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====List of Continents====

America Continent

[11/09/01~12/12/31 (D+488) ] To cycle from the U.S to Brazil alone solo woman!
I was afraid to cycle at the first day in San Francisco. I was wondering how I can go further, how much I have to be on the road to cycle around the world. Even I was not sure I can go out of the U.S by bicycle. Is it possible that solo woman cycles from the U.S to Brazil?

Africa continent

[12/12/31~13/12/30 (D+852) South Africa to Egypt] Epic Africa:To cycle from South Africa to Egypt for one year alone!


[13/12/31~15/05/28 (D+1365) Spain to Bulgaria] To cycle in Europe for one year and five months

====List of Countries====


[11/09/01~07(7days) California, US] The first

[11/09/08~12(12days) California, US] Learning on the road

[11/09/13~19(19days) California, US] Sweet resting in LA

[11/09/20~25(25Days), US] Be strong

[11/09/26~10/01(31Days) US] To Las Vegas

[11/10/02~05(35days), US] Meeting people on the road

[11/10/06~11(41Days), US] As far as I can go

[11/10/11~13(43Days), US] With Germans-1

[11/10/14~19(49Days), US] With Germans-2

[11/10/20~11/11(D+72) US] Thank to all my hosts

[11/11/12~11/20(D+81) US] Between US Border and Mexico Border


[11/11/21~27(D+88) Mexico] Hola~!

[11/11/28~12/01(D+92) Mexico] You can’t buy it with money.

[11/12/01~14(D+105) Mexico] Just try. Who knows?

[11/12/15~17(D+108) Mexico] Am I getting a monster?

[11/12/18~26(D+117) Mexico] You are My Christmas Miracle.

[11/12/27~12/01/04(D+125) Mexico] It is sad to meet somebody.

[12/01/05~10(D+132) Mexico] What Mexico city means

[12/01/10~2/17(D+170) Mexico] Our happy time together.

[12/02/17~27(D+180) Mexico] I am on the road again.

[12/02/28~03/07(D+189) Mexico] I will be back to you someday.


[12/03/08~10(D+192) Guatemala] It is time to go to Central America.

[12/03/10~15(D+197) Guatemala] It has been my first vacation since I traveled

[12/03/15~19 (D+201), Guatemala] Leaving Mayan

El Salvadro

[12/03/19~23 (D+205) El Salvador] I do not want to come here again.


[12/03/23~25 (D+207) Honduras] Just Passing


[12/03/25~29 (D+211) Nicaragua] In Nicaragua

Costa Rica

[2012.03.30 (D+212) Costa Rica] Vote – the Assembly election

[12/03/29~04/08 (D+221) Costa Rica] My Ideal type, Costa Rica.


[12/04/08~20 (D+233) Panama] 67,108,864

[12/04/20~30 (D+243) Going to Colombia] Here is another adventure.


[12/04/30~05/06 (D+249) Colombia] Running away from a robber (?)

[12/05/07~09 (D+252) Colombia] It’s my first time to ride a bike on Mount. (I also want to become someone’s flower.)

[12/05/09~26 (D+269) Colombia] Listening from the heart

[12/05/26~06/03 (D+277) Colombia/Medellin-Pereira] Bicycle, Sugar Cane, Bamboo and Coffee

[12/06/03~10 (D+284) Colombia/Pereira-Cali] I will wait for you.

[12/06/10~18 (D+292) Colombia/Cali-Popayan] Terrible accident

[12/06/18~07/04(D+308) Colombia/Popayan-Ipiales] Saying good bye to the most kind country.


[12/07/04~08/08(D+343) Ecuador/Border-Quito] One month in Quito

[12/07/04~08/08(D+343) Ecuador] To Change bike

ETC : What have I eaten for a year??

[12/08/08~18(D+353) Ecuador/Quito to Chimborazo] Mount Climbing with tearful eyes

[12/08/18~23(D+358) Ecuador/Riobamba to Guayaquil] I have a heavy heart.


[12/08/23~9/19(D+385) Peru/To Lima] Teleport to Lima


[12/09/19~23(D+389) Chile/Rapa Nui (Easter Island)] Do you know mystery Rapa Nui? How about Easter Island and Moai?
Wonder of the World, Moai! Although there is scientific hypothesis, nobody knows what true is. There is much Moai . Who made it? when was built? why much Moai sculpture in this small island?? It is time to go to the middle of the pacific ocean to see Wonder of the World


[12/09/27~10/01(D+397) Peru (Lima to Ica)] Cycling to Oais
How will Oasis look? How come water is in middle of the Desert?I will cycle to find the oasis in the desert!

[12/10/01~13(D+409) Peru/Cusco)] I have suffered from altitude sickness in Cusco, historic capital of the Inca Empire
I arrive in Cusco, historic capital of the Inca Empire. It is very historic city that there is many things to see. But I am too sick to do anything for a few days.

[12/10/14~15(D+411) Peru/Machu Picchu)] I find The legendary lost city of Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu had never been visited by the Spanish conquistadors. Even for 400 years, it was not founded to the world. I am going to find mysteries and theories which have surrounded Machu Picchu.

[12/10/17~22(D+418) Peru(Cusco-Puno)] Cycling in Andes Mountain
I start at an altitude of 3,400 m (11,154 ft). I have to go down to at an altitude of 3,000 m (9,842 ft) and then go up to an altitude of 4,300 m (14,107 ft) which is my new record with a bike. Can I do it?

[12/10/22~11/10(D+436) Peru(Puno-Bolivian Border)] Lake Titicaca, the largest lake in South America! People live on the lake.
I am going to see Lake Titicaca, the largest lake in South America! People live on the lake.


[12/11/10~17(D+443) Bolivia/Bolivian Border-La Paz] La Paz is the most interesting capital in Latin America
I come to Bolivia suddenly. I see many different people in La Paz. I think La Paz is the most interesting capital in Latin America.

[12/11/18~22 (D+449) Bolivia/La Paz-Uyuni] I can’t ride a bike because of Bolivian Martial law(Census)
I have to hurry to go to Uyuni to ride a bike on the dry season. But I just hear that I can’t go out. If I ride a bike, then police will arrest me. What is going on Bolivia? Is this Bolivian Martial law?

[12/11/22~26 (D+453) Bolivia/Salar de Uyuni] Cycling in Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat.
It is time to make dream real that dream of the most cyclist is cycling in Salar de Uyuni.

[12/11/27~30 (D+457) Bolivia/Uyuni to Boarder] It starts cycling with hot weather and too many mosquitoes.
I just come back from high altitude. It is time to cycle between hot weather and too many mosquitoes.


[12/12/01~09 (D+466) Paraguay/Border to Asuncion] The mission is to arrive in Asuncion for absentee voting of the Korean president
I just come back from high altitude. It is time to cycle between hot weather and many mosquitoes to vote Korean President in Asuncion. I hope I can arrive on time for Election.

[12/12/09~19 (D+476) Paraguay/Asuncion to Border] The south of Paraguay is different from the north of Paraguay.
It is too much raining in the morning when I start leaving Asuncion, Capital of Paraguay. The plumbing in the city is terrible that the road is becoming River, and I have other ACCIDENT. No way…


[12/12/19~21 (D+478) Brazil-Argenitna-Brazil] Amazing Iguazu


[12/12/22~31 (D+488) Brazil] I got the big gift before leaving the Continent of America
I’ve cycled one year and four months in the America Continent. Brazil will be my last country in America. Before leaving, I got the big gift.


South Africa

[12/12/31~13/01/04 (D+492) South Africa/Cape Town] It is the New Continent, Africa!
I am ready to finish the America Continent, but it is not easy. Airline doesn’t give me the ticket to Africa which I already paid, because I might be kicked out in airport of South Africa. What I can do?

[13/01/05~14 (D+502) South Africa/Cape Town to Three sisters] Is here Africa??
The city is well developed that I can’t feel I am in Africa. Many houses are nice like North American’s house that I am too nervous to ask to pitch my tent at their yard. Even the weather is not much hot and it is really cold in the night. Where am I in???

[13/01/15~24 (D+512) South Africa/ Three sisters to Farm Srydport] Why you are so kind to me?
I’ve never seen like South African that they are so kind to me ever. Most of them open their door to me and let me sleep inside of house. Why there are so kind to me unlike other country?

[13/01/24~31 (D+519) South Africa/ Farm Srydport to the Botswana border] It is time to see wild animals, because here is Africa!
There are many wild animals. I think it is time to see them, because I am in Africa!


[13/01/31~02/07 (D+526) Botswana/ Botswana border to South African border] I stay with breathless to go back to South Africa.
I decide to stay only one week in Botswana to go back to South Africa. I am not sure that it can be success or not.

South Africa

[13/02/07~14 (D+533) South Africa/ South African border to Witbank] Looking for volunteering
After complicating, I come back to South Africa. I am looking for volunteering, but it seems that it is not easy to find.

[13/02/15~18 (D+537) South Africa/ Witbank to Swaziland border] It is different part of South Africa
I used to cycle in semi-desert last month in South Africa. Now I start cycling in green area, but it is really hilly.


[13/02/25~03/08 (D+554) Swaziland / Manzini] Through Volunteer, I want to share my life with them and understand the problem of HIV/AIDS and other thing.
It is said that almost half of population is HIV/AIDS patients in Swaziland. What is going on this beautiful country? I am gonna volunteer for two weeks to share my life with them and know about Africa.

[13/02/18~3/11 (D+558) Swaziland] Kingdom of Swaziland located around the mount
Swaziland is located on the mountain that it is hard to cycle, but enough beautiful. When I heard the name of country, I thought the country might be relative European country. But it is not. There is the king in Swaziland. Is there like the prince in a fairy tale?

South Africa

[13/03/11~03/26 (D+573) South Africa /Swaziland to the Botswana border] It is time to leave South Africa.
I come and go South Africa over three times, but I think now it is time to leave. Before leaving, I get cultural shock. T.I.A means “This Is Africa”. Real African culture!


[13/03/26~29 (D+576) Botswana/Border to Francistown] The Woman who lives in front of Baobab Tree
I come back to Botswana which is known for safe country in Africa. I meet the woman who has baobab tree after crossing border.

[13/04/01~30 (D+608) Botswana/Frrancistown] To volunteer in the school is like going back to the innocence of childhood
I am staying at Korean house in Francistown. Thanks to them, I can stay over one month at their house. I want to volunteer during staying so that I visit some organizations, but it is not easy to get the chance. Finally after a few tries, I get a chance to volunteer at the preschool in a small village.

[13/05/01~02 (D+610) Botswana/To Zimbabwe border] It is afraid to leave.
I have to leave this comfortable country and go to the next country which I am afraid of.


[13/05/02~05 (D+613) Zimbabwe /To Gwayi River] It is less dangerous than what I expected.
I’ve heard many things of Zimbabwe so that I’ve been worried about it. But it seems that people are generous.

[13/05/06~07 (D+615) Zimbabwe /To Victoria Falls] The ship is going to the mount, and I am also going to the mount.
I am cycling in Zimbabwe where I was afraid of. Can I reach to Victoria Falls?


[13/05/09~10 (D+618) Zimbabwe-Zambia / Victoria Falls] To see the last one of the world’s great waterfalls
There are 3 large waterfalls in the world; Niagara Falls in Canada and the U.S, Iguacu Falls in Brazil and Argentina and Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and Zambia. Here is the last falls I didn’t see yet, Victoria Falls!


[13/05/10~19 (D+618) Zambia /To Lusaka] What to live as African means.
Everybody has their own life. All of them have to live with what only they have. What does it mean to live as African?

[13/05/19~6/12 (D+651) Zambia /Lusaka] Volunteering in a local hospital
While looking for a camera shop, I meet Korean people, who introduces me a local hospital which is run by Korean. Can I help something for them?

[13/06/12~15 (D+654) Zambia/Lusaka to Mkushi] I am too cold in Africa
When I had told people that I am going to Africa, everybody was worried about hot weather. But now I am freezing cold. Maybe only the teacher of the earth science and the local people will understand what I mean.

[13/06/16~24 (D+663) Zambia/Mkushi to Mpika] Can you live in the bush which doesn’t have electronic?
Can We, who live in 21c, live in the bush which doesn’t have electronic and other good life’s stuff? In Africa it is really hard for me that I can’t use Internet often. Especially I am from Korea which has awesome faster speed internet. But how will it be that it is very usual thing for someone who doesn’t have electronic and lives in the bush?

[13/06/25~30 (D+669) Zambia/Mpika to Tanzania border] The northern Zambia is more different from other route.
The route these days I am cycling is very different than other route. It is like the Africa which I watched on TV.


[13/06/30~07/09 (D+678) Tanzania/ Tanzania border to Itamboleo Village] I meet African who can speak Korean.
Last three weeks I cycled in small villages. So, too busy Tanzanian border makes me sick now. I want to get out of the border as soon as possible. It would be all right to cross the border? How will be Tanzania?

[13/07/10~15 (D+684) Tanzania/Itamboleo Village to Mikumi] Passing between Baobab tree valley.
It is long time no see Baobab tree. During cycling on baobab tree valley, I keep thinking where I can go at the next.

[13/07/16~17 (D+686) Tanzania/Mikumi to Morogoro] Cycling in Safari and meeting Maasai.
The highway is between Safari that I don’t have choice. I have to cycle in Safari where over two hundreds lions are. Hope they don’t like meat of the people.

[13/07/18~26 (D+695) Tanzania/Morogoro to Dar es Salaam] Going to Dar es Salaam, the biggest city in Tanzania
I am going to Dar es Salaam, largest and richest city, serving as a regionally important economic centre.

[13/07/26~29 (D+698) Tanzania/Zanzibar] Beautiful Island with Beautiful friends
In Zanzibar my job is to get lost all day. There are too many narrow side streets. “Where am I? Who am I?” Always I get lost. It is hard to find the way and actually my job, to get lost, makes me love Zanzibar. I meet some beautiful friends and with them I enjoy Zanzibar more.

[13/07/30~08/02 (D+702) Tanzania/Zanzibar] Beautiful beach in Zanzibar
The beach of Zanzibar has beautiful color that I am so happy to see it.

[13/08/03~09 (D+709) Tanzania/to Moshi] Cycling on hills with a shower to Kilimanjaro’s city
It is a dry season, but these days there is a shower. After ocean, I have to cycle on hills to Kilimanjaro’s city.

[13/08/09~14 (D+714) Tanzania/Serengeti] Adventure on Serengeti Safari
I am going to have an adventure to see Wild animal which is totally different from Zoo

[13/08/15 (D+715) Tanzania/Mgorongoro] Adventure on Ngorongoro Crater
In Ngorongoro Crater there are many kinds of wild animal living together.

[13/08/16~09/04 (D+735) Tanzania/to Kenyan Border] Kilimanjaro is just only one of mountains.
There are many high mountains in the world. But why am I crazy of Kilimanjaro? I think something is wrong on my mind.


[13/09/04~11 (D+741) Kenya/to Nairobi] The way to get into Nairobi remains one of hard parts on the trip.
It will take only two or three days to get into Nairobi from the border. While I head to there, I stop at Masai village. Although I’ve heard that Nairobi is the most dangerous city in the east Africa, it seems everything goes well. But then…Just unlucky in front of my destination.. car accident.

[13/09/11~20 (D+750) Kenya/Nairobi] Nairobi is a typical African city, but there is some peace.
When I arrive in Nairobi, I see many big buildings. I expect that Nairobi will be different from other African city. But I realize it is just the same. Although it is chaos, there is some peace for me.

[13/09/21~25 (D+755) Kenya/to Ethiopian border] The terror in Nairobi and to keep going cycling
21st Sept at the day I left, there is a terror that many people are died and get injured in Nairobi. But I keep cycling without knowing what happens. It is better what the eye doesn’t see.


[13/09/25~28 (D+758) Ethiopia/to Bule hora] Another planet, Ethiopia in Wonderland.
Ethiopia uses different calendar that the middle of September is a new year for them. Even they call 3 pm night 12 am. Strange country, Ethiopia.

[13/09/28~10/01 (D+762) Ethiopia/to Addis Ababa] Welcome to the hell, Ethiopia for cycling
As starting cycling into Ethiopia, I taste of the hell. I can’t understand why people bother cyclists so ever.

[13/10/02~13 (D+774) Ethiopia/Addis Ababa] Lucky to meet another family on the trip
I feel so lucky to know and meet this family on my trip. They help me to find a gear which I can’t get in Ethiopia. Their house is like a heaven in Ethiopia

[13/10/14~18 (D+779) Ethiopia/to the Sudanese Border] Although it is very tough to cycle in Ethiopia, Ethiopia is a lovely country.
My visa will be expired in five days, but it is very far to the border, around 900 km (562 mi). I have to hitchhike to the border. But it is too beautiful to take a car that I want to try cycling a little bit every day. I am worried that I can be at the border before expiring my Ethiopian visa.

North Sudan

[13/10/19~25 (D+785) North Sudan/to Khartoum] It is hot. Hot. Hot. HOT!!!
I’ve heard that Sudanese is very kind. So, I expect no harassing. But it is not. Although people are very welcomed while I ask for tent, many street people are still very rude at me. Also, the weather is too hot ever that I can be exhausted very easily at the afternoon.

[13/10/25~11/10 (D+801) North Sudan/Khartoum] What did you do to my lucky?
When a mechanic in a small town touched my lucky, my lucky was totally broken. I am wondering what he wanted to try to my lucky. (my bike)

[13/11/11~19 (D+810) North Sudan/to Dongola] Crossing the desert with a headwind
It is time to cycle in the desert, ,which I’ve been told. I got important information about miles that it will be no problem, I guess.

[13/11/20~12/03 (D+823) North Sudan/to Wadi Halfa] Following Nile River
Along amazing Nile River, I move to the Egyptian border slowly. Although the weather gets hotter and hotter, I feel so grateful to cycle to next Nile River.


[13/12/04~8 (D+829) Egypt/Aswan] Egypt Nile River and Sexual harassment
Although I’ve heard that Some of Egyptian’s hands are bad to women, I was sure that I will be alright. The most of country I’ve been is undeveloped and I am used this kind of thing. But when I just arrived in Egypt, I found it is too serious here. I think I should not cycle in this country.

[13/12/09~12 (D+834) Egypt/to Luxor] Where should I go? Where? For Europe!
I enter into Africa with a bike on 1st Jan 2013. I want to go out of Africa on 31st Dec 2013. It means I should hurry up to book my flight. But where should I go in Europe at first? Can I finish Egypt trip safely before flying to Europe?

[13/12/13~16 (D+837) Egypt/Luxor to Aswan to Luxor] Valuable experience of cycling with dozens of local cyclists in Egypt.
When I have the problem of cycling in the last country in Africa, many of Egyptians try to help me as cycling together for three nights and four days.

[13/12/16~25 (D+847) Egypt/ to Cairo] Between Red sea and the desert.
Trying cycling between Red sea and the desert although it is said there is a bit risky.

[13/12/26~30 (D+852) Egypt/ Cairo] The last night in Africa
I’ve arrived in Cairo which is my last city in Africa. There are ancient Egyptian Pyramid and lots people in Cairo. What would my last night in Africa be?



[13/12/30~14/01/12 (D+865) Spain/(to Algemesi)] Is it your first time to visit Europe?? YES!
I am crossing the ocean to finish African trip and to start Europe trip. When I was 20 years old, my dream was to visit Europe. Now I am going there.

[14/01/12~22 (D+875) Spain/(to Castelldefels)] Why do I cycle in the night too often?
I feel more comfortable than first week. But one problem is I cycle in the night almost every day. What’s going on?

[14/01/22~02/10 (D+893) Spain/(to French border)] Here is one more country on the list of my favorite country.
I like Spain that I will put Spain on my favorite country’s list. I wish I have more time to see this country


[14/02/10~14 (D+898) France/(to Ferran)] What would it be to live on an ecological house?
What is the meaning of living on an ecological house? By chance, I’ve met people who live like this way.

[14/02/14~17 (D+902) France/(to Toulouse)]My dream is to go to the Universe.
My dream is to go to the universe. I want to see other life in other planet. Is this dream one I really want? I want to check my motivation of the trip.

[14/02/17~03/04 (D+916) France/(to Italian border)] Unexpectedly, French people are enough kind.
I read some article that many of tourists don’t like touring France, because the local people are too cold. But in my experience, France is the same as other country that there are many kind people.


[14/03/04~14 (D+926) Italy/(to Milano)] Heading to Milano
Italia is famous for pizza and their passion. What would it cycle like in Italy?

[14/03/15~20 (D+932) Italy/(Milano)] I meet the friend on the road again whom I met on the road before.
I go to Milano to meet the friend whom I met on Tanzania. It is my firs time to meet someone whom I met before on the road?

[14/03/20~24 (D+936) Italy/(Florence)] In Italy, Between Calmness and Passion
Between Calmness and Passion is the movie which was taken in Florence. The way to Florence is just between Coldness and Warmness.

[14/03/25~29 (D+941) Italy/(to Slovenian border)] Having a good time on the Floating City, Venice at the last in Italy.
There is no car in Venice that only there is a boat. Bicycle is not allowed as well! It is Europe’s most romantic city.


[14/03/29~30 (D+942) Slovenia] Quiet and peaceful Slovenian road
It is so quiet to cycle in a small village in Slovenia.


[14/04/01~05/23 (D+996) Croatia] Vegan, Sea, Mount, and Star…
One day just I decide to become a vegan. I do running almost every week. I see the sea, mount, and the star.

[14/05/24~30 (D+1003) Croatia/(to Strmica)] Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of the most beautiful park in the world.
Plitvice is one of the best parks I’ve visited. It is so quiet and beautiful that it is considered to be one of the most beautiful natural sights in Europe.


[14/05/30~06/07 (D+1011) Bosnia] I just start loving cycling on the mount.
Before heading to Bosnia, I looked at the map and saw the mountain territory. I wanted to see a new culture that I decided to cycle on the mount! But from the first day it is really scary because of the trace of war. What could I see in Bosnia?


[14/06/07~08 (D+1012) Croatia/Dubrovnik] One of the most prominent tourist destinations in the Mediterranean, Dubrovnik!
The remarkably well-preserved medieval walled city of Dubrovnik enjoys accolades like the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’ and ‘Jewel in Croatia’s Crown’.


[14/06/08~13 (D+1017) Montenegro] Let me try a difficult route.
There are beautiful bay and mount in Montenegro. I’ve always tried to choose easy route. But this time I want to try a difficult one.


[14/06/13~17 (D+1021) Albania] Welcome back to a hard day.
I’ve felt peaceful and comfortable since I came to Europe. But I’ve had hard day in Albania which is the poorest country in Europe.


[14/06/17~23 (D+1027) Macedonia] Come back to one of Yugoslavian countries.
I feel comfortable again because I enter into friendly Yugoslavian country again. In my experience, Yugolavian people is warm to me usually.


[14/06/23~28 (D+1031) Bulgaria] Bulgaria..


[14/06/28~07/04 (D+1038) Serbia] The secret of Skull Tower and many beautiful girls

Croatia to Portugal

[14/07/04~8/15 (D+1080) Croatia to Portugal] Cycle back to Portugal with him

Portugal to France

[14/08/15~26 (D+1091) To Paris] Please, take me to Paris!!

[14/08/25~31 (D+1096) From Paris to Quievrain] Paris is lovely city ever in my heart


[14/09/01~09/04 (D+1100) Belgium] It is time to drink the best beer in the world.

The Netherlands

[14/09/04~09/11 (D+1107) The Netherlands] There are more bicycles than residents.


[14/09/11~09/20 (D+1116) Germany] It is a bit different from my expectation

[14/09/09/20 (D+1116) Germany] Am I in trouble??


[14/09/22~26 (D+1122) Latvia] A bit different country from the other EU country


[14/09/26~10/18 (D+1144) Luhamaa to Saint Petersburg] It is really new country to me

[14/10/18~27 (D+1153) to Pryazha] First time to cycle with snow at below zero

[14/10/27~11/07 (D+1164) to Kandalaksha] How can I go up to Arctic Circle in the winter? Should I give up and turn to the south?

[14/11/09~16 (D+1173) to Lotta] Things at the end…


[14/11/17~19 (D+1176) to Saariselka] I reached the goal after hard working.

[14/11/20~25 (D+1182) to Vikajarvi] Unexpectedly, Finnish are so hospitable and kind!

[14/11/27~12/05 (D+1192) to Oulu] The country which gives the student 400 Euros per month.

[14/12/05 (D+1192) to Korpikartano Hotel] Amazing memories 1 – Where is Korpikartano?

[14/12/05~07 (D+1194) Korpikartano Hotel] Amazing memories 2 – Husky Safari, Snow mobile, and finally amazing Aurora.

[14/12/08~18 (D+1205) Korpikartano Hotel] Amazing memories 3 – Unforgettable Pink Aurora in Polar night.

[14/12/19~23 (D+1210) Korpikartano Hotel] Amazing memories 4 – Reindeer herding and red aurora

[14/12/24~31 (D+1218) Korpikartano Hotel] Amazing memories 5 – Happy New Year and Merry Christmas on the same place

[15/01/01~07 (D+1225) Korpikartano Hotel] Amazing memories 6 – Snowmobile and Ice Fishing

[15/01/07~21 (D+1239) to Taulu] A New Record! Cycling under -21 c (-5.8 f)

[15/01/21~27 (D+1245) to Helsinki] I arrived in Helsinki at the middle of Winter.


[15/01/28~02/03 (D+1252)] Last snow in Scandinavia with my bicycle.


[15/02/03~19 (D+1268) to Warsaw] Finally I was heading to the south.

[15/02/19~28 (D+1277) to Hrebenne] The thing I found at the end of Winter


[15/02/28~04/02 (D+1310) Lviv] Finally Spring coming? – First time ever to rent a flat in the trip!!

[15/04/02~15 (D+1323) to Bukovel] Suddenly winter came back in the spring and it was the best winter ever.

[15/04/15~05/01 (D+1339)] Beautiful flowers are everywhere.


[15/05/01~13 (D+1351) to Giurgiu] What is Gypsy and Who is Gypsy?


[15/05/13~28 (D+1366)] I have to say goodbye to Europe now.

======Middle East and Central Asia======


[15/05/28~06/30 (D+1399)] Finally I step on Asia + Traveling with mom in Europe for two weeks 

[15/06/30~08/07 (D+1437)] White mountain, Pamukkale in the middle of summer

Last update : Mar 2016

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Cycling Around The World