(Zambia) Volunteering in a local hospital

While looking for a camera shop, I meet Korean people, who introduces me a local hospital which is run by Korean. Can I help something for them?


19th May 2013~ 20th
While I was cycling, one car stopped and waited for me. It had been long time to meet South African farmer on the road. They invited me to their farm.
Especially the woman on the picture is so kind to me that she urges me to sleep two nights at their farm and cooks lots of nice meal.
They worked in Malawi which is next country for two years and they have lived in Zambia over three years now. One Greek guy moved to Zambia when he was young. He is now very rich that he has lots of farm in Zambia. They manage one of his farms.
There were over 80 workers in their farm and 8 workers died for HIV/AIDS last year. I’ve never thought about HIV/AIDS seriously when I was in Korea, because only 0.0008 % of Korean people are HIV/AIDS.



21st May 2013
The South African lady introduces me her friend who has lodge before Lusaka, capital of Zambia. But it is under the construction that I have slept alone in empty building.



22nd May 2013
It seems that my camera has the problem that many times the center of lens is blurred and the focus is not clear. I find used lends from a street vendor that I must buy that lends. The price is not high and condition is quite nice. If I buy it in Korea and ship to Africa it will cost 150$ more for shipping and tax. It seems that lends looks at me and say “BUY ME”.
I have enough cash on my pocket to buy it at that moment. But I hesitate that I am sure it is stolen one!!!!! But the thing is right now I need that lends and it is the only chance I can buy it in Africa.
I decide not to buy it that I want to be the person who has a clear conscience.



I give up buying second hand. It seems that there is no second hand but only stolen one in Africa, even it is the same as in Camera shop. So, I try to find repair shop and one local guy points at camera shop. I walk to there and find Korean owner. He says there is mold on my lens that I must send to it to Korea for fixing. Oh, I give up everything. There is nothing I can do for now.
The Korean owner invites me for dinner. During daytime I go to Immigration to extend my visa. Three months is maximum Zambia visa, but every month I have to go to Immigration and extend it. When I arrive there, the Immigration says that they can do it only three days before expiring date. Oh… Complicating visa.



This is the main street of Lusaka. I go to shopping mall to use Internet. One hour is 2$, but speed is really faster ever that it is my first time to face faster internet in Africa after the lapse of six months. This pc café is awesome!



23rd May 2013
Yesterday during having Korean meal with them, I was talking about volunteering. They told me that there is hospital which is run by Korean missionary. They said me that they can introduce me it.
The next day I packed up and cycled to the center of the town to meet them. There are a few big shopping malls always in a capital or a big city in Africa. But it seems that I can’t find lends I need.
After meeting Korean missionary, we go to the hospital together.



24th May 2013 ~ 11th June
The hospital is quite big and very clean that it is better than what I expected. Also there are many workers in the hospital. It was built three years ago. Korean married couple missionary came Africa 20 years ago and they did moving clinic. Fortunately there were big sponsor that they started building hospital.
A missionary James takes care of outside job and a missionary Janet takes care of office.
What I can help for them is a few things such as a reception, M.C.H and office. But most of time I help Janet that I stay in the office.
There is a staff house which has two rooms at next to missionary home. Two days after I arrived, two visitors from the U.S come and we share house together. One is Korean nurse who is Janet’s friend and the other American is the friend of Korean nurse.



There is a Korean church nearby the hospital. I don’t have any religion, but I go to there every Sunday.
There is special event at first week. Korean church is between 10 am and 12 pm and local children church is between 3 pm and 4:30 pm. At the first week I visit they say they will have a sports day. We, young people and pastor’s wife, prepare together.
Actually it is really hard to manage local children. To make them sit like on the picture, we shout at least over 20 times. They really don’t listen carefully about what we are saying.



The first game is pick snack from the rope. We separate two teams. It seems everybody enjoys game. The second game is to find candy on flour and run.




But I really enjoy doing game together. The third game is to carry water balloon. It is really hard to stand them like on the picture.



He wearing shirt is totally out of control. We tell them to throw water balloon to the same team people, not to carry hand by hand. But he just does what he wants. Even on the second picture, he just throws as far as he can. Oh. What a funny guy.


It seems the game can mean other thing to local children. One time during second game, someone dropped candy. After that game everybody run to that place and tried to find that candy on the ground.




The last game is a relay. After all game finished, we count the point. But we give gift, a pen, note, candy and snack, to all of them.



In the night we have a nice meal together. It has been long time to have lots of fun with people that I really have a good time!



Every Tuesday there is kind of famers market. It is so mess to walk. I can see many Chinese and the Middle East people.



The price is cheap to buy anything I think.



This is a baobab tree’s fruit. A peel is too hard that I hit strongly to break it with a handle of knife. It seems it is not a fruit that there is no any watery, but very dry. The taste is really sour.
When Korean missionary couple, their Korean friend and American go to tour around Zambia and Botswana, I look after the office and manage the money for hospital. Actually it is really scary to sleep alone in the night. It seems that Zambia has the big problem with an electronic power that everyday power is gone. While being alone, I am really scary when there is blackout.



Janet is really warm person. Also she tries to pocus of good thing of mine and praise.
I got some knowhow how to build local people. I’ve learnt many things from them. The time we’ve spent together is really thankful to me.



She is a receptionist that I really enjoy talking with her.



Yeah there is blurred on the center.
On the picture, there are workers of the hospital, a missionary Janet and two people from the U.S.
Over three weeks staying at hospital, I try to read the book with all my time by not much sleeping. But I could read only nine books. I wish I can read more books. Anyway I am really happy that at least there are books I can read!



I and two people from America are going to leave at the same day so that we have a bbq. The left on the picture is a missionary James. I really become familiar that I will miss all of them.
I’ve traveled around one year and ten months but always it is really hard to have farewell with people whom I love. The sad thing is I am not sure when I can see them again and the other sad thing is I will be alone again.

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