[12/05/09~26 (D+269) Colombia] Listening from the heart

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The day before, somebody introduced me his friend on the road, and his friend let me at his house.


It is typical Colombian food which is rice, banana fried and meat.


It is called Aji Picante. I am surprised that it is similar to Korean food which is called Kimchi.


I was supposed to stay for a night. I had too many journals which I have to upload on my blog and they let me stay more at their house.


Here are two daughters in the house and we are going to get milk from cows.


I drank the best delicious milk a few days ago. But today I can’t taste the same thing. I should need to ride a bike on the mount again, then maybe I can taste the same thing.


I see pigs on our way. The sound of a pig grunting is like clap of thunder. It is scary.


I have experience of Indian sauna. They heat rocks with firing wood, and then they put it inside.


Here are two cats and one dog in the house. One of cats is pregnant, but she can still jump high with no problem.


I drink beer in the down town with them.


Also, I take the picture of the town.


It is neighborhood’s cat


Writing journal, I see beautiful rose.


Their first daughter is learning violin from a teacher. When I hear the sound of guitar, my heart starts to flutter. So, I decide to buy guitar. It is my dream to play guitar for 10 years.


The center is Lenin and the left is his friend, and the right is his father in the above picture.


The last daughter is holding neighborhood’s cat.


I rebuild head lantern which was broken. I eliminate broken part from head lantern and put small lantern which I am carrying. Perfect!


We have a party. Lenin is a doctor and he will have exam tomorrow in Medellin where is a big city. But we drink until late night. Yeah. Don’t worry, be happy!




The next day, I go to Medellin with Lenin by motorcycle. He drops me at his family house and goes to have the exam. The bus is really uncomfortable because of the gate.


There are too much cars and people.


I meet Lenin afternoon. Motorcycle is a major mean of transport in Colombia, so I can see parking for only motorcycle. He parks his motorcycle and we go to buy guitar.


I’ve dreamed of traveling around the world by bike only since November 2010. And I made it after 8 months. But I’ve dreamed of playing guitar for 10 years. So, I feel happier to buy guitar than bicycle. 10 years!!! Oh my goodness. It is time to make another dream real.


I and Lenin go to his father house late afternoon. It takes 1 hour to get to the town. Around the town, there is an unpaved road and motorcycle falls down. My knees hit the ground. Fortunately, I don’t get injured. When we get to the town, I can see one horse. I think they want me to ride a horse just for fun in the night. But I realize that I have to go one hour more by horse. When I finally arrive in his father house, they hand me guanabana. It is fruit but looks like fish. Taste is very sweet and smooth.


It is Lenin’s father.


Latin people like to eat bananas fried. It is different from banana we eat. If they don’t fry this banana, then taste is bitter. But when they cook it, then it is very sweet.


It is quiet mount.


The rain is dripping from the eaves.


Lenin’s family


It’s another quiet morning.


There are Lenin, Lenin’s family and Lenin’s friend.


We visit to their neighborhood to see piggy. The pig is eating beautiful flower.


It is interesting to see the hive.


He is trying picking an avocado. I didn’t know that the avocado is growing on a high tree.


It is called guanabana. This one is also growing on a high tree.


Thank to Lenin, I meet good people.


It is wild marijuana. I’ve never seen marijuana in my life before I came to Canada. Many American say that cigarette has over 4,000 chemicals, but marijuana is just plant. It looks true. Anyway, I don’t smoke anything and don’t like passive smoking. But smell of marijuana is more disgusting to me.


Lenin’s father has Coffee tree. Fruit of Coffee is not black and taste is not sweet. Costa Rican says that Colombian coffee is better than Costa Rican coffee because of the climate. If weather is hot, then coffee is not perfect. I didn’t drink coffee every day. These days I don’t mind when people give me coffee because Colombian coffee is the best. Unfortunately, many Colombian put too much sugar in the best coffee.


There are not potatoes, but bananas.


It is an ant’s nest.




Bee is building house on the wall.


I stay for two nights at his father house.


It looks they are friend now.


Again, they let me take horse to go back to the town.


Lenin came to his father house last week and he comes here this week again. He usually comes to his father two or three times a month. It’s really not easy to visit his father house because of the mount, but he comes to here every month! Crossing river..


Crossing mud road


Crossing forest


Again Crossing river


To see his father..


Most of people say it takes too much time to visit their parent. If Lenin hears this one, then he will never understand what people say. I think if someone tries hearing the sound from the sour, then one will not care about surroundings. Lenin only imagines his father, not the mount because his soul might say it is the most important to see his father.


(Photo from internet)

Although Jisung Park who is soccer player in England has flatfeet which are not good for athlete, he is the best player at soccer because he cares more about what he wants than surrounding.
Although Heea Lee who is the best pianist has only four fingers, she plays very well because surrounding is really nothing to her. But the most important thing that she does is concentrating on her sour.

I think they are caring more about hearing from inside. That is why surrounding is nothing to them. When people try hearing from the inside, not outside, then there is no more excuse.

I think I should listen more from my soul. Then maybe I can enjoy more my life.


Although I don’t know how to play it and about music, I just bought guitar. I heard the sound of my soul that I do want to play guitar.


A few days later, cat has four kittens. I see all of them that labor pains, the moment they are out of cat’s womb and liking the kitten. It’s my first time to see it and I feel so weird. congratulations..


Video about kitten
Mom cat licks clean her baby.


Frankly speaking, they look like mouse! Anyway they are so cute and lovely.


The day before I leave, I clean my tent. I dry it on the roof, but it falls and a cord is broken. I fix it. I hope it is okay until my traveling finishes.


It is Lenin’s family who hosts me over two weeks. They are so lovely my Colombian friend.


Thanks that Lenin is doctor, I get Yellow Fever for free before I ride a bike in the morning. I must need to have Yellow Fever to get Bolivia Visa. But after getting it, I find that I get only Colombian certification. I need Yellow paper which means international certification. I don’t know it will work. Usually Yellow Fever works for 10 years. If Bolivia immigrant says that I need international certification and need to get Yellow Fever again, it will be not good to have Yellow Fever two times in a few months. I don’t know, just let me see later.

I don’t have any pill because I lost it Panama and also I don’t have any insurance. I only have internal organs donating pledge about health. But now I have another one, Yellow Fever. I feel like that I am a very good traveler!

Dream of every cyclists are going to ride a bike in white desert in Bolivia. I look forward to going there.

I will remind what I learn from Lenin when I have hard time on my way.

Listening from soul, then there is no more barriers.

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  1. You tell a good story with your beautiful photos….soulful and filled with life’s colours :-))

  2. I don’t think you need to go through Bolivia do you? So you don’t need another Yellow fever shot.

  3. “Listening from soul, then there is no more barriers”.
    This is just one of the very many simple and beautiful things you write.

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