(Finland) Amazing memories in Korpikartano Hotel 1 – Where is Korpikartano?

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[14/12/05 (D+1192) to Korpikartano Hotel]
Korpikartono 000

I had ridden my bicycle in the north to see an amazing aurora, but I had not seen yet. When I was frustrated, I had an idea. The plan is to take a bus from Oulu, central Finland to the north and see an aurora dancing during volunteering.
I typed “Hotel” in google map around the northern Finland to find a volunteer job. I had sent my resume with pictures to hotels which have the website.
Anne, the owner of Hotel Korpikartano, gave me a very positive message. She told me that she could offer me free room and food. Also she could pay for my bus which costs over 200$ for a round trip.
I knew only a few things about the hotel through their website.

Welcome to Menesjärvi!

When I arrived in the hotel, it looked much bigger and better than website. Indeed they have so many interesting winter activities.


Korpikartono 000a

When I had Working Holiday Visa of Canada, I had lived in Yellowknife from 2010 to 2011 to see Aurora. Yellowknife is located at 62 of latitude and Hotel Korpikartano is at 68 of latitude. I guess this is the highest latitude I’ve ever been.


Korpikartono 000b

Auroral oval means an oval-shaped region centered on the earth’s magnetic pole in which auroral emissions occur.
People cannot see aurora if they go very further to the north. The best place to see aurora is in which places is located at Auroral oval. Korpikartano was totally in that circle, so I was really happy to go there.

By the way, what is aurora?
An aurora is a flickering light mostly caused by the sun’s radiation, usually found near the poles. So it depends on Sun activity. If there is a strong sun activity, then people can see an amazing aurora. (Of course, the sky must be clear at first. If it is cloudy, people cannot see anything although there is a strong sun activity.)


Korpikartono 000c

The hotel is at the north of Finland.


Korpikartono 000d

The people who come by plane stop at Ivalo and take hotel’s van to the hotel. For my case, I took the bus to Inari and the hotel picked me up.

(Bus’s time-table and price : https://www.matkahuolto.fi/en/
There is no booking system because the bus is not always full.)


Korpikartono 000f

The hotel was surrounded by the forest and there was the lake at the front, which looked like in the film. The lake’s name was Menesjarvi which was the same as village name.

Google map : https://goo.gl/maps/5eQGH


Korpikartono 001

There were two big buildings at the hotel.
The main building had a reception, rooms, restaurant, lounge, sauna, rental room.
The picture was taken at the front of reception.


Korpikartono 002

It was a lounge which was used by guest for a hot drink with fire at the next of reception.


Korpikartono 003

Korpikartono 004

It was a restaurant at the downstairs.


Korpikartono 005

At the other side of downstairs, there was a sauna. As I told before, sauna is a typical Finnish culture. The way to use Sauna at the hotel was simple. There was a timetable at the front of Sauna. The guest has to write their room number at the time they want to use. The guest will use for only themselves, which means it is a private sauna.
The sauna was quite big that there was a changing room at the first.


Korpikartono 006

The room for shower


Korpikartono 007

Sauna looked smaller on the picture, but it was bigger than picture actually.


Korpikartono 008

Korpikartono 009

Korpikartono 010

The rental room where the guest could borrow


Korpikartono 011

Korpikartono 012

There were many things to enjoy the winter activity at the outside of rental room. Kindly Anne told me I can use all for free.


Korpikartono 013

There was a slope to the lake from the hotel. It was so much fun to use all those stuff. Specially the orange one on the picture is the fastest one!!!! I do recommend!!!!


Korpikartono 014

There was kick-sled on the lake which guest can use.


Korpikartono 015

The front view from the hotel


Korpikartono 016

The view from the suit room which was on the second floor of the main building


Korpikartono 017

Korpikartono 018

An annex to a hotel had many rooms. I stayed here.


Korpikartono 019

An annex also had a sauna. At the front, there was a changing room.


Korpikartono 020

The next room was for shower.


Korpikartono 021

And the last room was for hot sauna where people can be relaxed. The way to use the sauna here was the same as main building.
Anne told me I can use sauna for free as well.


Korpikartono 022

I didn’t have room’s picture, so I brought from the hotel’s website. This is hotel’s room.


Korpikartono 023

At the next of main building, there was a big cottage which was called Kota. It was usually for a big group’s dinner or winter activity.


Korpikartono 024

The interior of the room made for a very cozy atmosphere.


Korpikartono 025

Just before the lake, there was a small cottage where the guest could make a fire for free. And yes I could use it for free anytime as well.


Korpikartono 026

Colleagues I’ve been with for a month


Korpikartono 037

Okay, then let’s start the story of beautiful Aurora and memories I can never forget in Korpikartano!


[14/12/05 (D+1192) to Korpikartano Hotel] Amazing memories in Korpikartano Hotel 1 – Where is Korpikartano?

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  1. We adore your articles about Finland!!! It’s magic! I note this place on our travel map (travel on tandem begins in september!!!)! 😉

    • Reply
      The Woman Traveling The Universe April 24, 2015 at 7:49 pm

      Hello Sveta and Fred,
      Tandem.. Sounds so lovely!!!
      Actually Finland is much beautiful in the winter (I guess..)!!!!
      But anyway you could see Northern Lights in September if you come to the north!

  2. looks fabulous. how wonderful that you got to volunteer there

  3. Hi Jin,
    This has been so interesting to see. It is clear you had a great time there. The hotel caters for different types of clients, coming to participate in a variety of activities if they wish, as well as viewing the Aurora lights. Who are the hotel`s main clients do you think? are they Finnish people, or do they get a lot of clients from overseas? I hope you will be able to return there one day.
    Best wishes, Sarah Thomson.

    • Reply
      The Woman Traveling The Universe April 24, 2015 at 7:21 pm

      Hello Sarah,
      The main customer is from Europe in the winter. I heard that main customer is Finnish in the Summer. But also some Asian as well in the winter.

  4. Today there were northern lights everywhere in Finland, even in Helsinki on the southern coast. Some photos: http://yle.fi/uutiset/lukijoiden_kuvat_revontulista_haikaisevat__laheta_omasi/7873664

    • Reply
      The Woman Traveling The Universe April 24, 2015 at 7:22 pm

      Thank you for good info. What an amazing thing for other European who live in the central!!
      It is so lucky that the weather was clear!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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