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Grip Clean | Hand Cleaner for Auto Mechanics – Heavy Duty Pumice Soap, All Natural & Dirt Infused for Dry Hands (Tube – All Natural)

  • [Special product] – You can buy a special product of Hand Cleaner for Heavy Duty
  • [Salt + Soap] – Wash your hands with salt and soap
  • [Gound Coffee + Soap] – Wash your hands with ground coffee and soap
  • [Sand + Soap] – Grab any kind of sand and wash with soap. (If you have plants inside of your apartment, you can use that.)
  • [Cooking oil+ Soap] – Pour cooking oil and rubbing first, and then add soap and rubbing again. Wash with water at the end.

You can’t get grease off your hands easily with the normal soap. If you followed one of the ways above, you can clean your hands easily.

Special product to get off grease usually has some kind of grain. So you can use that theory by using salt, ground coffee, or sand with soap.  If you have to fix your bike on the road emergently, using sand is the best way.

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