(Brazil) I got the big gift before leaving the Continent of America

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I’ve cycled one year and four months in the America Continent. Brazil will be my last country in America. Before leaving, I got the big gift.


Every day there are hills that it is hard to cycle since I left Asuncion, Paraguay.



Gas stations are really nice in Brazil. It is so impressing that it is free to use a washroom, there is free toilet paper and running water and even it is so clean. I feel it is different from other Latin country which I’ve been.



There is really nice café on my way, but I can’t ask to set up my tent because of many people.



I feel Brazil is different from other Latin country which I’ve been. I feel Brazil is like the U.S that it is very clean and very developed. Maybe that’s why I have the problem to set up my tent. Many people don’t let me set up my tent at their yard. Almost around 9 pm I got the place to set up tent. In Paraguay 99% of the people whom I ask let me set up my tent at their yard. But in Brazil I feel like it is 1% to succeed to get positive answer.



After long night, the sun comes up again and I feel better.



My main meal is cup-nooddle in Brazil. It is 3 Real (1.5$)



I saw it in the museum of Ecuador! Now I am seeing it on the road that it is so interesting. I move it to the grass that it wouldn’t be killed by car.



Oh, I get flat tire between hot weather. I hope there is the big tree where I can fix under the shade.



Oh I like Brazil that everywhere there are nice gas stations in where I can take good rest. Name of gas station is ‘Stop’. I think the name is really good! Don’t you think?



The most thing I love is I can get cold, cool and fresh water in every gas station.



I’ve been cycling at many difficult areas in other Latin America that I am very impressed about clean things of Brazil. Also Brazil weather is not bad that I can sleep well in the night. North of Paraguay is the hottest.



I thank that I have the host tonight so that I don’t need to set up tent at people’s yard. Today is 23rd of December that it is before Christmas. Thank to host, I can have the meal with their family and friends.



The plate is what I eat. Brazilian speaks Portuguesa. Other Latin American speaks Spanish. Spanish and Portuguesa look similar that I can guess when I read Portuguesa. But when I hear when Brazilian speaks, I can’t understand. Pronunciation is totally different between Portuguesa and Spanish.



It is called chuchu. Taste is weird to me.



When I close to Brazilian and talk with them, I feel like they are also kind and friendly like other Latin American.



The next day I go to bike shop to fix gear. Now I understand why I often have the problem with it, because it is easy to loosen. The picture from the left is my host, I, his friend and owner of bike shop who gives me free some stuff.



I can see only Soja. Maybe the road I take is the area of cultivating soja.




It is first time to see this kind of house in Brazil. I heard that Brazil also has the problem of poverty.



There is lonely tree. Although two hundred millions people live in Brazil, I can see open space on all the way.



Today is 24th of December. It is also hard to get positive answer from the local people for pitching tent. It is lucky that I get the answer of Yes at the third time. Even I am invited at the dinner.



I thank her and her family so much that I am with them before their special day.



The left on the picture is Denize who treats me as her sister. She asks me to stay one more night and spend Christmas together. I am so impressive about her, but I don’t have the time to stay. I have to rush to take airplane for Africa. But I will not forget how she treats me, because I can feel warm heart of her.



Morning of Christmas. Brazil looks quiet that many people don’t decorate their house for the Christmas. But they have meal together to celebrate Christmas.



It is really quiet road. I spent Christmas in Mexico last year that I miss my dear Mexican friend! Hey Alex, Karen! How are you doing?



I saw him yesterday. I am not sure he is traveler or something? The bicycle looks fantastic.



I am supposed to arrive in Sao Paulo at 26th of December. My flight for Africa is 31st of December. But I want to arrive earlier that I want to fix something I have. I don’t have much time that I decide to hitchhike.

WOW. Incredible. I can’t get any ride for 5 hours. In Paraguay when I had the problem, I got a ride as soon as possible. I feel something is different in Brazil.
Usually there is snow around Christmas, but it is hotter in Brazil at the Christmas day. I am so tired with hot weather.
Finally I give up taking the car and keep cycling. When I take the rest, I try again and get a ride. After then I get a few rides more.
Maybe the place I stand was bad. That’s why I couldn’t get any ride.



The last car is the truck that I don’t need any ride more. The car goes to the Sao Paulo. Sao Paulo is too far that he drives all night.



This is the truck I take. I thank so much that driver is enough kind that I don’t feel dangerous.



I start hitchhiking at 9am of 25th of December and get a ride with big truck at 4 pm and I arrive in Sao Paulo at 5 am of 26th of December. Oh thank that I arrive in Sao Paulo safely.



Sao Paulo is so big city that there is much traffic. I cycle from the place I got off to host home that it takes almost one hour.



WoW. It is Korean town in Sao Paulo. I can hear Korean and see Korean people. I feel like I am in Korea!



There is typical food which is eaten on Wednesday and Saturday. It is called Feljoada. It is really good meal because I was too hungry! haha



My host is Korean family. One of Korean in Argentina introduces me his friend in Sao Paulo. The left one on the picture is really lovely person who is my host. The center is her husband. The right three people are so kind and funny family whom I see every day during staying in Sao Paulo.





I pass the park to find the box. It is my first time to take my bike to airplane so that I am kind of nervous. I was looking for Cruise or Cargo boat in where I can work and get a free ride. It takes only 20 days, but I couldn’t find anything. That’s why I take the plane.



There is no bike shop around the main road that I cycle to far place. It is so complicating to cycle in Sao Paulo that many roads are one way and the road is so complex.



At the first, I try it standing vertical, but I can’t ride then!



So I change the way. Now I can ride the bike to the home. Oh I can’t believe that I am going Africa!!! What? Going to Africa? Oh…
Unfortunately I couldn’t fix my sensitive mouse pad of laptop because there is not much time. Also I couldn’t fix my camera. One of people say there are many scratch on my lens so that when I take the picture, the center is blurred. The only solution is to buy new lens. But I paid it 350$ for the second hand that I can’t buy it again because it is too expensive. Also it is out of focus many times. I think I have some problem with camera, but I can’t fix it. I wish I can fix it in Korea where is very good at technology.



Thank to my host, I stay really warmly.



This is her dog which loves looking outside.



Today is Saturday that it is the day to eat typical Brazilian food.



At the two days before leaving continent of America we have amazing lovely super amazing Korean food. Oh.. I love Korean food so much! It is the best in the world! I am so happy that I am with someone before leaving. Always it is good to be with people.



My host will give me the ride to the airport that I am trying packing before getting Airport. I’ve never had experience of packing so that it takes over 5 hours to 6 hours (On internet, they said it will take one hour. But I am not good at this kind of stuff.)



I’ve heard on internet that I must pack very well because the people in airport will carry my things toughly.



There are mounted policemen. I heard that the horses are useful in some road. That’s why they keep use them.



My host has two daughters and one son. Youngest one draws it for me. The word means “You are the best” HOW LOVELY YOU ARE!
It is so impressive that all of them who have never been in Korea speak Korean very well. I think my host and her husband try their best to keep their children speak Korean.




My flight to Africa from Brazil is 6:30 pm at 31st of December. We all together go to near sea in the morning. My last lunch is in America.



I can’t believe that I am going to Africa. How come!




My host is so friendly, kind and lovely! I am gonna miss all of Korean I meet in Sao Paulo.



I’ve heard that French cyclists don’t have any problem in Brazil. But I feel difficult to cycle in Brazil that people are not like other Lain people on the road. Maybe the road I took was different from any other part of Brazil. Anyway when I have the chance to close to them, I can see they are also very nice and good people.
I feel as if I gets the big gift which is good friends who gave me the ride, treated me as her sister, invited me at dinner and share their love.

It is time to go to Africa.
How will Africa look different from the television?
What is reality of Africa?

The most things I wish are I am safe and well on the road.
I hope there are lots of grateful things.
I hope I can learn from many things on the road.
I hope I grow everyday a little bit more and more.
The last thing I want is I can go back home safely.

Let me go to the Africa!

Spent Days in Brazil= 13 Days
Distance of cycling in Brazil = 259.15 km/180.97 mi
Cities I stayed in Brazil= 5 Cities
Foz do Iguazu, Matelandia, Cascavel, Ouro Verde, Sao Paulo
Spent Money in Brazil =$ 130 ($ 60 for gift)
(1$ = 2.11 Real)

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