(Botswana) I stay with breathless to go back to South Africa

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I decide to stay only one week in Botswana to go back to South Africa. I am not sure that it can be success or not.

It is sad to leave South Africa. I arrive in the Botswana border before noon. The Botswana immigration is a bit strict that they command to write the address where I will stay. I wrote it only in Canada and the U.S although every country where I’ve been has the same question on the paper. I feel a bit nervous.


There is nothing different between borders, but I am being nervous, because anyway here is Africa! There is a black plastic bag waving on the fence.


But something is strange that I realize it is the long-tailed Widowbird.


Host in Mafikeng gives me a lunch box that I feel like I am having a picnic.


There are many trees that I am afraid of mosquitoes.


Around 6 am I pass the town. I like quiet place that I keep going, but there is no farm or house. So I go back and find some house. To find the place to sleep is the hardest part in the trip. That’s why I like South Africa, because most of time I didn’t have the problem.
The owner of house wants to sleep at the outside, because she is used to sleeping at the outside and wants to make me feel safe.



It is the Botswana people. I talked with them about Botswana yesterday. It is said that Botswana is success country in Africa that the politic is not corruption and Botswana doesn’t have much crime unlike South Africa although GDP is lower than South Africa. Botswana even has the death penalty that their law is very strict. So, some of South African is jealous of Botswana because of being safe.


Host in Mafikeng introduced me his friend who runs Lion park where is before a capital. I arrive around 1 pm at their place. They have 5 lions which are their neighborhood. They cry every night! My host’s name is Dewald & Margaret Van Der Walt who have scary neighborhood.


In the night we have bbq. My host is from South Africa, but now they have a lion park in Botswana. It is a bit different that South African doesn’t eat bbq in front of fire. They carry all of meat to kitchen and eat those in the kitchen, not in the outside.


It is the beer of Namibia where is next to South Africa and Botswana.


I am enclosed by man. Haha.


Nine babies!


I think to have a baby will be the hardest job to human or even animal, because it needs a lot of responsibility.


They let me stay over 5 nights! The left house is host home and the right house is where I stay.


Kindly they host me while I was waiting the time to go back to South Africa.


It is tiresome to come and go on the same road. I am going to other border to make sure.


I come back where I slept. I meet him on the road and he invites me to have a tea. He is making to for his grandson.
(p.s he is not poor that he can afford to buy it, but he is just making to make his grandson happier.)


It is not bad to come and go at the same road, because I can meet local people again.


But already host in Lion Park introduced me somebody in the town. (Around the town, there are three different borders.) The beer I have in the night is 3.5% alc.


The host who is from South Africa does butchery that he buys cows and brings them to a slaughterhouse. He can make the best Biltong (jerk) in the world.


The next day I take the picture of host’s wife and son. She is so kind that she gives me many snacks and even she tries to give me the money. I say I don’t need money because you already give me the place to stay. But she wants to give me the money that I put them to my bag. Oh.. Thank you so much. (She also gave me strong spray for mosquitoes, but I forgot to put it on my bag.)


It is so close that it takes only 5 minutes to go to South African border from host house. It is not the same border where I tried to get another stamp. I will see it is the true that I must go back to Korea to come back to South Africa which other immigration said to me.



Days I spent in Botswana= 8 Days
Distance of cycling in Botswana = 192.94 km / 120.46 mi
Cities I stayed in Botswana = 2 Cities / Lobatse, Lion Park
Money I spent in Botswana = $ 0
(1$= 7 Pula)
People who helped me on the road in Botswana = Shereen & Essop Pandor(Lobatse), Dewald&Margaret Van Der Walt(Lion Park), Pikkie & Piet Alichia Botha (Lobatse)
People who donated to me = Hyun Sung Jung, todd rutley, Pikkie (Botswana at local)

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