


The next day, I cook Korean food for them.


It is their dog, Toby.


I go to their grand mother house on 22nd again. I use Victor’s lens. It is awesome.


Victor is a photographer and he took picture of Alexis’ fifteenth birthday. He teach me about the photo and he let me test his stuff.


I take this picture with his expensive stuff.


Karen’s mother and her grandmother.


Alexis. I like this picture. Expensive lens is really working out!


Kevin’s father. He is really funny and he make people laugh always.


Reynol, Alexis, Kevin, Karen and Karen’s boyfriend are from the left in the picture.


We eat tacos on our way. Everything is really good during staying with them. I get so many things like the foods, lots of inviting, peace and the most big I get is their love.


I go to lunch with them and I take the picture of her on 23rd. Alexis and I love to say “why not”. We say “why not” with special our rhythm. I learn many things from them and the most important I learn is that “Why not!”


Lunch is huge. I am so full!!!


It is an important day on 23rd because her aunt get engaged.


Their aunt made it. Yeah. Mexico doesn’t have snow in Christmas day, but it doesn’t matter that without snow or not. The most important is that we love each other. That’s all we need in Christmas day.


Alexis. Yeah. She is an awesome model, but I am not a good photographer. Because I don’t know how to take a good picture but she knows how to be taken a good picture.


I am with their huge family. I love them so much.


The right is Marianne and the left is her sister in the above picture.


Alexis. I think one of my lens is broken or I am a bad photographer. Always, it is out of focus when I use 50.8 lens. This picture is also out of focus :'(


It is Toby. Their house is private. So many dogs have freedom in there. They are not on a lease. It looks like a dog heaven because they can play around their house with other dog. When they are hungry or need love, then they go back to their house. I love to walk with Toby in the morning.


Finally, it is Christmas eve. Here christmas is coming. We go to Shusi restarant for breakfast. It is so yummy!!!


Christmas eve party is starting!!! Karen and her cousin are in the picture.


Here you go, Beautiful lady, Karen!




Their mother give me the Christmas gift of clothes. Yeah.


I am with a lovely family at Christmas eve. I don’t have a religion. But they don’t care about it. Christmas was just day off or hanging out day to me. I had never had a special Christmas day in my life and this time it is an amazing Christmas.


I play a game with them.


It is a really new experience. When it is coming 00:00, they count down and hug each other on 00:00 with saying Feliz Navidad which means Merry Christmas in Spanish. I’ve never counted down for Christmas day. What a lovely experience!!!!


They are my lovely family. After partying, I leave gifts in front of their room like Santa in the morning. I wanted to give a big present to them, but I can’t do it and I give a just small things. But I put a lot of love on gifts.


Party! Yeah! Marianne, Reynol, Kevin and Karen from the left in the picture.


Feliz Naivdad. It is an amazing Christmas in my life ever. I appreciate it.


Christmas Eve. Why not. We love to say “why not”  Yeah. We can do everything we want. That’s why we say life is cool.


The next day, I am with their father’s family.



Alexis is really awesome. Someday, I can take picture of her like her uncle.


Karen is tired. haha


with a pool.


I go to baseball game at Christmas again with their family. I wear clothes which Karen gives me as gift.


Something to eat!


Culiacan’s mascot. He is so funny.


Guess who?


Guess who?


Always we are together! haha


Everyday, I walk around their house. I am supposed to leave the next day. But I stay with them one more day because I am not ready to say good bye and a little bit tired.


It is the last day with them. Their father’s brother come to Culiacan, so we go to restaurant. My feeling is so complicated. I am so sad because I have to say good bye the next day but I am so happy that I get a lot of lovely memory. Midnight, I meet their cousin and actually her mother introduced me Culiacan. We talk until 4am and I give up to sleep the last night.
What is a miracle at Christmas in your life?
Get a expensive gift?
I realize that the most miracle is to be with people who loves each other.
I will never forget this Christmas. I cry so much when I say good bye. But I will come back in Culiacan someday.

I love you guys so much and miss you guys so much.



English is not my first language. I want to learn English more. If you find any mistakes (such as words being used out of context, grammar, syntax, etc), please let me know. Thanks

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