(Serbia) The secret of Skull Tower and many beautiful girls

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Today I have to go really far. I’ve spent too much time around the border. Fortunately it is a flat road to my destination.



As I close to my destination, Nis, the scenery looks gorgeous.



Thanks to a few tunnels, I can pass the mount easily.



It looks an old bridge.



I made a new record today!!! 168.97 km!!!!! The longest distance for a day!!!!! I started 9 am and I finished 10 pm.



My host in Nis loves traveling. It is always more fun to share traveling story with the host who loves traveling.
At the next day I try some culture food which has cheese on it. It is called Burek. Culture food is exception for me, a vegan.



My host says I should visit to Skull Tower. My host is busy, so his friend brings me there. I couldn’t understand what Skull Tower means.
The top is shape of Skull? Tall tower?? I though it is a modern art.

I pay 2$ for entrance. But I cannot see any tower. Even I have to enter into a small building. What’s going on?



As entering, I see a big wall and skull. What is this? The guide starts explaining.



During the 1809 Battle of ?egar, fought during the First Serbian Uprising, Serbian revolutionaries led by commander Stevan Sinđeli? were attacked by Turkish forces on ?egar Hill, near Ni?. Rather than have he and his men be caught by the Turks and executed by impalement, Sinđeli? fired his pistol into a powder magazine, killing himself and all Serbian rebels and Turkish soldiers in the vicinity. Afterward, Hurshid Pasha, the Turkish Grand Vizier of Ni?, ordered that a tower be made from the skulls of the killed Serbian revolutionaries. Once complete, the ten-foot high Skull Tower contained 952 Serbian skulls embedded on four sides in fourteen rows.

After the Serbian re-capture of Ni? in 1878, the tower was roofed over, and in 1892 a chapel was built around it. In 1937, the chapel was renovated.



Outside is really hot today, but at the inside I feel so chilly. It is real skulls!!! But it seems it is very sad history. I feel pity to those all skull and the family of victims.




I visit another attraction.



Couch Surfing in Nis is really activated that many members are very close to each other. Thanks to their good community, I can have more fun.



Serbian beer



We go to one of their house and have a nice lunch together. All is vegan food 🙂



In the night we hang out in the park.



I am very surprised in the park, because there are so many sexy and beautiful girls on the street more than TV. One of local people who lives in Austria said to me “The population of girl is higher than boy here. So it is really competitive. And also salary is lower here, so they want to hide their difficult life with nice sexy clothes.”
Anyway I’ve seen so many sexy and beautiful girls in this park ever in the world.
Oh.. sorry I forgot to take picture of them. X)
If there are so many handsome and sexy boys, definitely I will have so many pictures here. hahahaha



It is so much fun with hanging out with them.



At the next day I see 22% sign. I don’t feel any 22%!!



Finally I found the secret! I was confused when I saw this sentence. But now I understand it. So, if I saw “may contain of milk”, I can eat that because they don’t put milk on the product.



The weather is getting cloudy..



And then suddenly the shower starts.



Sunset, shower, and rainbow all together now.



The sky is so red now. I get the permit to sleep at the gas station tonight.



At the next day, when I take the rest at the gas station, one couple comes to me and gives me 5 Euros. They keep urging me to take their money. Later I ask them to take picture, and they smile at me.



While cycling on the main road, one old car stops. And old couple comes out from the car. They give me a bag which has snack, water, tissue, and bread on it.
They saw me I had Dslr which is expensive one. It seems they just want to cheer me up. They are from Romania and suddenly I do want to go to Romania.
They are so lovely and kind person.


29,000 km

Congratulation picture for 29,000 km. I am almost near 30,000 km!!



Before the capital



Capital of Serbia, Beograd





It was the capital of Yugoslavia. So, it looks a bit richer. But I don’t see many beautiful and sexy girls. I think Nis was really special city.




There are so many people and tourists on the center.



Serbian Money



85% of population is Orthodox Christian in Serbia. Above the picture, Church of Saint Sava is the largest Orthodox church in the world and ranks amongst the ten largest church buildings in the world. The church is dedicated to Saint Sava, the founder of the Serbian Orthodox Church and an important figure in medieval Serbia.



I am very interested about Yugoslavian’s history, but unfortunately I didn’t have much time to stay. As a solo woman cyclist (and a budget traveler), Yugoslavia area is the best place to cycle. People are very generous to me and try to respect me as having the distance about the relationship. Also the scenery is so beautiful.

Thanks for all!






Days in Serbia = 7 Days
Distance of cycling in Serbia = 471.57 km // 294.73 mi
Cities I stayed in Serbia = 3 Cities
Nis, Mijatovac, Beograd
Expenditure in Serbia = $116.57
($1=84.84 Dinar)





Serbia041 croatia

As I came back to Croatia, I got the help from the host. Recently I lost the key of the lock, so I bought a new chain lock. There is a cable on U-lock. My host said he can cut U-lock and save the cable.


Serbia042 croatia

It takes only a few seconds!!!!!! Easy……….. oh……….

So, I can use the cable with the chain lock now!

[14/06/28~07/04 (D+1038) Serbia]

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  1. Your map of Serbia is incorrect, south province Kosovo is missing…

  2. So glad to hear from you Jin…I hadn’t heard anything in a while and feared the worst.

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