My Bicycle Touring Gear

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I will show you my bicycle touring gear after six years cycling. I have traveled without going back home, so actually you are seeing my house. Some gear would be interesting to see if you want to know what to bring on a bike ride.

1. Handlebar Bag –

2. Front Pannier –

3. Front Pannier –

4. Rear Pannier

  • Laptop
    – 15″ MSI GS60
    – Small Wireless Mouse
    – Mouse Pad, Charger
  • Spoon, Knife, Fork, Lighter, Glasses and Lens Case
  • Two cycling shirts, Long Pants, Arm Sleeves, Scarf, Cycling Scarf
  • Underwear, Bra, Comfy Short Pants, Jean Short,  Shirt, Sports towel
  • Summer Clothes, Socks
  • Tickets For Collecting, Old Notebook, (Old Phone will throw way after back up)
  • Credit and Debit Card

5. Rear pannier –

  • Waterproof Jacket + Fleece Jacket (One set), 2 Warm long sleeve shirt, Jean, Summer Jean, Leggings,
  • Summer shirts, Swimming suit, Socks
  • Foldable Polyester Shopping Bag
  • Coin, Stamps, and Sim Cards for Collecting, Stuff for My Memory, Lock Key
  • Three Notebooks, Yellow Fever Certification, Passport Pictures,
  • Extra Paper and Ink for Printer
  • Gopro Accessories, Converter, USB, Cleaner for Camera

6. Rack Pack –

  • Tent
  • Sleeping Bag – Mountain Hardwear Lamina
  • Self Inflating Sleeping Pad
  • Footprint for Tent
  • Small Towel for Cleaning Wet Tent
  • Stove – MSR WhisperLite , Lighter
  • Cassette Remover and Wrench ,Tube, Extra Bolts, Brake Pads, Brake Cable, Cable tie, Parts for Pannier
  • Two pots, Chop Board, Rice, Noodle, Seasonings
  • One hiking shoes, Summer shoes,

7. Bicycle

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