(Kyrgyzstan) Heading to the end of Pamir Highway with snow mountain.

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Kyrgyzstan travel_302

While pedaling between valleys, I saw someone was moving with a red flag.


Kyrgyzstan travel_303

And then so many horses and cows were walking slowly with nomads on the road. It was almost the end of September and I could still see nomads moving.


Kyrgyzstan travel_304

The valley had beautiful scenery.


Kyrgyzstan travel_305

There was no any guest house on the way that I decided to do wild camping. I found a small road to down valley and I felt like it was the end of the road that it would be safe. So I put my tent beside the river.


Kyrgyzstan travel_306

I didn’t have enough water for cooking that I took it from the mountain.


Kyrgyzstan travel_307

I just put anything I had into the pot.


Kyrgyzstan travel_308

Cars kept passing at the middle of the mountain under stars.


Kyrgyzstan travel_309

I hung garbage behind and I was ready to start. I looked across the river and I found some house. I was not sure people living there.


Kyrgyzstan travel_310

It was beginning to cloud over and then it started to keep raining. I had to reach one pass today but it looked like I would have rain all day.


Kyrgyzstan travel_311

Actually, I was wrong. I didn’t have not only rain, but snow as well. The more I went higher, the more there was snow. I had rain from morning so my clothes were wet. The most painful parts were fingers. It was worse pain in my trip. I tried to touch my belly under clothes with my fingers to melt. But it was not warm because of wet shirt. I must stop to change clothes and jacket.


Kyrgyzstan travel_312

After I wore new clothes, I felt better. I could melt my frozen fingers under dry clothes. I didn’t have proper winter gloves that I just used water proof (dish-washing) gloves with thin wet gloves.  Definitely Yellow is the best color in my world! And yeah here YELLOW THUMB!


Kyrgyzstan travel_313

I stepped on the pass after crazy painful frozen fingers.


Kyrgyzstan travel_314

Local people handed me vodka and bread. I didn’t drink and drive usually. But this time I made an exception because I wanted to make my body warm.


Kyrgyzstan travel_315

Vodka on the pass.. what a memory!


Kyrgyzstan travel_316

Kyrgyzstan travel_317

It was wet snow with strong wind, which made cycle difficult. To go downhill was usually awesome. But it was not possible to enjoy at this time because my fingers were painful on the downhill.


Kyrgyzstan travel_318

I was happy when downhill was finished. It was less cold.


Kyrgyzstan travel_319

I found a good hotel. Heater didn’t work, but still it was way better than sleeping at the outside. I tried to dry my wet gears at the room.


Kyrgyzstan travel_320

At the next day, I had to choose the route at a junction. One was heading to the capital. The other was heading to the biggest lake in Kyrgyzstan, Issyk-Kul. I had nothing to do in the capital that I chose to go directly to the lake.


Kyrgyzstan travel_321

Once I cycled into a small road, I saw so many people passing on horses.


Kyrgyzstan travel_322

And people started playing. I felt so lucky and excited to see it because it was traditional sport which was called Buzkashi. They had to carry dead goat at some place to win. I only heard about it from other people but I didn’t expect that I would have the chance to see them.


Kyrgyzstan travel_323

They ran to get a dead goat. This was really amazing to see.


Kyrgyzstan travel_324

There were two ways to Issyk-Kul. The one I took was mixed with pavement and dirt road with few cars. It rained in the afternoon.


Kyrgyzstan travel_325

Kyrgyzstan had guest houses even in a small village. Usually, I could see the symbol of Kyrgyzstan’s Guest House Organization at the inside and outside of the house. It seemed the organization supported village people to run guest house.


Kyrgyzstan travel_326

I had to pay for dinner. I had spaghetti with meat and potatoes and soup. Especially snacks on the table were really tasty.


Kyrgyzstan travel_327

When I woke up in the morning, I could see the white snow on the top of the mountain. It was really peaceful morning.


Kyrgyzstan travel_328

Kyrgyzstan travel_329

Again there were not many cars passing on the road that it was a really quiet road.


Kyrgyzstan travel_330

The weather was quite good in the morning. But in the afternoon, it was cloudy and started to rain with strong wind, which made me nervous. Then I saw three kids riding a horse together.


Kyrgyzstan travel_331

They were smiling and showing v to me who was afraid of this road. In some country, it is illegal to let children leave alone. I was wondering what they would think if they saw it. In my views, I felt like I was seeing animation movie about children’s adventure.


Kyrgyzstan travel_332

After having heavy rain, I got out of the mountain and looked at back where I was. I was sure that children went back home safely as I came out to this road without any problem.


Kyrgyzstan travel_333

It was already October. The scenery was really colorful with white, green, and brown nature. It was just like a beautiful painting.


Kyrgyzstan travel_334

Kyrgyzstan travel_335

In Kyrgyzstan, they had a very special culture that they had a tombstone with a picture and they built a small building. Sometimes it was really beautiful building.


Kyrgyzstan travel_336

I was about to enter a small village to look for a guest house. Then one guy on a horse was moving in zigzag. He looked very drunk. I tried to be careful to avoid him. When I got to the village, I could see drunk people sleeping on the road. It was quite cold that I was worried about them. Unfortunately, many people had a problem with alcohol in the former soviet union, former communist country, and cold country. I watched the interview of North Korean defector on Youtube. He said that he had to change the food which they got from the government to alcohol by his father’s order. Sometimes he was beaten violently by father when he broke the bottle of alcohol after dropping on the ground on the way and lost all alcohol. I had realized North Korea had the same problem with alcohol like other former soviet union countries.  Dutch couple traveling car whom I had met was attacked by drunk people at the middle of the night in Kyrgyzstan. It needed more caution to travel in the country which had a problem with the alcoholic.


Kyrgyzstan travel_337

I found really cozy nice guest house. It had so warm heater that I could dry my wet clothes and have so sweet dream.


Kyrgyzstan travel_338

At the next morning, my toes and fingers were so cold while cycling. I wanted to buy winter gears but there was no place I could buy. I reached to one small mountain and see beautiful view after freezing cold morning.


Kyrgyzstan travel_339

Kyrgyzstan travel_340

Kyrgyzstan travel_341

Cycling in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan were really amazing that it was one of the best places I’ve been.


Kyrgyzstan travel_342

Kyrgyz girls had so cute hairs always when they went to school.


Kyrgyzstan travel_343

The road to pass was really beautiful.


Kyrgyzstan travel_344

Kyrgyzstan travel_345

I was really hungry when I reached the pass. There were some containers beside the road. I expected that I could buy some cookies there.


Kyrgyzstan travel_346

As soon as I opened the door, I could smell strong fish and hear frying sound.


Kyrgyzstan travel_347

Two ladies were frying fish endlessly. They went out with a tray with full of fish when cars stopped.


Kyrgyzstan travel_348

It was really best fish in my life. I couldn’t believe how come it was so delicious. They told me fish was from Song Kol Lake. It was a big lake which was popular to travelers. But I didn’t go there because it was getting colder and colder that I wanted to cross the border before heavy snow coming. Luckily I had Song Kol fish at least.


Kyrgyzstan travel_349

I had very strong fish smell all around me because I touched my clothes and others with my smelly hands after eating fried fish with my fingers. But I was so happy ever that it was fine.


Kyrgyzstan travel_350

Kyrgyzstan travel_351

Kyrgyzstan travel_352

I could see men wearing a traditional white hat everywhere. I really liked to see local people wearing local clothes because it gave me special traveling feeling.


Kyrgyzstan travel_353

Cute girl.. I felt like I was seeing Korean girl.


Kyrgyzstan travel_354

Kyrgyzstan travel_355

Kyrgyzstan travel_356

Kyrgyzstan travel_357

Kyrgyzstan travel_358

I was satisfied that I chose Issyk-Kul lake route cause it was really pretty. I was sure there would be many cyclists passing one month ago. But I rarely saw other travelers when I cycled there because it was beginning of October that most of them already moved to China or opposite direction.  I was usually slow at everything so I was used to left behind.


Kyrgyzstan travel_359

I slept at local people’s house one night and I was thankful to learn about their life.


Kyrgyzstan travel_360

Kyrgyzstan travel_361

Kyrgyzstan travel_362

Kyrgyzstan travel_363

I hiked around Karakol which was located at the end of Issy Kul lake. Actually, I didn’t hike on my trip much before. I didn’t know why I didn’t have much experience of hiking although I loved the mountain.  I guessed because I didn’t have a backpack and I traveled alone so I didn’t search for hiking info.

The guest house had a spa but it was too hot to stay longer. After one night at the guest house, I went down to the town.


Kyrgyzstan travel_364

Surprise! I met all of my friends again on the mountain. I thought I could not see them again. So it was such a big gift for me to see them. I had seen Dutch couple and Polish guy over one month. We kept meeting on the road each other and sometimes we traveled together. But sadly this was real last time to see each other because we really had to go all different ways. After having farewell with them, I really didn’t meet any travelers.


Kyrgyzstan travel_365

I felt yellow leaf flying by wind telling me “You have to move before we are all gone. Hurry before the snow catch you.”


Kyrgyzstan travel_366

Friendship didn’t need they had to be the same. We just met and hung around together although we were different. And when there was a time coming to say goodbye, we had to let it go.

I didn’t meet traveler or people again after farewell usually. So I felt lonely about it. But yeah every people had different life. I just tried to satisfy with what I have. Although I cannot see anyone again, I had to be okay. That’s part of my life and I  should accept that I cannot do what other people can do.


Kyrgyzstan travel_367

I tried to learn the language with Korean on papers.


Kyrgyzstan travel_368

Kyrgyz Money


Kyrgyzstan travel_301

In Kyrgyzstan, these were very traditional thing, hat, Kyrgyzstan symbol, and Yurt.


Kyrgyzstan travel_369

Yurt was saying goodbye to me at the end of the village.


Kyrgyzstan travel_370

I set up my tent at local people’s house for a night.


Kyrgyzstan travel_371

I was invited to dinner. In Tajikistan, there were not many things to eat except lamb on the road. On the contrary, in Kyrgyzstan, I could have so many different things to eat. But I had never eaten what the local lady was making.


Kyrgyzstan travel_372

She made dough thin, fold, and cut.


Kyrgyzstan travel_373

Then she put them on the top of vegetable and meat.


Kyrgyzstan travel_374

It turned to a good dinner. Actually, it was the really weird night. The father of the house was drunk that he kept talking to me with big motion. Then three kids of him were blocking his father’s hands trying to reach me. There was one kid sit between him and me to block him.  They made sure he stayed away from me. At some moment, his hand touched my waist to talk something maybe. But then Children tried to push him away harder while sitting together. Actually, kids kept like punching and pushing his father with laughing. I guessed that at least their father would not cause violence because children knew how to deal with their father.


Kyrgyzstan travel_375

At the next morning, they had nice uniform to go to school.


Kyrgyzstan travel_376

I took the picture and printed for them. His father was ready to leave for driving goat to field, children wore school uniform to go to school, and I prepared to leave to the border. The left guy on the picture was their neighbor.


Kyrgyzstan travel_377

The children tried to give me paper notebook and pen. I said thank but it is fine. But they kept wanting to give me. So I took them and said thank you so much.

(Actually I have still used them over two years. I sincerely thank to them 🙂 )


Kyrgyzstan travel_378

Today again I saw small child riding horse alone. This was totally different from the world I knew in my country or other countries. There were so many ways to live. Maybe it looked too dangerous to people from other society. But it was their life here.


Kyrgyzstan travel_379

Kyrgyzstan travel_380

Today I had to have another pass. But it was really too steep and slippery. I stopped at every step.


Kyrgyzstan travel_381

The scenery after pass was like Window background. I meant it was really beautiful.


Kyrgyzstan travel_383

I found some good place for camping. But it was too open place just near the road. So I kept moving to the border.


Kyrgyzstan travel_384

The weather got worse in the afternoon.


Kyrgyzstan travel_385

I couldn’t see really anything and actually there were only few cars passing.


Kyrgyzstan travel_386

People have asked me;

‘Do you like a small road or big main road?’

‘I like a small road. But actually, it is scary to cycle when there was no car passing. Especially when the weather is really bad or it gets dark soon. ‘


Kyrgyzstan travel_387

Going through all foggy roads, I arrived at the border. I heard the border usually closed before heavy snow coming. So I was worried about it. If the border close, I had to go back all the way to the capital. I had asked at tourist information centers about it. I heard usually they closed beginning of October. But this time they opened a bit until late.

Finally, it was time to finish my Pamir highway trip. Actually, some part was not Pamir Highway. But I wanted to call all the road in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan as Pamir Highway. I must say Pamir Highway was the best route in my trip cause I met amazing friends at beautiful high mountains.

I highly wanted to recommend cyclists Pamir Highway for their vacation. This was the place every cyclist should pass if they love adventure and have a good friendship with other travelers.

Now Time to say goodbye. Thank everything in Pamir! Now I would cross Kazakhstan border.

Kyrgyzstan travel_388

Route in Kyrgyzstan.
Days in Kyrgyzstan = 41 Days
Distance of cycling in Kyrgyzstan = 1,210.6 km (752.23 mi)
Expenditure in Kyrgyzstan = $695
($1= 68 Som)

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  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and beautiful sentiment and wonderful experiences! I just spent a wonderful month in Ireland and England.

  2. The pictures in this installment of your trip are the most interesting, and most beautiful to me. I felt cold while viewing 😉
    I hope you stay safe and happy, and wish you happy travels!
    Sonja, on Canada’s west coast. If you ever want to bike here, I would be happy to have you stay with me for a time!

    • Hello Sonja,
      It was really cold at that time.. glad you felt it as well (?) haha
      Thank you for inviting me to Canada 🙂
      Always miss Canada!
      Take care,

  3. G’DAY Jin 🙂 Greetings from downunder !!:)

    Thank you for sharing the epic journey:)

    The website update looks AWESOME !!:)
    You have many wonderfull images and happy stories (some a little scary).

    Also, thank you for the updates on Instagram:)

    Safe and happy travelling and meet you when you arrive in Australia:)
    All the best, gymbo:)

    • Hello Glymbo 🙂
      Thank you for enjoying my posting. See you soon this winter (summer) 😉
      Jin 🙂

  4. Hi Jin,

    It’s has been great reading your article and also thanks for sharing with us for such a wonderful photos and experiences..
    Wish u have a good journey and stay healthy and ride safe

  5. I’m planning to be there in September thanks for the photos

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