[2012.03.30 (D+212) Costa Rica] Vote – the Assembly election

In Mexico I registered that I am out of country in Korean embassy. So I can vote the Assembly election in Costa Rica


I think Vote is very important.


Government permits that the people can have vote in abroad because they presented a petition to have their right 6 years ago. So it’s first time to have vote to the people who are out of country.


There are many way to make the earth better. I think the vote is one of them.


Korean websites like google are really good to research candidates. Actually, Korean people don’t use Google much because Korean websites are better to research in Korean.


Also in government website I can check candidate’s information that how much they have, how much they pay tax, what they did, what they are doing, what kind of public pledge they have and they’ve gone to army. To go army is very important in Korea. Because Korean men must go to army for two years and some of rich people don’t go to army by changing their nationality or doing unfair things with money which normal people can’t do.


I am very happy to vote. I’ve never passed vote since I was over 18 years old.


Korean embassy.


Voting time is different between abroad and Korea. It’s between 28th Mar to 2nd April in abroad but it’s only 11th April from 6am to 6pm in Korea.


11th April 2012.
I do hope people do their right.

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