How To Extend Iran Visa


What to need?

1. Two photos  (Women have to have veiled photo.)

2. Two copies of the first page of the passport and Iran visa

3. Local Address
(It is not important that embassy officer did not check detail. I just wrote any hotel address I found on online.)

4. Pay around $9 (345,000 Rial)
Transfer at the Melli Bank


How to apply?

1. Go to Passport Office three days before your visa expire.
Map of Passport Office in Esfahan
(Open from 8 am to 2pm. It is very busy. Try to go to early morning. You may have to wait one and half hour to talk to an officer. )

2. You have to pay small money to get pink folder which has form.
(In Esfahan, Reception is at the outside.)

3. You will get in a day or at the next day.
(I applied at the last day and got 30 days at the next day.)

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