(Macedonia) Come back to one of Yugoslavian countries.

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I feel comfortable again because I enter into friendly Yugoslavian country again. In my experience, Yugolavian people is warm to me usually.


I wanted to exchange money after crossing Macedonian border, but there was no any exchange shop. When I go back to the border, one taxi driver asks me to exchange money. After exchanging money, I ask him what the word of thank you in Macedonia, he says Hvwala. Oh, I forgot that Macedonia also speak the same language. I suddenly feel relax, because I like Yugoslavian.
After the border, there is a fun downhill.



I arrive a bit late afternoon at Ohrid which is very famous attraction place to European.



I tour an old town first as walking slowly with my bike. I’ve seen a few mosque so far and I though Macedonian is Muslim country. But I’ve heard that 70% of population is Orthodox and the rest is Islam.



Ohrid Lake is famous for clean water in Europe. But actually it doesn’t look different from any other lake with naked eyes.



I was sure that it would be not possible to get the place to stay here because the city is too touristic place. So I was hurry later. Suddenly local people ask me to join at their table. I said I have to hurry for finding safe place to sleep. They said they have some camping ground which I can use for free. It is the how I join at their table.
This alcohol is very funny that at the first it was transparent. But when the ices were put on the glass, the color was changed as like milk’s color. They say it is Mastika.



Although Ohrid is famous, population is only 40,000. I am really happy to be welcomed by local people.



It was getting a bit late when I arrived at a camping site. Actually, this place was grassy, and I was worried about the rain. Thanks to the management, they let me set up my tent in front of the bar, which had a roof. There was a lot of heavy rain during the night, but by morning it was very calm.



Today morning I feel so lazy. I change my tent’s entrance for a lake view.






Later I walk around the lake. I have something special feeling into Ohrid, maybe because I met Ohrid’s local people.



I did some grocery shopping yesterday. I had finished 500 ml of Olive oil, so I bought again. I think I used an olive oil for bread as a jam. Yesterday I found one tragic. I lost the key of my lock!!! When I lost spare key maybe one and half years ago, I had sent a message to the company. But they told me it is not possible to give the same key. Now I lose my last key. It is time to throw away my lock and buy new lock because of the key.
It is okay… One lock for two years and nine months… it is enough!



Today I have to cycle 110 km (68.75 mi), but I start at 12 pm. It is too late! I have to pass two mounts today.
I got some knowhow about cycling on the mount these days. Not to stop often on the uphill is the way to save the time for cycling on the mount.

So, I decide I will never stop until I reach to the top. While starting cycling on the mount, it starts raining. I don’t wear my rain jacket as wishing it is a short shower. But unfortunately it is really heavy raining and I am totally wet by heavy rain.
Anyway I succeed that I didn’t stop during cycling on the steep uphill. Hahaha
The picture is taken around the top. – Nature vs Human



Although the rain stopped, I am too cold on the downhill because I am already too wet.



I arrived later after 9 pm. I think today I was really good at cycling. For 9 hours, I passed two mounts and I had a few showers, but I made 110 km (68.75 mi).



Macedonian beer. Although Macedonian speak the same language as other Yugoslavian, they use only Cyrillic. They don’t use Latin letter. It makes me really hard to understand google map. Later I ask the host to write all Cyrillic letter to study.



My host is a teenager that it is time to hang out with younger friends!



The next day it is cloudy again.



It is time to buy some fruit!



I buy all for 150 Denars ($3)



I love nature’s color. It looks like all field is covered by gold.



I didn’t want to cycle on a small road which is really not good at some part. So, I cycle on the highway, but the police don’t catch me. Yeah, Balkan is more relax. It is good to me sometimes.



Around my destination, I meet another hard raining. Almost every day I’ve met the strong shower. Even these days I can guess as seeing cloud about which it will rain or not.



Yeah as usual, I can see blue sky later.



Today again I arrive a bit late. It is really good to cycle in the summer, because although I cycle until 8 pm, there is still day light.



Macedonian money.
I’ve heard from some local people that average of Macedonian salary is around 200 euros. Some doctor’s salary is also 200 Euros. That’s way many intelligent people in Macedonia move to Germany and other western countries. It is a bit sad that they have to separate from their family. I’ve heard and seen that in Balkan to live together with family is culture still.



Macedonian beer.



I have another fun day with my host and host’s friend. I feel always lucky to meet fun host!




The lake looks so quiet that I want to set up my tent. But just I give up, because I have to cycle more, and I am not enough brave to do wild camping alone. The other reason is it looks like there will be tons of mosquitoes.



Another spoke is broken again. It is already too late to do something, so I turn to a small village. It looks many houses are on holiday that it is hard to find a house turning light.
I knock some house and she and her family welcome me. She is a national soccer player in Macedonia. But now she got injured and is waiting getting better. She is so friendly to me that at the next morning she says to me “I am really happy that you come to my house and stay with us.”



I really have some good memories in Macedonia with local people. Always I thank to them for giving me a good time.


macedonia035 - a  world map

macedonia035 - europe map

Days in Macedonia = 7 Days
Distance of cycling in Macedonia = 370.32 km (231.45 mi)
Cities I stayed in Macedonia = 3 Cities
Prilep, Stip, Delchevo
Expenditure in Macedonia = $36
($1=45 Denar)

[14/06/17~23 (D+1027) Macedonia]

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