(Latvia&Estonia) A bit different country from the other EU country

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When I arrived in Ventspils, it was a bit dark. The port looked grey as well.



There were many trucks in a ferry. It seemed the main passengers were truck drivers. It was said that Ventspils is important city, because it could be connected to many countries easily. My host waited me that I felt comfortable in a new country. To cycle in Latvia was not my plan that I really didn’t know about the country. Although I asked too many questions, my host, Raivis and Inetas, answered kindly and generously.

Latvia had been ruled by Russia since 1721. They became independent in 1918 from Russia. But Soviet occupied Latvia again in 1940. Finally 1991 Latvia declared independence again.
Many of young people usually speak three languages, Latvian, Russian, and English. (Elder people speak normally Latvian and Russian.)
They joined the EU in 2004, and since this year, 2014, they have started using Euro. So, usually there were two prices, Euros and old local money in a grocery.



When I went to a big grocery, I found it was cheaper than western countries in Europe. I’ve heard that a salary is lower; so many local people go to Germany to make more money.



Since the afternoon, it had rained. Sadly the waterproof gloves which are made in Germany didn’t work at all after an hour.



I lost my cheap waterproof jacket. Jan, my host in Hamburg, gave me some rain jacket. It worked perfectly. (But it was not possible to use as a wind jacket, because it made me too sweat.)



The rain fell relentlessly. It was about the time to stop, so I knocked a house located beside the road. An old lady couldn’t understand what I was talking. She went back to her house and came out with an young girl. I explained to the girl who could speak English that I needed the place to set up my tent. Kindly the old lady invited me at her house.
The house was old that she used wood to make a house warm. Thanks to her, I could dry all my wet bags and clothes.
A toilet was at the outside. Actually I heard from other traveler that in Russia some of house have a toilet at outside and don’t have running water. But it seemed here was the same.
After I used the toilet at the outside, the girl asked me I needed WiFi. I asked her “do you have WiFi?”. She answered “of course”. Her face was showing like ‘who don’t have WiFi in 21 ct?’

I just remembered that also many Korean houses had a toilet at outside maybe… 20 years ago in a rural area. I really don’t know still some of houses don’t have a toilet at the inside in Korea.



At the next day there was some strange farm.



I felt too cold while eating lunch. My hands and feet were freezing. After finishing eating, I run to a gas station to warm up. A coffee was cheap and there was a free WiFi. It seemed like I was in Balkan. Everywhere free wifi, cheap food, kind people, and dangerous drivers..haha



There was no shoulder. Many drivers enjoyed their speed. I’ve heard that there were many Russian in Latvia. Hm…



Another triangle





Again it rained at the afternoon, so I was wet again. Thanks to my host in a capital I could take the shower and have a warm soup. The center of the city was empty in the night.



My grocery list. I bought Avocado.. yummy……… The bread on the right was very interesting. Although it was two times smaller than normal bread, it was 700 g (1.5lbs(24oz))!! The taste was sour. I believed that it would be healthier…..



I tried a wild camping to become stronger. Actually it is Europe which is safer than Africa, Central Asia and so on. So, I should try more often. It took over one hour to set up a tent which I’ve got from my host in Hamburg. Maybe I would need the time to be used to. I had to finish a gas, so I cooked with it.



I usually take the picture of a local beer and money, buy a stamp, and make a video of dancing when I go to a new country. So here mission completed!! To take picture of a local beer!



It was for dinner and breakfast.



The place I slept!



It was hilly a bit


35,000 km

Congratulation’s photo for 35,000 km



I was trying to take the picture of falling leaves but it seemed I failed. Haha.
Now it was autumn.



It seemed that houses showed the history. Too old house, humble house, and a new house



Today I wanted to do wildcamping again, but the sign made me too scary ever. What that bug was???????????
I had seen that sign too often today. I decided not to sleep in a forest.
(Later a local people told me it is mite and usually there are mites in spring. Never knows… mite could be in autumn as well… I guessed…)



While I was asking a local people to pitch my tent, an old drunken guy kept telling me something, which made me scary. I asked a boy “what does your father talks to me”. “He is not my father”, he said. “Then who is he?”, “Neighborhood.” “Is it safe to sleep here?” “No problem!”
Later her mother kicked him out.

The floor was much smoother than yesterday.



Some soup I found in a small grocery, but it was too sour. I put some Korean seasonings and the taste got better.



The water cage was broken, so I changed the bottom one to up. It had stayed over three years. Quite stronger.






The next country, Estonia, was also EU country, so there was no immigration.






After cycling 22 km (13 mi) more in Estonia, I arrived in Russian border. Since this year, Korean doesn’t need a visa, however, I was nervous. I hope there would be no problem to enter into Russia.




Days in Latvia = 5 Days
Distance of cycling in Latvia = 388.43 km // 242.76 mi
Cities I stayed in Latvia = 5 Cities
Ventipils, Macitajmuiza, Riga, Around Lielais lake, Grube
Expenditure in Latvia = €30.97 ($43.35)
(€1 = $1.4 )

Distance of cycling in Estonia = 22 km // 13.75 mi

[14/09/22~26 (D+1122) Latvia&Estonia]

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