(Bolivia) It starts cycling with hot weather and too many mosquitoes.

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I just come back from high altitude. It is time to cycle between hot weather and too many mosquitoes.

I was considering where I will vote the Korean President. I thought I will do it in Brazil, Argentina or Chile. But my decision is Paraguay. I don’t have enough time to get to Asuncion, Paraguay in election day so that I take the bus to near Paraguayan Border. I have to rush to take my right.


I feel sad to leave Andes Mountain.


I take bus a few times in South America to avoid dangerous place and harder place and save the time. I don’t like to take the bus, but I am too weak sometimes.


I am acclimated high altitude, but it is time to go down.


I just come back to Potosi. Terminal is really big.


I expected to take big bus, but my bus was smaller. Even I cannot open windows. Many buses in Bolivia drive in the night. My bus also leaves in the night. I couldn’t sleep in the bus, because it was too hot. I wait until sunrise in bus station for one hour.


There are many cows. The road is so quiet.


But from some point the mosquitoes start biting me. I try running away from them, but I fall down to a thorn bush.


I usually wear long pants, but today I wear short pants. What an unlucky. I change my clothes to protect from mosquitoes and other things.


I get injury on my face. I hope it doesn’t leave as scar. It is really hurt as if somebody hits my face with hands.


It is unpaved road and there are too many mosquitoes. Am I going well to Paraguay? I can’t see many cars on the road. Mosquitoes are terrible that they don’t care I am cycling and wearing long clothes. They bite me everywhere that I feel like it is the hell. I see one car passing that I ask help to them. They give me a ride for 15 km (10 mi).


The wind blow between car’s windows and my skin get calmed down. After getting a ride for half hour, I really get better. The road is changed to paved and not many mosquitoes.


I feel so pain with face. I am so upset that I get injury on my face.


I though it is school. But it was army. I have to pass to there. It is my first time to write my information on army. It is 60 km(37 nu) to borer from here.


I can’t understand why immigration is too far from the border.


The second one from the right is Immigration.


I am too wondering that why there is no car on the road. It is the most weird border


It is long time to see flat tire.


I just find broken spoke. I can’t know when it happened.


It is getting hotter.


It is really bigger Iguana. I am scared.


There is no car and people on the road, but cows.


I can never expect that it would be harder to go to Paraguay. I get bitten everywhere on my body on hot weather.


It is 835 km (521 mi) to Asuncion, capital of Paraguay. Today is 1st December. The Korean president vote is from 5th to 10th of December. (In Korea vote is only one day, 19th December.) . Can I get to Asuncion on time?


Paraguay immigration is far from the border that I have to go more 230 km (143 mi). How come immigration is not on the border? Even each immigrations are 300 km (187 mi) from each other. I’ve never seen it so far.
I thank that they let me set up my tent at the border. It is really hot but I keep using tent cover because I am alone. I am too tired that I fall asleep very well.


Days in Bolivia= 21 Days
Distance in Bolivia = 552.46 km (345.28 mi)
Cities I stayed = 9 Cities
Desgauadero, Laja, La Paz, Vilaque nueva urbanizacion, Sica Sica, Caracollo, Uyuni town, Salar de Uyuni, Tarija
spent money in Bolivia = $ 219
(1$ = 6.95 Bol)

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  1. Hi there! What a crazy trip! Quick question – how were the mosquitoes in Asuncion in the city during the day?

  2. More than 10 years ago … unfortunately, I cannot watch the pictures, but nevertheless I get always so excited to read your early adventures in Americas and Africa. Still trying to figure out how it must feel to work your way through such a journey for the first time. Your describtions tell so much about your courage, excitement, pain and suffering, that one can actually imagine how it might have felt. Reading this story from time to time is like occationally sneaking into a beloved book.

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