(Australia) To study programming at my favorite UQ uni library in Brisbane

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Brisbane UQ Library_Brisbane UQ Library001

I decided to pause my trip and study app programming in Dec 2020. I went back to Brisbane from Sunshine Coast after stopping cycling to the north. I wanted to stay on Gold Coast but it was hard to find the house so I would stay one and half months in Brisbane first and see how it goes.


Brisbane UQ Library_Brisbane UQ Library002

The campus was really beautiful. There was a good thing about the university of Australia and New Zealand that they opened the library to a visitor.


Brisbane UQ Library_Brisbane UQ Library003

However, due to Covid19, some universities didn’t allow a visitor. But UQ(University of Queensland) was still opened. They had six libraries. And this was a central library.


Brisbane UQ Library_Brisbane UQ Library004

Brisbane UQ Library_Brisbane UQ Library005

The first floor looked quite nice, but around 11 am, it became busy and noisy.


Brisbane UQ Library_Brisbane UQ Library006

There was a fridge at the corner of the first floor. I just got a new habit that I cooked in bulk for one-week food to save time. Then when I came to the library, I stored it in the fridge and heated it in the microwave later. It was just the perfect place to stay all day for studying. Also, I felt safe leaving my laptop for one hour for lunch or others.


Brisbane UQ Library_Brisbane UQ Library007

When the first floor became noisy, I went up to the second floor. This place was just so so with a bit old carpet smell. Moreover, I was easily distracted here because there were no people around usually. I did need someone to watch me make me feel shame if I watched random stuff on Youtube.


Brisbane UQ Library_Brisbane UQ Library009

Law library was the fanciest place in UQ.


Brisbane UQ Library_Brisbane UQ Library010

The second place was nice too, but people kept passing by talking that it was not a good place to study.


Brisbane UQ Library_Brisbane UQ Library011

To me, the fourth floor was the best. It was quieter than other places. There were always some people whispering or talking loud from time to time.
Actually, I have had Misophonia which is a strong dislike or hatred of certain sounds like breathe, pen clicking, whispering, typing, and so on. Usually, I got so angry when hearing those kinds of sounds in a quiet place. I didn’t have any problem going to a loud bar, party, or club. I remembered it started when I was like 15 years old. There is no cure for it. I didn’t want to listen to music all day to block sounds cause it distracted me. So I bought a used noise-canceling earphone (Bose qc20) for $100. This helped to block whispering sound, but not loud talk. This was already helping me a lot that I loved it.


Brisbane UQ Library_Brisbane UQ Library012

There was a very simple reason I chose to study Android Apps than iOS Apps. I didn’t have any Apple products. I can develop Android apps in Windows and Macbook. But I can develop iOS Apps only in Macbook. Also, it’s a totally different language than Android Apps. Once I start making the money from Android Apps, then I would buy Macbook and start studying iOS.
Android uses Java and Kotlin. Kotlin is such a new language compared to Java and Google strongly recommends using Kotlin. So I studied Kotlin like a month and I tried to make an app by following tutorials in Kotlin. Then I realized most of the open sources were in Java. So I gave up Kotlin and studied Java. But actually, sometimes I made apps with Kotlin if I found a good tutorial. (Both of them are quite similar)


Brisbane UQ Library_Brisbane UQ Library013

There was a fridge in a law library as well. But it didn’t have a microwave that I had to go to a central library to heat my meal.


Brisbane UQ Library_Brisbane UQ Library014

This was a biological science library. The first floor looked noisy that I had never studied there. The second floor next to the window looked nice.


Brisbane UQ Library_Brisbane UQ Library015

Brisbane UQ Library_Brisbane UQ Library016

But this place was far from a fancy place unlike a law library. And oh the chair looked old.


Brisbane UQ Library_Brisbane UQ Library017

I did need a dual monitor to study programming. I had asked the staff and he told me I could use it on the second floor of the biological science library. But this place was just right next to a small kitchen where people ate food. Also, it was a kind of open place that people made loud noise usually. This made my Misophonia worse. I missed my quiet fourth floor of the law library. I had searched that I could use an old tablet as a dual monitor. So I bought a used iPad4. But the screen was too small and there was lagging.


Brisbane UQ Library_Brisbane UQ Library018

This was my most favorite place in the biological science library. The window was quite high that people didn’t notice I was watching them. I forgot that I used to love watching people at cafes when I didn’t have a smartphone before.


Brisbane UQ Library_Brisbane UQ Library019

iPad4 was really not good for dual monitor. Then I remembered that the staff told me there was another place I can use a dual monitor; Duhig library. It was the fifth floor and very quiet as it seemed many people didn’t know here.


Brisbane UQ Library_Brisbane UQ Library020

There were few quiet corners on the fifth floor but the monitor I could use was on the corridor. What a funny thing was that the loudest voice in any kind of public or uni library was always from the librarian. There was one room behind me in which staff came to work for a couple of hours. That was a noisy time but except that it was the quietest place in the whole library in UQ in my experience.


Brisbane UQ Library_Brisbane UQ Library021

I got a special feeling about UQ later. I usually came at 7~8 am and left at 8~ 10 pm every day.
Unlike my expectation(?), I was really slow at learning programming as I didn’t know basic things even like println. I started doubting when I can make money through Apps and when I can make Apps I really want to build. But anyway, I was happy to find that there was something I like to do.


Brisbane UQ Library_Brisbane UQ Library022

One day I researched about UQ and it was in the top 100 universities. So it was such a good motivation place to study. Every morning when I passed here, I cheered up myself.
There was no such a good library in Gold Coast. So I was thinking to stay longer in Brisbane. But the problem was I was too lonely. I was about to get over the depression that I needed to change the place to get a better feeling.
I might have to pay coworking shared office if I move to Gold Coast. But maybe it can be really noisy as it seemed they didn’t have such a digital nomad culture. It can make my Misophonia worst. But anyway I really want to move there to study, surf and get relax. So as my first decision, I would move to Gold Coast.
Bye Bye UQ! I loved you although you made me lonely.

I am so proud of my QR code scanner app cause it’s well designed and so useful.
If you are wondering about apps I made after three months of studying, here you can check all out ->

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  1. great time Jin. all experiences in life is about learning. keep going.
    Lucio Lambert

  2. Hi Jin,

    I’ve only just started reading your blogs and watching your videos on youtube. I find it all quite remarkable how far you have travelled, your good humour and amazing attitude! My hope is that you are finding Australia kind and friendly – just like New Zealand. And perhaps, you may want to stay eventually. Enjoy 2021! Toby

  3. All the best, I am always rooting for you and your wonderful adventures.

  4. Hi Jin, am so pleased you found your way again! I have followed your adventures for a long time as I plan to do the same in a few years. We will beat COVID and you will be on the road in no time if you choose to follow that path again. Keep smiling (and come visit the UK some time)

  5. Dear Jin,

    your strength and honesty is so inspiring to my life. I hope to run into you one day somewhere in the world and I am sending so many good wishes to you <3
    Thank you for your wonderful blog and I hope you are doing fine.

    Much love from Germany


  6. Hi Jin,
    Are you still in Australia? I posted a long post here but somehow it never got posted online. Anyway, I just got to watch your travel videos on youtube and you are amazing.

    Since you have travelled around the world why not learn travel within yourself to find peace? Maybe your next adventure? I have a sister-friend in South Korea. Her name is Jang Se Hwa. She lives in jeonJu. She can help you with that.

    I have been to Korea 3 times. It’s so beautiful. I went there to do the Peace Run. (www.peacerun.org) Maybe someday you can join us.

    Here are some inspirational poems by Sri Chinmoy, hope you like them:

    If you can’t find peace in your heart,
    You will not find it anyway in the world.


    How beautiful to look at
    When my prayer
    Lights a candle of hope
    In my heart.


    May my mind always
    Live in the land of inspiration.
    May my heart always
    Live in the land of aspiration.
    May my life always
    Live in the land of dedication.
    May I always
    Live in the land of self-purification.


    Each human being arrives on earth
    With a very special plan
    Given by God Himself.


    May my aspiration-heart
    Be anchored
    To the highest planet.


    Every morning
    I am deeply touched
    By angelic inspiration
    From the rising sun
    And the rainbow-sky.


    PS: How can I send you a book?

  7. Hello Jin,

    I really enjoy reading your blog and watching your videos, it is very touching and you are a very good person which I admire and appreciate. It’s good to know that people like you are around. Good luck in your app development studies; I think this will fit you well, you are very inventive and looking for solutions.

    Cheers from Switzerland.

  8. Hi Jin,

    Actually my wife found your channel on YouTube, we too have cycled extensively. My wife is Asian too(Thai) but we are both “human”🥰

    We live in Perth (Currently Covid Free), we are members of “Warmshowers” (Not sure if I can put the URL here), if you ever come to Perth, we would be happy to host you. It seems you understand the Working Holiday Concept, so you may know about Helpx & Workaway. – we have hosted over 300+++ people since we stopped cycling.

    It would be fascinating to meet you and share our stories, however, I guess you are asked that often. If you want to know more, please email and we will send you our URL’s, which tell some of our story.

    Warmest Regards
    Mal & Lee

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