How To Go from Panama to Colombia (Sailing Boat and Others)

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1.  Ferry
– Colon (Panama) to Cartagena (Colombia) : 11 hours
*Ferry started from 2013?2014, but from 2015 there is no ferry anymore. Ferry company’s facebook  

2. Airplane
-one way is from 200$ to 400$

3. Airplane + Two boats
-Airplane : Panama City to Puerto Obaldia(Panama border) (55~60$),
-The ship : Puerto Obaldia to Capurgana(Colombia border) (15$), Capurgana – Turbo(Colombia) (25$, overcharge if you have too many things/ 3hours / lunching in the 7 am)
-(More information about bus)
Bus : Turbo to Cartagena (a northbound, 30$, 7 hours), Turbo to Medelline (a southbound, 30$, 6 hours)

4. Sailing boat 
(If you find other travelers in the hostel at the capital, then you can make price cheaper when you negotiate with captains)
-Way 1 : From Miramar or Carti or Portobelo (10~25$ Bus or other things from Panama City) to (San Blas) to Puerto Obaldia (130$~200$) to Capurgana (15$) to Turbo (25$, 3 hours, a southbound, Colombia!)
– Way 2 : From Miramar or Carti or Portobelo to San Blas to Cartagena (Sailing Boat 350$~500$. It takes over 2 days from San Blas to Cartagena, a northbound, Colombia!)
– Going to Miramar or Carti from Panama city (There is another city, Colon but it’s the most dangerous city in Panama. You should not go there unless you take a ferry)
– Many people get information in Carti
– You also can get information in Portobelo but there are only few boats.
(There is a hostel in Portobelo. It’s 11$, but you can’t use kitchen and have to pay for wifi)
-I recommend you to stop at San Blas for one day or two days.

!Be careful!
-If you can’t find a boat as soon as possible, then you will spend money more and more while waiting at the hostel.
I think the most good way to save money is to find a boat in Panama City.
-If you go to Cartagena, you must get exit stamp of Panama. You must ask to your captain that captain will work for your paper.
-If you go to Colombia without exit stamp of Panama, you must be in huge trouble.
-El Porvenir Island which is one of San Blas has immigration. You can never get stamp of Panama without a captain. -You must ask to captain for your paper.
-Whatever, sailing boats are small, so many people have pain of a seasick.
-Must bring a pill of seasick or ask to your captain to get a pill. I think it’s good idea to bring sleeping pill as well.
-You should have a pill of seasick before the boat start to sail.
-If you carry a bicycle, then prepare large plastic gag to protect from sea water.

If you decide to go to Colombia by boat, I wish you good luck!!!!!

*The information was written in 2012, so the price and things could be changed. If you have recent information, please leave comment.


The journal I wrote about it
[12/04/20~30 (D+243) Going to Colombia] Here is another adventure.

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