(Italy) Having a good time on the Floating City, Venice at the last in Italy.

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[14/03/25~29 (D+941) Italy/(to Slovenian border)] Having a good time on the Floating City, Venice at the last in Italy.
There is no car in Venice that only there is a boat. Bicycle is not allowed as well! It is Europe’s most romantic city.


Today I have to cross one mount again. It is third time to climb the mount in Italy. If I didn’t make the route through Milano, actually I don’t need to cross the mount many times, and even I might have the time to go to Rome. Nah.. it is not important that the past is just past.

I heard if I start to cycle from Prato, I can cycle less harder on the mount. But I get lost at the way from Florence to Prato for a hour in a highway. It is scary because of cars on the highway.



Today I start at 50 m (164 ft) above sea level, and I have to go up until 770 m (2,526 ft) above sea level. And then again I have to go down at 50 m (164 ft) above sea level. There are a few cyclists enjoying a hill.



There are chairs on a small village.



Today the route is not much harder that actually I try to cycle all the time, not push my bicycle. Of course, I stop so many times to take a breath.

A scenery is mixed with green and gray. Today I have cycled over 120 km (75 mi). I stay at really kind warmshower host’s house.



The next day I have cycled over 130 km (81.25 mi), and I arrived in Padova just before the dark. These days I am really good at cycling. haha.



The place I stay is Padova, which is far from Venice. It is 3.6 euros for one hour train.


There are time table and prices. After choosing cities, you have to choose Tutti i Treni on Search on, and then maybe you can find a cheaper ticket.



It is said that to bring a bicycle is prohibited. Actually I see one fold bicycle. However, it is almost impossible to cycle, because there are too many stairs. You can imagine how it will be like as seeing a map.



Venice has city’s amazing interconnections of canals, bridges, and walkways that connect the 118 different islands.



There are so many kind of ships.



I meet Florent again whom I met in Milano. He comes with another Austrian cyclist girl who stays at the same hostel.



We hang around Venice together. Sometimes I really like to hang out with other travelers.

We walk slowly, because we are slow cyclists who enjoy every moment.




There are many flowers beside windows.



When we sit and have some coffee, the bird sit together.





Venice is all about getting lost and seeing the backstreets and narrow canals.



I think Venice has the problem that disabled travelers cannot come easily alone into the island, because there are too many stairs which doesn’t have any facility. Many travelers with a suitcase and parents with a baby carriage are having difficulty as well.

People who carry many stuff for shops usually use that kind of a trolley.



There are many gift shops.



It is T-shirt. Nice one? Let’t throw flowers for a beautiful human rights.



vomit loves… awe….



Fruits on the street



Birds are watching you.



The flower of chili



Venice is famous for a mask. Still many masks are hand made.



And also many of them are from the factory.



I wish I have the time to see Venice Mask Carnival.



Time goes really slow in Venice.




It is around 40 Euros.



A public boat is 7 euros for 1 hour and 18 euros for 12 hours.

One time ticket is for 4 euros.




The left is Catherine from Austria, who is cycling in Europe and the right is Florent from France. We don’t need to take a boat, because Venice is not much big and we enjoy walking.



Gondola on a small alley



We have a pizza for lunch. hm…. Italian pizza….. yummy………..oh…..

It is 9 euros. Usually people order pizza separately and finish alone in Italy.





After lunch, we walk to the square.



Between busy people, one couple sits and enjoys the sunshine of afternoon. I guess they are a local people.



A local Venetian says to me that there is nothing they can do, because most of thing is forbidden.






It is the Leaning Tower of Venice.

Today, the problems that undermine the balance of the lagoon’s ecosystem are quite different. Changes brought about by man and Nature have triggered a process that is quite the opposite to silting-up: the relative land level is now about 24 cm lower than the sea and so settlements are now exposed to high tides with increasing frequency and intensity; at the same time other problems also compromise the ecosystem, such as erosion of the morphological structures of the lagoon and pollution, once an unknown enemy.



We find some museum of the music.



It is not circle, but square.



There are many locks trying to hold something which can never be held.



How would it be like living in Venice? I guess Venetian are really healthy, because there is no car. They have to walk all the time and climb so many stairs.



Italia is famous for an ice cream as well. So, here I am trying. But it melts too quickly to enjoy. oh……



The sun is going down on Venice.



In order to see the night view of Venice, I say good bye to friends who are going back. I will cycle with Florent for a few days from tomorrow because we are on the same way. I wish Catherine good luck!





Night is more romantic.






I enjoy today so much in romantic and beautiful Venice. It is another best city in my trip.



After buying the ticket, I have to check it on the machine. I don’t know what makes difference. I don’t meet any worker on a train who checks my ticket today.



I cycle 30 km (18.75 mi) in the morning to meet Florent. I put more oil to my bicycle, so I can go further!



Today I cycle really my best. The road is totally flat and there is no wind. It is one of the easiest days.



He is traveling in Europe. It is interesting that he carries the table and chair.



Today I made a new record, 164.59 km (102.86 mi)!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A new record of the distance per a day!!!!! Yeah!!!!

My ex-record was 150 km (93.75 mi) per a day in Mexico on 17th of Dec 2011. It was not easy day and really hilly, but I made that record because I was too afraid to do wild camping. hahahahaha.

This time I made this record for my Schengen visa which is going to be expired soon.

I will make a new record of 200 km (125 mi) per a day for fun in Europe on this summer which has a long day! Let’s see!!!! ahahahaha



It is the reason why we must wear a helmet.



We stay at warmwhower host’s house. It is Italian bread which is called Gubana.



Grappa is alcoholic beverage.



And mix all together! hahaha



Florent and my host, Antonella, who is so kind to us.



It looks funny motor cycle on the right one.



Antonella gave us some tip for the route, so we could cycle on a quiet road.



At the end of road, I can see so beautiful lake.



I do want to have a spaghetti in a restaurant in Italy at the end of trip to have an experience of Italian culture. But yesterday I missed the lunch time that all restaurant closed when I stopped. Today even there is no restaurant. It is funny that I can see easily things which I don’t need every where and every time. But if I need that, then suddenly all of them disappear from my eyes. hahaha

Just before the border, I find a small restaurant.



But they says they don’t cook a spaghetti, but only meat.



I just order some meat. It is 7 euros. Actually it is my first time to go to a restaurant during cycling in Europe. Why this time? Just to check Italian food which is famous.


To cycle in Italy was really scary, because so many cars drive crazily on a narrow road which doesn’t have any shoulder. Most of people don’t want to let me set up my tent.

However, I’ve met many good people in Italy. I had reunion with friends whom I met in Africa. Even one of them let me use his holiday house as long as I want. It was my first time to stay alone since I started cycling, almost two and half years. I had enjoyed touring so much in Florence and Venice.

I had crossed the mount over three times in Italy. I made a new record of the distance per month.

On this month, Mar of 2014, I have cycled over 1,670.89 km (1,043 mi).

My ex-record was 1,613.64 km (1,008 mi) on Sept of 2011. It is so funny that actually Sept of 2011 is my first month on my trip. At the beginning, I was cycling so hard. hahaha.

Anyway I have enough good memories in Italy that it is time to move to the next country!




Days in Italy = 26 Days
Distance of cycling in Italy = 1,331.11 km, (831.94 mi)
Cities I stayed in Italy = 12 Cities
Diano Marina, Varigotti, San Quirico, Albarasca, Milan, Fidenza, Tugo, Viareggio, Firenze, Bologna, Padova, San Cazian d’isonzo
Expenditure in Italy = €232.99 = $326.18
(€1 = $1.4 )

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