(Australia) My weird creepy roommate in Brisbane.

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Spider Animal_001

I want to talk about the weird and creepy roommate which I’ve met in Brisbane where I’ve stayed for a month. I am not sure you can see him in the picture.


Spider Animal_002

Can you see him now? His name is Tobey. (You know Tobey Macguire? Actor in Spider-Man which was my most and only fav hero movie)


Spider Animal_003

In the beginning, it was really disgusting to share the house with him. (Warning: Next is the close-up pictures.)


Spider Animal_004

I was thinking to kick him away with a broom when I get the time.


Spider Animal_005

From the back and


Spider Animal_006

the front.. all looked gross. But, after a week, I got used to seeing him a bit. So I decided to accept him as a roommate.


Spider Animal_007

I decided to give him a present. Actually, it was a kinda apology.


Spider Animal_008

Tobey took too much space on the balcony that he even blocked the left side. So I had to break the left side of his space to pass. I was sure he would hate me for it.


Spider Animal_009

I gave my other roommate Gin as a Christmas gift cause GJin is always best. And I was about to give Tobie bee for beeing nice.


Spider Animal_010

Please accept my apology.


Spider Animal_011

As soon as I gave him a gift, he ran for it. I was so scared that I ran back. He was really nasty.


Spider Animal_012

To be honest, he looked weird. He had a white head and a yellowish body. His legs were super long. It seemed he liked my gift. Now we became a good friend. (Sorry to bee for not beeing nice)


Spider Animal_013

He had silk on his butt.


Spider Animal_014

He wrapped my gift with it.


Spider Animal_015

And he was sucking all juice. I was not sure why he had eight eyes when all of them were nearly blind.
I remembered one time I set up my tent on an Australian trip. I went to a toilet and on the way back to my tent, the ground was blicking everywhere from the reflection of eight eyes of all Tobey’s friends. That was the most beautiful and creepiest night ever.


Spider Animal_016

Tobey was very slow at eating. So I went back to my room. After 30 minutes probably, when I went back, he finished my gift and hung it on the top.


Spider Animal_017

I was not sure why he couldn’t drop leftover to the floor. Maybe to hung things can protect the house?

Later I talked to another housemate about Tobey. She suggested kicking him away. And I told her actually it was not creepy much than I expected. So I asked her to keep him. Thankfully she agreed. So he was officially approved by all of us.


Spider Animal_018

When there was a beautiful day, I closed to see him.


Spider Animal_019

And I’ve realized that he had only seven legs. He must lose one leg. To be honest, I was so touched by him. He survived after losing his leg and knows how to live with it.


Spider Animal_020

One day it was a humid windy day and I saw Tobey got a jackpot!!! WHAT AN AMAZING DAY for him!


Spider Animal_021

It was a really busy day for him.


Spider Animal_022

Spider Animal_023

Spider Animal_024

Spider Animal_025

Spider Animal_026

Luckiest day


Spider Animal_027

After one or two hours, when I went back to see him, he finished everything already. He was so tidy and clean guy. Such a nice roommate who knew how to respect others.


Spider Animal_028

There was always some wind and he was shaking all the time. What a dizzy life; upside down, shaking all the time. Sometimes there was a strong wind. But one day there was an extremely strong wind that his house was totally ruined.


Spider Animal_029

Half of his house was crashed and there was nothing I could help him.


Spider Animal_030

But the next day, his house was totally recovered. He was just an amazing spider man with seven legs.


Spider Animal_031

Spider Animal_032

I had realized that I didn’t need to give him any food at all. He knew how to survive.


Spider Animal_033

When there was strong heavy rain


Spider Animal_034

He could manage to keep his house and himself safe.

One time, I talked to another housemate about Tobey “He didn’t have any friend nor family near. He was doing nothing mostly except just staying upside down all day all night in a very little tiny place.”

When I went back to my room and soon I thought ‘Wait a minute. It sounds so familiar. Just like me? No family, no friend, stuck in Australia, doing nothing except studying programming in a library.’


Spider Animal_035


I thought Tobey had really unique lifestyle. Many animals live together or sometimes passing each other. But he was all the time just staying alone.


Spider Animal_036

It had been a month in this house that my contract was finished. It was time to leave.


Spider Animal_037

I heard that the next roommate had one year contract. I guessed they wouldn’t like Tobey. I hoped they found him a nice place at least.

Bye Bye Tobey. You looked really boring, but actually, you were really amazing!


Spider Animal_038

There was one secret. It seemed Tobey had a family in the corridor.


Spider Animal_039

Spider Animal_040

Spider Animal_041

It looked smaller than Tobey. So I guessed it was his son. Now I didn’t need to worry that he was not alone but he had a family near.



Spider Animal_042

I have learned in science class and animal documentaries that most animals have their own territory. But the first time I’ve experienced it was in New Zealand. I set up my tent at one place for three days. (At that time I lost tent poles, so my tent looked weird.)


Spider Animal_043

Spider Animal_044

There was no electricity nor signal for the phone. I had nothing to do. So I just sit in one place for three days. And then I realized one bird was sitting on the same branch again and again. That was actually really interesting. I thought they were keeping moving all the time around. But they had their own favorite spot like Sheldon’s spot on the couch at Bigbang Theory.


Spider Animal_045

The next time, I experienced animal territory was in Sunshine Coast where I’ve stayed a few weeks before heading back to Brisbane. It was in the forest that I could see different kinds of birds and animals. Some of them kept coming and sitting at the same place in the garden.


Spider Animal_046

Sometimes we, humans, might cut the tree in the backyard or the road without thinking. But that’s like losing territory for many animals.


Spider Animal_048

This was Australian Turkey. Sometimes I was a bit confused about ‘is the same bird or a different bird?’ when I was watching birds in the garden. But this one was so obvious to distinguish since one of the legs didn’t have feet so he limped with his leg. He had another friend. It was so relaxed to see the same birds coming again.

I thought the best pet was a wild animal in your back yard. You didn’t need to feed, you didn’t need to worry about going away for a long time, you didn’t need to spend money, and so on. This was the easiest one to take care of. The only thing you have to do was that you don’t change any environment, but leave it as it is.


I will finish this post with the video. By accident(called Youtube algorithm), I found this video. It was actually like watching a fairy tale of an animal’s forest. So many animals shared the log. It’s so beautiful that we live together.

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  1. Hi Jin your a pretty awesome adventure girl ,am David hope to see you sometime out on the road .

  2. Yes you are right. People don’t think about cutting trees and how animals are very affected negatively. My neighbour has 3 beautiful trees. The middle tree is the home of a pair (2) heron (husband and wife). They come home to the tree at the same time every days (just now actually) at 8:25pm night time. The had 3 young chicks this year and 3 last year. My neighbour is going to cut down these 3 trees in the next week or so. I told him that it was a bad idea but he doesn’t care. He doesn’t like trees. He has lots of mechanical toys (jetski, 4wd jeep, 8 seater van, another car, boat, lawnmower, chainsaw, grass trimmer, etc.). He is young, about 35 I guess. He isn’t very smart because he doesn’t understand what he’s doing. He wastes all his money on expensive junk he doesn’t need but he cannot appreciate looking at nature. He cannot see or enjoy beauty. It’s is very sad. I feel very bad for the heron bird family. I also feel very bad to lose the 3 trees because of the shade and protection they give to my garden also. I live in Culburra NSW. I am a bicycle tourist also but now I am trapped by Covid and Australia’s bad governments. Please write me a letter by email bryce.martin@posteo.net my name is Bryce Martin. I’m Australian but I have lived outside Australia in other countries for more than 20 years. I came back to Australia on 31/12/2019. Just before covid. I hadn’t seen my parents for 12 years. Now I want to bicycle tour again.

    • Hello Bryce,
      I sent you the email.
      It’s difficult to keep nature itself. At least I leant something at this time.
      Welcome back home! Covid19 made many people go back home actually. I saw many Koreans return home too.
      Enjoy bicycle touring in Australia for now 😉

  3. Still in Brisbane? We should meet, because I travelled by bike long ago… and it would be the right thing to buy you lunch.

  4. Jin, you’re so funny. And thoughtful, and kind, and brave, and smart, and strong. And humble.

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