(Croatia) One of the most prominent tourist destinations in the Mediterranean, Dubrovnik!

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The remarkably well-preserved medieval walled city of Dubrovnik enjoys accolades like the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’ and ‘Jewel in Croatia’s Crown’.


After the Croatian border, there is a steep down hill. Dubrovnik is the most famous city to tourists in Croatia. So, I will go and check how it looks like.



It is so beautiful that I hold my brakes and move slowly.



As I enter into a main highway to Dubrovnik, I realize it is just a crazy busy road. The road is too narrow, and there are too may cars and tour buses.



There is one really steep hill to Dubrovnik. On the top of hill, the view is so good that many cars and tour buses are stop. It is funny to watch people. When the tour bus stops, many people come out at the same time together. They run to a good point and take the picture.  (40 people.. if there are two buses.. then 80 people suddenly come out and do the same acting at the same time.)

While enjoying the view, I see one hitchhiker. In Europe, there are still many hitchhikers. I feel so friendly to them, because I have experience of that in Canada for three months.



This is too touristic place to find a place to stay. I will have just one day tour and leave to the Montenegro border.



I can see a beautiful color when there is sunshine in some part of sea in Croatia



The city of Dubrovnik was built on maritime trade. In the Middle Ages it became the only city-state in the Adriatic to rival Venice. Supported by its wealth and skilled diplomacy, the city achieved a remarkable level of development during the 15th and 16th centuries.



Today it is too hot hot hot.. oh hot!

Actually I couldn’t find the information of Dubrovnik well on online before. But once I come here, I got the idea of it. I was concerning where I can leave my bicycle. While I got the water in a fire station, they let me leave my bicycle there.



So, an old town of Dubrovnik is just like French’s fortified city of Carcassonne. There is a big wall and at the inside there are many buildings.



The plant at the next to the window



It is so green between houses.



I think there is one big difference. Most of them at the inside of Carcassone is a shop. But here the most of them is people’s houses. Actually I think Carcassone is more beautiful and quieter.




One of good things to do in the old town is just to sit on the stair. hahahaha.

I eat some snack, watch people, fall in sleep a little bit (sleepy), think something, and do nothing.



This is a main street that it is so busy. Most of them on a main street are shop of some stuff.



It is the place many travelers are struggling. I am wondering the health of a local people who live here. How are their knees???



I come out of the old city, sit, and do nothing except watching people.



It is 2 km (1.25 mi) to walk around on the top of wall, and people have to pay 20$. It is too hot that I just watch them walking.



There are many boats and people waiting. I am wondering how they can stay longer under this strong sun.



I really like the shade, and I enjoy getting lost in a small road.




I though to have a tour in Dubrovnik takes all day. But actually it took only a few hours. If I don’t take the rest much, it might take only two hours. But I like doing nothing, so I’ve spent half of day here. I go to information center to ask what another attraction is. She said there is no more attraction except old town and the sea.

Okay.. it means touring is finished.



It is time to have a tour of the sun, ocean, Island, mount, and nature on my bicycle. Today I cycle until late dark on a small road. I see one local people. I ask to get help.

She says to me, “I do not want you to set up your tent in front of my house.”

I start thinking ‘oh….where should I go’

She continues, “I want you to sleep at the inside of my house.”

Oh..yeah! Thank you for saving me!

I have a really good shower after sweating all day, and a good meal, thanks to their family. It is really peaceful night. I feel so thank to their kindness.



In the morning, before crossing the border, I start making some thing with some food I bought  yesterday.



I just mix all actually. hahaha. One of good things after buying vegetables and fruits is that I can get lots of bag. I can use them when I make a salad. One of hard things after buying vegetables and fruits is that it needs too much space.

The bread is for today lunch later.


Croatian beer

Croatian beer

Croatian beer which I drank on April



Croatian money



Their land is a bit weird that there is little small part of Bosnian land between the north and the south. But I don’t need any Croatian or Bosnian visa that it is so easy to come in and out.

Croatian and Bosnian speak the same language and I had learnt a few words from local people.

Hvla, Dobar dan, ne, da, nema, voda, zivjeli, zivjela, moguc, izvolite, Volim te….

Croatia was so special country to me. There were too many good memories to write here.

Although I left Croatia, my heart is still in Croatia.

It is time to leave..


Route (The other Croatian information is in a prior post)
Days in Croatia = 2Days
Distance of cycling in Croatia = 51.20 km (32 mi)
Cities I stayed in Croatia = 1 City
Expenditure in Croatia = $5.7
$1=5.3 Kuna

[14/06/07~08 (D+1012) Croatia/Dubrovnik]

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