(Peru) Lake Titicaca, the largest lake in South America! People live on the lake.

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I am going to see Lake Titicaca, the largest lake in South America! People live on the lake.

People are looking at billboards. What kind of contents are there?


Many hostels and exchange shops


It might be sorry to eat.


There is some funny story in Korea about Lake Titicaca. In the very famous Korean movie(Who are U), a beautiful actress(Nayoung?Lee) said that ‘Lake Titicaca is located at the highest place in the world and I want to swim at there’. So most of the Korean think that Lake Titicaca is ?located at the highest place in the world,?and also I was one of them.


Today I come to see people living on the lake. But I see that pig also live in artificial islands.


Titicaca is notable for a population of people who live on the Uros, a group of 44 or artificial islands made of floating reeds (totora, a reed that abounds in the shallows of the lake).


How can they live on the?artificial islands?


When boat is arriving, they start singing.


It is made of floating reeds, but it is almost 3 m (10 ft) so that people don’t need about falling.


They show how to make the islands. He says that people also eating?totora.


We are invited to their house. Unlike expecting, they start selling something.


I do want to buy a model of ship! I thought that I can buy it at other place, so I didn’t buy it at there. But later I found that there is no more place I can buy it.




Raft of totora on Lake Titicaca. I have to pay extra money for it (10sol(4$)). I think it is how they make money from tourist. But I have always?curiosity?that I take it.


When we leave, they gather.


people start singing.


Their original purpose was defensive, and they could be moved if a threat arose. Many of the islands contain watchtowers largely constructed of reeds.


Raft In Lake Titicaca.


We arrive in a bit bigger island. There is a cat.


fishing ground


puppy and child


small restaurant


We move to Taquile which is two hours from Uros.


Taquile is a hilly island located 45 kilometers east of Puno.


It is very quiet and peaceful Island.


Knitting is exclusively performed by males, starting at age eight. The women exclusively make yarn and weave! I talk with him. He says here are over 2,000 people living, but no thief. Even no car!


It is really different Lake from Puno. In Puno, smell is bad and it doesn’t look clean. In Taquile, Titicaca is so clean and lovely.


I come to Puno, noisy city ?in the night.


I stay here over two weeks. It is 30 sol (12$) for one night. I love here that my room has private clean bathroom. And hostel cleans my room often. It is the best hostel I’ve been.


When I wrote?journal about getting Bolivian visa, I was wondering what is valid date of visa???I researched and got shocked. Valid is in 30 days, it means I have go to Bolivia in 30 days after getting visa. I got Bolivian visa at 10th October and today is 10th November. It is 32nd days!!! I go to the Bolivian Embassy, but today is?Saturday. ?There is no choice that I run to the bus to the border.


I just come to the Bolivian border. Can I go inside without problem? If it is worse, then I can never see ?Salar de Uyun? I hope everything is okay.

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