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[Around the world] Three Rule Ride
Mike is from the U.S and he is traveling with tree rules, No gas, No meat, and No trash. So far (June of 2014), he has been cycling 21,270 km on 11 countries over 620 days.

[Around the world] CyclingDutchGirl – One Life, Two Wheels
Mirjam is born in Nethelands. She started cycling in 2003 and the trip she is on now started in 2007, but started traveling in 2001. It looks she has many stroies. Nice pictures as well!

[Around the world] Sam Thomson Travel & Photo
I met them on Tanzania. They cycle all the way from Egypt to South Africa. Sam takes really nice picture! They are now in Europe.

[Around the world]That Emily Chapell
She who is from England starts cycling the same day as me, 1st Sep 2011! Even she already cycled in my country. This was her route. Europe – Middle East – Asia. The next route will be in America! How amazing!

[Around the world] Jan and Paul’s cycling journey
They have cycled over 20 years. They did many short trips in many countries with a bike. They are going to cycle in Latin America for seven months from Feb. 2014. (I met them in Spain.)

[Around the world] Thomas Gand
I’ve been introduced by other cyclist who met him. It seems that he has cycled in so many countries.

[Around the world]Down The Road
The continuous bicycle touring story since 2002 no plans to stop. He is from the U.S and he has traveled since 2002. It is incredible that he is still on the road. It has been almost over 10 years! How amazing!

[Around the world(Asia, Africa and Europe)] Loretta Henderson
Solo female cycling around the world. Canadian Loretta Henderson’s pedaling around the globe.  Solo, on the road since 2009.

[Around the world(Canada, The U.S and Africa)] Dave
He is 33 years old and from Canada. He was tired of his job. So he sold everything in 2009. He has cycled Canada, The U.S and Africa. Now he is cycling in AFRICA

[Around the world(Asia, Africa and America)] Joseba & Co
They are France couple and now traveling in America. I was surprised when they traveled around Africa BY BIKE!! So I got a courage from them. Also they gave me some advice for this trip. They have cycled Asia, Africa and America so far.

[Africa] Peter Gostelow
He is from England. In 2009, he began the Big Africa Cycle from England to South Africa. He finished in 2012, having cycled over 34,000 km through 30 countries. (He had experience about cycling. He cycled from Japan to England, 50,000km in 2005)

[Around the world] Daisuke Nakanishi
He is from Japan and traveling over 11years. 100,000km(65,000mi), 100 countries on all continents, all on the same bicycle.

[Around the world] Nicolai Bangsgaard
Solo bicycle(Denmark) journey around the World. 1.413 days & 62.180 km(38862.5mi) , 53 countries on 6 continents. I like to visit his website. There are lots to see.

[Around the world] Travellingtwo
48,000km(3000mi), 30 countries

[Around the world] Alastair Humphreys
73,600km(46,000 mi), 60 countries. 5 continents. 4 years.

[Africa] “kotambola”cycling journal
He, Japanese, has cycled in Africa for three years!! He wants to keep cycling in Africa. The major language in his website is Japaneses. But some of them is in English! It was interesting that I met him in South Africa. I asked him why he cycles only in Africa for three years. He answered that he loves Africa. If you have the question about Africa, he will be the best person who can answer for you!

[America] One Dream Shared, One Dream Inspired
2 Wonderful ladies from Singapore cycle around the world. They starts on March 2010 from Taiwan. They visited Japan, Hawaii, Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador.

[America] Family on a bike
20,000miles(36,000km),  4people, 3bikes, 2trailers, 1family, 30months, 15 countries. I can’t believe how they did. It’s not easy to travel by bike. But they did together with their little kids. I was really impressed.

[South America] Me.Bob.Surly

[Europe] Cuxstanbul
He cycled in Baltic sea and all Europe. (I met him in Croatia and we kept in touch. Later I met him in Germany again!)

Cycle Trekkers
Adventures around the world on two wheels

Beercycle Touring
Discovering cycle friendly breweries and tasting different beers around the world, by bicycle!

[More blog bicycle touring]
Guide to the web’s best bicycle touring blogs&resources

[Etc..] 62 Books About Bicycle Touring
Looking for some motivation before taking off on your next bicycle expedition? Check out the following is a list of bicycle touring books. These are books that have been written by people who went on a bike tour, returned home, and then wrote a book about the adventures they had while out on the road.

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Information about Travel

[Crazyguy on a Bike]
Very famous site for Cyclist who loves traveling by bike. A lot of information about gear, stuff, camping and bike. Also many journals.

[Draw the elevation profile of your bicycle route][Bike Route Toaster]
You can check the elevation with a google map in those two website. It will help a lot if you are interested to check the elevation for a plan. Also, it’s very fast to check the elevation.

[Couch surfing]
This site offers its users hospitality exchange and social networking services. It means you can sleep at somebody house when you travel. More than 3 million profiles in 246 countries and territories. I love this site. I’ve met so many friends with this site when I travel.

[Warm Showers]
This site is like Couch Surfing website. But this site is just for Cyclist. I do love this site. But This site doesn’t have many profiles in the world not like Couch surfing but many profiles in US. When I travel in US, it helps a lot! They really do know what I need and What I feel. Also I do love to hear their cycling story.

[Adventure Cycling Association(US Bicycle Travel)]
I got some idea when I travel in US by bike with this site. They have many routes and information. But I usually looked at google map. You can follow their route and also you can make your own route.

[Currency Converter]
You can see Selling&Buying price and Recent Trends with a graph. It is a good site.

[Fully Loaded Touring Bicycles Pictures]
You can see many different loaded touring bicycles pictures. When I was being ready to travel by bike, those pictures made my heart flutter.

[V tunnel] , [Change IP& Country]
I heard we can’t use some website like Facebook and Youtube in China and some country. But if we use this site, then we can keep using facebook and youtube. If it doesn’t work, then let me know. 


[Astronomy Picture of the Day]
They post astronomy picture every day!! It makes me keep dreaming!

Get a Chance to know Korea

[ESL Cafe Korean job Border ]
If you are interested to go to Korea, You can get a job as English teacher at this site.

[Korean food recipe with youtube]
If you want to lean about Korean food, this site would be awesome. This site is in English but you can learn about Korean food. The best thing is that you can watch a recipe with youtube which is taken in English. Enjoy 🙂

[Talk To Me in Korean]
This is the most popular website to foreigners who want to learn Korean. There are many free videos, audios and other stuff which can make you speak Korean well. Learning Korean may not be magically easy, but is fun and exciting. Have fun!

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