(Botswana) It is afraid to leave.

Botswana505I have to leave this comfortable country and go to the next country which I am afraid of.

After one month resting, I am on the road again. Every people have to stop and wet their shoes to protect from a bacterium to go to Francistown where I just left. I’ve seen it when I volunteered in the preschool.


I’ve seen this tent many times on the road. I think the government gives workers for the place to stay during construction or other thigns.


Children greeting to me


Around sunset 5:30pm, I ask a local lady who is around the garden with children to set up my tent. But she says that there is a lodge after 5 km (3 mi). I explain that I’ve cycled over one year and eight months that I don’t have much money to sleep at there. She says the lodge is hers and she will give me a free room.
I cycle my best to arrive before the dark. I have pain on my hip because I didn’t cycle for one month. It is very cold in the night in Botswana. There is no hot water that I take the shower with cold water very quickly.


A screw is broken and stuck on the bike. I screw rack and tight those with cables on the bike.


It is time to leave. The next country is Zimbabwe and I am very worried about it. There is a dictator who is 90 years old. And the rate of unemployed is 90% that Zimbabwe is the number one for it. Will I be fine?
I’ve asked many Zimbabwe people who are staying on other country. They said I will be fine, because I already cycled in South Africa.
It seems that everybody calls Zimbabwe ‘Zim’. People ask me that I am going to ‘Zim’. I ask people Zim’s safe also before the border and people tell me that ‘Zim’ is fine. But I must not ride a bike around 6 pm.


It is money of Botswana. 1$ is around 7 pulas. (Now 8 pulas; 1$ is around 9 rands in South Africa. )
I like the drawing on 200 pulas that it is very impressive. The author of the book “Leaving Microsoft to Change the World” has told that to support woman’s education in third country is very important. Because woman will become mom and they can teach their children if they are educated! Then their country will become stronger!



Days I spent in Botswana= 38 Days
Distance of cycling in Botswana = 449.48 km (280.92 mi)
Cities I stayed in Botswana= 5 Cities
Sherwood , Palapye, Serule, Francistown, 5 km before the border
Expenditure in Botswana = $ 219 (1$= 7 Pula)

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