(Russia) To the border

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[14/11/09~16 (D+1173) to the border] Russia301

The cloud covered the hill. Today temperature was around -5 (23). It would take only a few days to Murmansk, my destination.



As soon as I entered into a restaurant, the owner shouted and yelled at me with the reason I put my helmet and gloves on the table. Was it so reasonable reason to be yelled loudly? I felt very offensive, but I cannot go to the other restaurant because it was only one today I can have meal. I showed her the picture on iPhone what I wanted to eat, so it was no problem to order food.

(Price 90 Rubles ($2.3))



Another customer came and ordered it. It looked so nice that I asked the owner the same thing with body language.

(Price 100 Rubles -$2.5 )



Russian cemetery

I’ve seen the same gravestone in Balkan that they put the picture on it. I was not sure it is the traditional way of Second World.



There was something on offline map after 40 km (25 mi) at the next lake. I was not sure it is parking place or village. I decided to stop and stay there, because the next city is 80 km (50 mi) far that I could not cycle in one day.

When I arrived there, it looked very poor village or just garage.



This lake was not frozen yet.




I found some guys fixing the car. I asked to set up tent at their garage. He opened the next door and introduced his friend. When I entered to their house, three guys were so excited and happy to have me. On the contrary to this, I was in panic. It looked they were drunken.

I decided to get out of here. I said I am sorry I will go. Usually I always said thank you for inviting me. But this time was exception that I just run away.



I went to next street. The house looked family house. When I knocked, he said he has to go home. After hearing my story and checking my passport, he decided to let me sleep at his holiday house alone.



When I went to the house, it looked so nice. It was totally different from the outside. I asked him to take the picture.



There was Sauna at the downstairs.



When I opened the door, the lake view was just at the front. He said he jump to the lake after sauna sometimes. Everything was so good. But the weather was very cloudy that it was not possible to see Aurora even if there is sun activity. Although it was around 4 pm, it was already too dark to enjoy the view of the lake.



The house was quite complicating that he explained the house for one hour. This kitchen was also special that when the water touched some metal stick at the some point, the light changed to the red on the sink. He showed me where I should throw away dirty water. It was quite shocking place.

It was not to the lake, but in front of his house where he left his car and where he walked. Anyway better than to lake.



Thanks to him I could take the rest well.

Next morning on the road, I saw interesting river; At the front the flowing water and at the back frozen water with snow



It looked interesting cafe. It seemed the toilet is at the outside. It was early morning that I didn’t stop to save my time.



It is so beautiful ever.



Wilson Bentley captures more than 6,000 images of crystals in his lifetime. He published the book of Crystal snowflake in 1913.
I can understand why he falls in love with it.




It was so gorgeous that it was so worth to cycle in the winter.



When I was closed to my destination, the weather changed badly. It was long time no see the mount.



some scary scenery. It looked everything was dead.



There was strong wind that it made snow dance on the lake. I felt also dangerous to cycle because of too strong side wind.



Thanks to local people which I already contacted before, I could stay warmly for a night.

It was fuel for a bicycle these days above the picture. I had to eat high-calorie junk food to save my time on the road because my fingers and toes could be frozen easily if I have the break for an hour. I ate one chocolate for a day.



The weather was quite warm yesterday around -1~-2 (30f) that snow melted on the main road.






Another beautiful lake



At the middle of way, there was a gas station. It was really good time to take the rest. The noodle was 35Rubles (0.9$).



It is interesting to see that there are many Korean food or similar Korean food. The pictures were taken while shopping.

In the night I tried to set up my tent around the hotel, but the owner of hotel invited me at the inside. Maybe because I looked poor. Tomorrow finally I would reach my destination, Murmansk, which I had dreamed.



At the next day it snowed lot.



If I cycled 40 km more (25mi), I could have reached to my goal.



Although I could not see Aurora yet, I felt I reached to the other goal, which was going almost to the end of the north in Russia. I would stay for a few days in Murmansk to see Northern Lights.

But suddenly, I felt weird thing.?I didn’t know what is happening at first. The view was blinked like turning on and off light in the dark.. ‘Why I cannot see clear?’ And the next thought ‘Am I sliding??’ And then I saw the car on my head.. ‘Am I hit by car??’




And I realized my head was moving under (with) his car. I think I shouted ‘Hey I am under your car.. Stop’
I was lucky that my head was not squeezed by his tire. At the next day I felt like somebody hit and kick all my body that my whole body was sore.  There was no any serious injury that it was lucky though.

I edited the post about car accident. I had written detail about what happened at that time. But it was too emotional. I didn’t meant to offend Russian who helped me. I also wrote that it was my personal experience and many travelers liked to travel Russia so I hoped people don’t judge Russia with my experience. But it looked like it was not enough to stop misunderstanding. I want to apologize to Russian. I hope they forgive me and forget about this accident. Let’s leave the past behind and make new relationship in the future.  🙂



From Murmansk to Finland it was 240km (150 mi) left. I decided to just hitchhike because I felt a bit sick after the accident.
I was so afraid of Finland market about the price that I bought some food and other things. Just before leaving Russia, Russian currency kept going down. When I entered two month ago, $1 was 39 Rubles. Now it was 46 Rubles for 1$.



Russian coins. Many times my wallet was full of coins. I thought I took the picture of note, but now I cannot find.




After a while, I got a ride and went far from the city.



At the middle of the road I got another lift from a truck driver. His destination was to Denmark that he said he could give me a ride to Ivalo which is over 50 km (31 mi) far from Russian border in Finland.

Actually I was really afraid of Finland. First of all what I’ve worried was how much it would be expensive. The second thing was how much cold people will be. I doubted I could not get any warm place to sleep. If I could not set up my tent at any warm place, I might get a ride to the south.

Although there was some fear about Finland, I was excited to enter a new country.


Days in Russia = 53 Days
Distance of cycling in Russia = 1817.8 km // (1136.12 mi)
Cities I stayed in Russia = 24 Cities
Pskov, Katezno, Luga, Gatchina, St.Petersburg, Zherki, Kiselnya, Pasha, Inema, Torosozero, Pryazha, Kondopoga, Medvezhyegorsk, Junction before Zerezha, Pushnoy , Sokol, somewhere, Junction before Loukhi, Lesnon, Kandalaksha, Apatity Raion area, Monchegorsk, After Pushnoy, Murmansk
Expenditure in Russia = $970.46
(230$ for winter cheap gear)
($1=39Rubles 09/26
$1=46Rubles 11/15)

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  1. Jin, glad you’re still alive and in one piece. I’m sorry to read you had such a bad experience. Stay safe and keep cycling. Happy new year.

  2. Dear Jin, you are very brave, your courage will see you through. Russia does have a very bad reputation when it comes down to innocent cyclists and yes they have a huge problem with drunk drivers. Their sense and driving skills are near zero compared to the west.
    Anyway get as far south as possible and hopefully you will be much safer,

    love and best wishes Mike.

  3. You are cool) I had an old dream from my childhood to visit this part of the world, but starting a little bit earlier and not from Pskow, but from Kyiv (Ukraine). Unfortunately, this year wasn’t suitable for such visits, however I planned to ride to Murmansk in some nearest future. Maybe because I do know Russian, or because I am used to dangerous driving it seemed to be a walk in the park, so I never could even imagine such sad ending. BUT your experience shows, that one should take into consideration all the risks and think about every decision twice. Well in my case, I realize now, that taking a person for a first long ride in that direction, what was normal way of thinking for me when I invited my friend to take part, is a mistake and mistreating. However, I’m really thankful for the photos and some kind of pionering spirit, so I can be calmer and feel less curious for not to go to Russian north-west for a decade or so. I don’t know what should change for people to change. New generations? Regime change? Just imagine what is to live in the hell you are talking about… And you even couldn’t discover the whole sadness because of the language barier… Luckily to some certain extent. Thank you Jin for your efforts, they worth the risk and I hope one day I could meet you in good mood, because cycling would be no longer a problem in this (and rest) part of world)

  4. Have a safe trip, thanks for sharing your bike trip. It truly inspires me.

  5. Have a safe trip from Thailand. Thanks for sharing your trip, it truly inspires me.

  6. Dear Jin,

    I get really upset to know about the mishap. My webpage of journal was not getting updates. Today I relaunched it and came to know about this misfortune. I am very sad about this mishappening. May God you stay safe and blessed.

  7. Dear Jin,

    These pictures are really amazing. I wish I would have been there.

  8. Dear Jin!

    You’re so brave and all the photos in this post are incredible, amazing.

    Also I’m terribly sorry for all that happends to you in Russia. Our country does have a lot of troubles. =( If you ever would like to visit our country again, please feel free to contact me, I’ll give you all the help I can.
    I hope some day people in Russia will be different, but it’s a long long way before it.

    • Reply
      The Woman Traveling The Universe July 5, 2015 at 8:09 pm

      Dear Diana,
      Thank you for your comment. I’ve met other traveler who visited Russia and she loved there. Every people could have different experience. So mine was this and some others would have very good feeling to your country. So it is okay!

  9. Dear Jin,

    thank you very much for this honest Journal. For me it would have been very difficult to write about such an experience. I have read all your stories now and could not refrain from commenting on this one. I nearly do not now what to say from anger an sadness against this careless and dangerous people. I feel that whatever you say to them, they will blame you or someone else. Hopefully this will change at some point and that they will learn how to take responsibility and behave on the road. Maybe your story helps in that regard. I am so glad that you could escape and leave Russia and this bad experience behind.

    All the best

  10. Oh my! I’m so glad you got out of it ok (ie: with your life)! This has really put me off cycling in Russia, now. I do want to go to Russia, but I think I’ll leave the bike somewhere else, and just travel with a backpack.

  11. Hi. Im sorry for You. It was driver fault! I completely agree with You. I was once in Russia on bicycle in Russia travelling from Moscow to Poland thru Baltic countries and feel very uncomfortable on Russian roads. They simple very dangerous for cyclists. Russia is mafia state. Bribery, corruption is way of life. You can buy driving licence in Russia and drivers are careless. And I was never again in Russia on bike unfortunately. But I was later few times on car and motorcycle but with awareness for danger…
    Thanks. Michal

  12. Reply
    Paúlina Kał TT avičanka November 30, 2019 at 1:40 am

    Dear Jin, I’m so sorry people in post-soviet countries shout like crazy without any normal reason!

    Well, their emotional level is so low that any the most innocent reason is a reason for shouting. It’s a strong problem. Another one is that the biggest part of people doesn’t see it at all.

    I’m a hich-hicker from Belarus.

    Greetings from Siomuški in 10 km North from Miensk, the capital!

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