(Peru) Cycling to Oais

How will Oasis look? How come water is in middle of the Desert?
I will cycle to find the oasis in the desert!

When I try finding Camera shop to sell my lens, I drop my lens. I sell my broken lens for 8 dollars. If I didn’t drop it, I might get more money.




No color.. just gray.




Big drawing on the desert


Lonely road


I get to the small town before sunset.


Nothing on the road


The first hostel was too rusty. I find another hostel that it is nice. It is 40sols (15$), but he discounts for me that it is 25 sols (10$). He said some Korean people live in the town. Also he shows me that he has Korean popular music which I don’t know.


It is so nice that I can take the shower with hot water.


It looks very different between the front and the side. .




I feel weird about the road.


The desert with the sea


Can I see the sun at this area?



When I am hungry, the guy selling bread is passing.


I buy some bread from him.


This is 5 sol (2 $). In Peru and Ecuador, there is hot sauce on the table, but it is different from Mexico hot sauce which I love so much.


Actually it is scary that there is nothing on the road.


Where am I?


On the desert!




Nice house near the beach


Nothing on the road


Today I also arrive in some town before sunset. It is Picarones de Yuca. Yuca is like potato. Fried yuca is tasty!


I see fried yuca many times around the town.


The next day, I see local people who are selling vegetable with donkeys.


In the small town


Peru’s town


The woman selling fruit


Many poor towns in Peru


Again cloudy road




Not tasty


Wow nice color


But the true is..


It is like grand canyon


Before sunset I arrive in a little bit big town. Traffic is terrible. In the picture, the kind of small blue motor taxi hits the left side of my bike and run away. I can’t understand why he hits me. Motor taxi is small that he has more space on the lane. He hits me on purpose???


When I fall down, I try to jump from my bike not to get injured. I am too upset and cry that he didn’t apologize and run away!!! BAD BAD BAD person!


It is fried potatoes and chicken. It is called Salchi Pollo and 1.5$


Famous Inca kola in Peru


Too dark in my 5$ hotel


The next day I meet Swedish guy who is going to the opposite side.


I usually get water from local people. But this time water is really strange. I get sick with that water.


I have a stomachache. It is weird that local people said water is drinkable.


Today it is sunny because I am riding at the desert. But it is too hot.


It is so fantastic.


I find small grocery, but I can’t bring my bike because of sand.


I decide not to get water from the people in Peru. There is no restaurant that I can only buy snacks and water. The owner gives me fried fish.


Kind owner


Tamal for lunch




I cycle to Huacachina which is the town of the desert.


It is so big dune.


Many people sit on the middle of the dune.


I am so embarrassed that there is no empty room. I visit almost 10 hostels. I just heard that it is on holiday. Later I find the room. It is 8$ and nice to me.


Buggy tour for 30 sol (11$)


It is totally gorgeous desert.


It is amazing.


Sanding bord


It is so exciting!!!




It is so extremely fun to take the car.


It is fun tour.


This is Oasis.


(Photo is from internet) Do you know why Oasis, water is on the desert? Wind makes sand move and it makes hole between deserts. The top is sand, blue is water and the last one is land.


Do you know why it is too cold in the desert?

Sand can’t keep heat and also there is no cloud which hold heat.


Sunset in the desert


In the night, I climb to the top. It is too hard because feet is burying on the sand. You know I fail climbing high mount. But this time I succeed to climb!


There are no people so that I feel safe. I will remember the time which I look at the star on the desert forever.


There is the moon so that I can’t see many stars. But it is still so beautiful.


The next day


Legend holds that the lagoon was created when a beautiful native princess was apprehended at her bath by a young hunter. She fled, leaving the pool of water she had been bathing in to become the lagoon. The folds of her mantle, streaming behind her as she ran, became the surrounding sand dunes. And the woman herself is rumored to still live in the oasis as a mermaid.


It is so peaceful.


There is much fish. I heard that the depth of water is 4 or 5 meters (16 ft).


Local people get fish from the lagoon.


2.6 sol is almost 1 dollar. Meal on the road is usually 5 sol to 8 sol. I think 100 sol is too big in Peru. Sometimes I have problem with 100 sol when I buy something, because people don’t have the change.


Beer of Peru


My lunch


I rode a bike for four days to find Oasis. And I take the rest for 3 days in the Oasis.
It is so fantastic, beautiful, pretty and lovely place.
I have had so many hard experiences. But I can’t give up traveling, because sometimes I get to Oases on the road.

  1. wow fantastic!!! This is Peter, I don’t know if you remember me. I am the Australian guy who gave you a book in Mexico City. Love your photos and following your journey.. Good luck with everything. Saludos de México

    • Hello Peter,
      Of course, I remember you 🙂 I read the book you gave me and I had so much fun with that. It is glad to see you at here. Are you in Mexico City? How is it going?? Thank you for visiting my website 🙂

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