[12/03/19~23 (D+205) El Salvador] It is challenging to cycle here.

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There is a long line for trucks but not for me. It is shocking to cross El Salvador border because they don’t have a stamp and they write down my passport number on old paper. Even they don’t have their own money but use USD. I ask to them that El Salvador is safe place. They say it’s safer than Guatemala where I just come from.


The next city is Acajutla where is over 50 km (32 mi). I am doing my best to arrive in day time. When I stop to take the rest, I can see cute children.


I can see local people who are having meeting. It looks like old Korean rural.


Local people is cooking something so I ask what is that. She says it’s Pasteles and potato is in inside. She gives me one that I can try to taste. It is delicious so I buy 8 Psteles and it cost 50¢. I expect that price would be expensive because they use USD. But it’s not.


I’ve heard that the more I go to the south, the more I see poor people. I think it’s true because it’s my first time to see somebody cooks by burning wood.


While I am waiting, she gives me another one. She is so kind.


I already eat two pasteles. So there should be six pasteles. But even she put one more pasteles on the dish. So total I get eleven pasteles with 50 ¢. She is so kind that I give 25 ¢ more. It’s weird that when I was in the US or Canada, if there was 25¢ on the road, I didn’t put it on my pocket because I can buy nothing with 25¢. But here is different.


Here is a bike shop for you.


I arrive in Acajutla before sunset.


Unlike what I have expected, there are no good hotels and motels. I just find a small hotel and it costs 6$. It’s too old room but scenery is nice. I ride a bike with 38C(100F) all day so I run to the beach as soon as I pay for the one night.


Scenery is from the hotel.


Actually there is no romance to sleep beside the beach. Because too strong windy makes the noisy sound of see.


I can see rice very often from El Salvador. There are rice, chicken and fried bananas for breakfast. Tortilla is smaller but thicker. It costs 1.25$.


It rained in the morning so I wore waterproof jacket. But it was cooler and made me feel better. But after a hour it stops to rain. Farmer harvests sugarcane in the picture.


Cowboy with cowdog(?)


I see a family lives at the house in the above picture. I am wondering that how they can live in there.


Today I am on the mount. Uphill and downhill make me so hard but scenery is so nice.


I think they don’t have water tank. So they have to bring water from some place. I’ve seen that poor people or aboriginal people live in the mount or too cold place or too hot place where people don’t want to live.


A girl also carries water from someplace with sweating.


The other girl is wet because she might be not good to carry water.


Actually, it is not funny to ride a bike in El Slavador because Salvadoran men always shout at me. While I am riding a bike, random local men stick their heads out and keep making annoying kissing sound at me. Whenever I face the situation, I feel so disgusted.


So many men shout something at me. Women never do it but always men do it even little boys are same. I think some Salvadoran men are so rude.


I think wood is for cooking.


Hilly makes me so hard to ride a bike but the beautiful scenery makes me happy.


I have to pass through tunnel over three or four times because I am on the mount. One of cyclists says the most scary thing in trip is to pass dark tunnel. I do agree also.


I arrive in the next city, La Libertad before sunset. I choose a hotel on the other side of ocean because last night I couldn’t sleep well. Also it’s cheaper. It costs 10$ and I can use air conditional and internet. I want to stay one more night in the hotel. But I won’t do it because I want to get out of El Salvador as soon as possible. My new hobby is to drink and take picture of local beer.


The next day I have breakfast for two dollars. It is not meat but whatever.


It’s so hot and humid so I am wondering those meats would be okay to eat. Maybe I am eating that kind of meat because many times I have food on the road from local people.


It’s hot so I have ice cream. It’s 25cents.


I am too tired around noon so I take the rest at a gas station.


Some local men are so rude. But also some of men are kind. In the picture he gives me a drink and security guy look after my bike when I go to bathroom. It’s the same chance that how many I meet rude people and how many I meet kind people.


I am so hungry that I buy hamburger on the road. It is only 1.25$ but it’s cheaper, delicious and bigger than fast food store.


When I buy bread on the road, child is sitting on my bike. It is okay because he is just little baby.


Around sunset, I find the hotel which shows 6$ sign in front. But later I find that it doesn’t mean for a night but for a hour. Owner says it costs 15$ for a night. So I try to go out but I see he is considering. So I explain about my trip and he says I can stay one night for 6$. It’s lucky that they have air conditional. So I can sleep well.


El Salvador doesn’t have their own money but they use USD. I am taking picture of local money and beer. Anything else for the world picture?


The morning


I am hungry so I buy four bread for 50 cents.


Today is also too hot and humid so I try to buy coco but at that time I just get pain on my back. I think fruit falls down from a tree. But I find that it’s not the fruit but tortilla dough. Somebody throws it at me from the car. I am so angry and upset. Local people who is selling coco says it happens all the time. Last day one guys showed me bad hand(Fuxx). At that time also I was on my way by bike.


Celebrating photo! I ride over 6,000 km (3750 mi). Yeah! Central America is so hilly. Cars try passing each other.


Again I buy some bread from the boy.


yeah! Today is the last day to be in El Slavador. I can see many people are selling bread on their bike. I try to buy bread from this guy. But it’s expensive than other guy. So I say no thanks. But he gives me bread for free. It makes me embarrassed. Some men are so rude in El Salvador but some men are kind in El Salvador. It’s weird.


Finally I am leaving El Salvador. I hope I don’t hear kissing sound anymore from the next country.

Days in El Salvador = 5 days
Distances in El Salvador = 361.02km (225.63mi)
Flat tire = 0
Pay in El Salvador = USD 45.37$
Cities I stay = Acajutla, La Libertad, San Nicolas Lempa, Jocoro
(I din’t go to the Capital of El Slavador because somebody says there is nothing to see.)


In my opinion about El Salvador

Price is cheap. Some of traveler say El Salvador was good. But it was bad for me. Specially if you are woman and solo, please just pass with a bus. It’s not worth to ride a bike as solo female.

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  1. thank you for writing these things…so its no only me who thinks those men are horrible…thanks for sharing..

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