(Germany) Am I in trouble??


Am I in trouble, because… I bought too many things????…hahahaha

I had had the problem with my 17-85mm lens over two years. I bought a new lens of 50.8 + 55-255 mm in the northern Africa from American. But I really didn’t use 55-255, which was almost the same as a new one.
It was really difficult to carry too many lenses and a camcorder. I was considering buying Nikon 7100. But I didn’t choose, because I couldn’t move lcd.


So, what was the one I bought?

Why did the box looked too simple? Because I bought Refurbishment which has been previously returned to a manufacturer or vendor for various reasons.
It was like a new camera, but cheaper than a real new one. It was the best for me to save money.



YEAH!!!! MY New BABY!!! Canon 70D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My first camera was Canon A 70 my parents bought for me when I was 18 years old. In my class only a few friends had a camera, because it was not much popular at that time.
(2004) Canon PowerShot A70  -> (2006) Nikon D70s  -> (2009) Canon 30D  -> (2010) Canon 50D  -> (2014!!) Canon 70D

Canon 70 D has a Wi-Fi so that a picture is sent iphone. I can upload my photo of 70d from iphone on facebook page without a laptop. Also there is an application of remote.



*Canon 70d

557.99 pounds (700 Euros) (990$)



It was interesting to see ebay. Most of cheap product comes from the UK or China. China had always a cheaper one, but tax was not included. So it could be a big problem later. So I excluded China one which also took too much time such as three weeks. The reason I ordered a lot was because it was free tax in EU and it was super cheaper than offline shop.



My new lens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



16-300 mm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUPERZOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FANTASTIC for a traveler!!!



Small size

It was only 630$ in the U.S. But in Europe it was 800$. I tried to order from the U.S by myself, but I had to pay over 900$. So, I just bought one from Europe.

(where I tried..)

It was really hard to change every time from 50mm to 17-85mm or 17-85mm to 50mm because of a bad condition of 17-85mm. Now I am free from it!


*Tamron 16-300mm Canon

619 Euros (800 $)




A shocking thing was I had to change everything like a remote, memory card, and battery, because 70D was too different from 50D.



There was much scratch on 17-85 which I didn’t use with a filter, so I bought a filter to protect a new lens this time.


*Canon LP-E6 Two batteries

20.36 Euros (32.91$)



*67 mm UV Filter

4.36 Euros (7.04$)




I needed two extra batteries because I take the interval picture sometimes which needs hundreds photo. A new remote was too big compared to my old one.


*Timer Remote switch cord cable

18.48 Euros(30$)




I had 8GB, in case I bought a large one.


*Philips 16 GB SD Card

7.90 Euros (11$)




Vertical grip is only for interval photo which needs fixed position and much energy to take lots of a same photo.


*Vertical Camera Battery Hand Grip

29.89 Euros (38$)




So many odered! Haha


*Screen cover

3.49 Euros (5.64$)




It was not fit perfectly.



The upper one is an old one and the lower one is a new one.



The right one includes all of left one.



Before I carried like this. I didn’t have a space for 55-255 and the camcorder.



Now I have enough space.



I sold all of them to one Korean guy for 200 Euros
(I found some Korean community on online in Germany.)

50.8 + 55-250 would cost around 160 Euros
The other one could cost 60 Euros. Although I explained honestly about the condition of a camera body, I got a few messages. So, it was no problem to sell.



I was worried about my old camera to sell. But a buyer said to me he was satisfied with my old stuff.

Bye… my beloved!!!



A glass of iPhone was broken recently. I’ve heard that I could fix by myself, so I ordered it.
But a seller forgot sending a tool which he or she described on ebay. I asked where it is and the seller insisted he or she didn’t mention the tool. I captured the screen and send the seller. The seller said “I don’t know why I described like that”
At the day before I left, the seller said he or she would send me a tool.


*Front LCD Touch Screen Glass Replacement





At the next morning, it arrived like this without any enveloped. It was super mystery, how the seller who was from the UK could send it in one day and without any cover. Super mystery..

I didn’t try to fix yet because I didn’t have the time and frankly speaking I was too afraid….


It seemed everybody left negative comments.





I think I bought too difficult one. I should have bought digitalized glass….

Maybe…………I should not fix………. Once I touch…. I could not use iPhone anymore………?…



I was looking for buying it while cycling, but I couldn’t find this one in four countries I’ve passed. I bought it cheaply on ebay. It was 10 $ for two. I was wondering how the UK had so many cheap items on ebay like China.


*Two Earphones Headphones

6.16 (10.33$)




I bought waterproof gloves to protect my hands for winter. It was made in Germany and 26$. I trusted made in Germany.
After a week I had a chance to test because it was raining. Unfortunately it was totally wet after one hour cycling with raining. It doesn’t matter made in Germany or China? Cheap sports gear doesn’t work usually…maybe….?


*Waterproof gloves

18.45 Euros (26$)



(I ordered Chain-remover and screen cover for iPhone, but it arrived a week after I left. It took over three weeks although it was said Estimated date is in a week. Thanks that my host sent it for me to other city I will arrive.)



What is this?



Yeah! Stove of MSR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a gas stove, but I found it was impossible to buy a gas in Eastern Europe. So I bought an expensive stove which needs gasoline to make a fire. It means I can find a fuel everywhere in the world.

I found some German website which sold it cheaply. I bought it while I didn’t understand German at all


Now it is 85 Euros!! When I bought, it was 100 Euros :=(

*MSR whisperlite international combo
99.92 euros (129.28$)



I took the picture of stove with iPhone to show what would be real size. The smell was not a good a bit and it made black. And actually I am bit afraid of using it. It looks very dangerous stuff that I have to be careful, I think.



It was difficult to find and buy a sleeping bag on online, so I decided to buy it on offline shop. The left one is a new from Mountain Hardwear, and the right one is an old one which I did laundry for a few times for three years.


This shop has a few offline shops in Germany.

Many people recommended me to buy down one, but I didn’t buy because I am a vegan……… …I am just kidding…. Haha
I didn’t buy down one because a seller didn’t recommend me to buy because if the sleeping bag is wet, it would not work.

Actually polyester was cheaper.

-5c (20f) was comfortable or -2c (28f)… I think -5 is for men and -2 is for women.



It was warmer than old one.



Shoes is to show a real size of a sleeping bag .

It is much smaller but warmer.
There was a sleeping bag for -15c (5f), but I didn’t buy because it was bigger and heavier. I will cycle in the winter only this year. I will try to wear lots of clothes if it is too cold.

Mountain Hardwear Lamina™ 20 (Regular)
2lb14oz (1.29kg), LIMIT:20F/-7C,COMFORT:29F/-2C, 84in/213cm
169.95 € // $237.93



The sleeping bag is lighter now, which was my old dream to have light gear.
But the tent is much heavier, 3.2 kg (7lbs). My old one is 2.3 kg (5lbs). Of course this tent is much stronger and better for the winter.
I really want to have a tent from MSR or Hilleberg, which costs around 500~700$.
Hm… I know expensive one is not only best solution. I’ve used the tent of 70$ over three years in Americas and Africa. For now, I must not buy any expensive stuff.
MSR tent……hm… it is cheaper than Hilleberg……hm……………………………..Lighter..hm……



I bought some Korean seasonings.



I spent too much money this time. 1980 $ for camera, 430$ for others…
Hm.. I’ve never spent this amount before….
How long could I travel more with the left money?
If I am in really danger… maybe I have to resell camera… hahahahaha
Let’s see how long I could go… hahaha…


[14/09/09/20 (D+1116) Germany]

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    The Woman Traveling The Universe October 26, 2014 at 1:32 pm

    My opinion is NOT to go for the MSR tent tent.
    They really are not durable / strong enough for extensive use.
    I never had problems with my Hilleberg, which is fantastic, but indeed a bit expensive.

    I am now using a lot the Nigor WickiUP 3 tent ( http://www.backpackingnorth.com/blog/2013/08/eureka-nigor-wickiup-3-sul-review ).
    A fantastic tent with lots & lots of space.
    Only drawback is there’s no porche, but I really recommend it.

    Another cheaper, inestructable tent that I used for ages in sometimes incredible bad wheather is the Saleway Micra tent.

    Enjoy all your other purchases, it is Always so much fun to hit the road with new stuff 🙂
    Looking forward to your new adventures in Russia in winter.

    By Koen Delrue

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