Easter Island Travel Guide (Rapa Nui) in Chile

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There is ‘Lan’ company.
Many way to get Rapa Nui. From Lima is knows as cheaper.
There were promotion that it was 400$
I’ve heard that usually it is expensive.
You can pay with visa and paypal.
If you pay for promotion, it would be two options.
4 nights and 5 days or 7 nights and 8 days.
From lima. Departure is 11:30 pm and arrive is around 6 : 30 am, the next day.

*Place to stay
Bring your tent : 5,000 pesos (11$), rental gear 12$ (be careful of bed bugs.)
Electricity plus Wi-Fi 5,000 pesos (11$) , Only Electricity 2,000 pesos (4$)
Dom : 8 pesos (17$)
Room : from 10,000~30,000 pesos (20$~60$)
Hot water
(If you book before, they will pick you up. Also they will drop you down when you leave. You can also book in the airport of Rapa Nui. It is not far from town to airport. Just 3~5 minutes? By car

*How to tour
1. Walking
It is big Island that you cannot walk entire Island in one day.
2. Bike 24 hours 8,000 pesos (16$)
(The main road to go to Anakena beach is paved, but the other roads are terribly gravel and unpaved. Remember that it is volcanic Island)
3. Motocycle 4 hours (20$), 8 hours (30$), 24 hours (47$),
4. Car
24 hours
Manual (62$~103$), If you borrow in Mihinoa (hostel), it is 41$
Auto car is 155$
5. Hitchhiking
I met two French guys in the hostel. They hitchhiked to Anakena Beach. They said they took five cars and most of car was driven by Chilean.
It is only 30 ~45 minutes from the town to beach by car.


*Info of the place
Tongariki / 15-Moai. It is not possible by bike and walking. Need car to see Sunrise
Tahai / 7-Moai. It is near the town. By walking will take 40~60 minutes.
Orongo / By car 15 minutes. By walking over one hour. But you can’t see sunset with crater. Sunset is the other side. If you don’t have the time, I recommend you to see sunset in Tahai
Tahai / Sunset. Moai has eyes. It is 40 minutes from the town
Ana Kai Tangata / Cave is near the town that you can walk to there. There is drawing of bird man.
Ana Kakenga / The other cave. It is different. It is too dark that you must need the light.
Ahu Akivi / 7-Moai. Near the Ana Kakenga
Anakena beach / Beautiful beach is on the north. There is 7-Moai
Rano Raraku / It is Quarry. You have to pay 50$ for entrance.
Ahu Tongariki / Sunrise. 15-Mai.
Harbor / You can see turtle.

*Entrance fee
It is 60$ for Quarry and Orong.
If you buy in the airport, it is 50$
If you couldn’t buy ticket when you arriveed, you can buy it later
Dollar is better than Pesos for paying
You can use ticket for 5 days, but you can go just one time for each place.
You can’t share your ticket with other people, because they stamp on your ticket when you go inside.

(Is it worth to go Quarry?
In my opinion, definitely! You can imagine what happened at there and understand more than before.)
(You can see Orongo without ticket. Orongo’s crater is big so that you don’t need to go inside. If you go to the national park of Orongo, you can see their old culture and small Island for Bird Man)

* Info of Island
– I drink tap water and it is no problem. But I put some fruit powder just in case.
– The waves are super awesome that if you love surfing, you will love there. But scuba diving is not recommended.
– It is rainy Island. If you have water proof, then bring it! (It can be different for the seasons.)
– It is chilly in the night
– It is not smaller Island to walk and there is no bus. Bring your walking shoes
– There are too many super big cockroaches. (It can be different for the seasons.)
– There are so many dogs which are so friendly. When I went to Post office, four dogs were following me. But don’t worry if you don’t like dogs. Just don’t pay attention. Then they won’t bother you.
– In my opinion it is the safest place that I’ve ever been in Latin America
I hanged my camera on my shoulder without camera bag. Of course you need always common sense!
– The tree around the beach is new things.

* Price
– I’ve never been Europe, but I think the price will be similar to Europe.
– Post office is near the harbor. Just go up to the town from harbor. Off on Sunday. 10 am to 1 pm on Saturday. Off at lunch time on weekday. It is just one dollar to send post card to any place. It will take over 20 days.
You can get stamp on your passport.
– There is a special beer which you can buy only on the Island. It is almost 3.5 $ for one beer. Taste is really weird? good?
– There is also Korean alcohol which Korean love so much.

Journal about Easter Island I wrote at that time. There are facts about mystery. 
(Chile) Do you know mystery Rapa Nui? How about Easter Island and Moai?
★If there is wrong or new information, please leave comment.★

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