The Best Top 7 Places To Cycle In The World (People may dream to cycle here once in their life)

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Last nine years, I’ve cycled in 74 countries on six continents. The most question people have asked me is “Where is the best country?” This is difficult to answer since I just like the country where I made good friends mostly. But if someone asked me “Where is the best place to cycle in the world?”, I can answer easily. Here I want to show the best stop 7 places to cycle. (This place can be dangerous if you don’t have any experience of cycling overseas. So please take care of yourself if you decide to go.)


This is my cycling route. Before scrolling down, try to guess my favorite place to cycle! (The route in Canada is the one I hitchhiked before the cycling trip.)


7. Armenia

7 Armenia Map





Armenia is located in western Asia. I was surprised when I entered cause it was so stunning with a wide-open view of the mountains that I enjoyed the scenery which I can look far away through mountains.


6. Balkans

6 Balkan Map

6_Balkan -Bosnia026

6_Balkan -croatia157

6_Balkan -Montenegro028

6_Balkan -Serbia003

My favorite places to cycle in Balkan were Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Serbia from the former Yugoslavia. Many of the mountains were next to the river and the sea that the scenery was so beautiful. Usually, if everything is cheap and people are kind at some area, there was a high chance of getting street flirting shouting. But those countries in Balkans were except. It was cheap and people were kind but still, they keep the distance to give privacy. I felt that it was the perfect place for a solo female seeking adventure.


5. Australian outback

5 Australia Map

5_Australia Outback_022

5_Australia Outback_061

5_Australia Outback_066


Australia has huge land but people more likely to live near the sea like Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and so on. Usually inland has less population. If you go deeper inside of inland, the populations really drop and people call this place, outback. I really loved outback so much as I always love the desert. My favorite place was Oodnadatta Track for cycling. There were many flies that I had to wear net. But it was gorgeous to see sunset and sunrise from the horizon and to cycle on an empty road was heaven.


4. Sudan desert crossing

4 Sudan Map







There are Sudan and South Sudan. They are different countries and South Sudan is so dangerous that you shouldn’t enter there. My favorite part was the northern part of Sudan. The road is following the Nile River. But it’s not right next to the river that only sometimes road met the river. When the road approached the river, I felt seeing Oasis. The desert always brings something special emotion that I just fall in love with them. (I realized pictures from Sudan was the best that I wanted to add more pictures here)


3. Bolivia Uyuni Salt Desert

3 Bolivia map





I had dreamed of this place before the cycling trip. Usually, high expectations lead to disappointment. But this place was more amazing than I expected. It’s located at 3,600m (12,000ft) above sea level that the whole place was covered by salt. Because of the salt crystal, it showed very unique shape on the land. It’s like the Australian outback that you can get lost and died easily if you go far away from the main route. At some point, I didn’t hear anything like birds tweeting, wind blowing, traffic passing, people talking, and animals moving that I was so moved by total silence for the first time in my life.


2. Pamir Highway

2 Pamir Highway Map

2_Kyrgyzstan travel_313

2_Kyrgyzstan Travel_008

2_Tajikistan Pamir Highway_043

2_Tajikistan Pamir Highway_051

2_Tajikistan-Pamir Highway 001

2_Tajikistan-Pamir Highway 084

Pamir highway is connected between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. This is the most popular route for cyclist travelers passing from Europe to Asia or from Asia to Europe. Most travelers pass here during the summer cause it has high mountains. So usually 40 to 50 world travelers were staying at the guest house at the same time during summer every day. When I crossed Africa for a year, I had met only a few world cyclist that this place was just heaven for cyclists. I enjoyed meeting all kinds of travelers here. Some parts reach 3,000m to 4,000m above the sea level (9800ft to 13,000 ft) that there is snowing even during the summer. It is definitely challenging to cycle but it will give the most memorable moments.


1. Finland

1 Finland Map








I had cycled in Finland during the winter. I used a winter tire that cycling was not slippery. But it was scary when the car made a snowstorm after passing me. The sun goes up like 9 am and gives blue light. And then Sun goes down around 2 pm. So it was not possible to cycle a long distance a day. Although it was really cold during the day, I could stay really warm at the night. Whenever I asked local people to get permission to set up my tent at their garage, they let me sleep inside and use Sauna. (Finnish people had a sauna at the house) It was so good to see Aurora again which I saw in Canada as well. The most amazing thing was the scenery of the snow. My country has the snow every year and I had lived up north Canada as well. But Finland snow is totally different that it was the most beautiful snow scenery like a fairy tale.


The Best Top 7 Places To Cycle In The World (My riding stories)

1. Finland

(Finland) I reached the goal after hard working.
(Finland) Unexpectedly, Finnish are so hospitable and kind!
(Finland) The country which gives the student 400 Euros per month.
(Finland) Husky Safari, Snow mobile, and finally saw amazing Aurora.
(Finland) A New Record! Cycling under -21 c (-5.8 f)
(Finland) I arrived in Helsinki at the middle of Winter.

2. Pamir Highway

(Tajikistan) The road is too difficult for cycling.
(Tajikistan) Cycling just across Afghanistan and greeting to Afghan People!
(Tajikistan) Cycling At Toughest Road With Good Friends
(Tajikistan) It was time to do wild camping alone in Pamir Highway
(Kyrgyzstan) Suddenly I felt I entered into the heaven.
(Kyrgyzstan) Let’s have party at the middle of the mountain.
(Kyrgyzstan) Heading to the end of Pamir Highway with snow mountain.
(Kazakhstan) I am going to miss horses on the endless filed

3. Bolivia Uyuni Salt Desert

(Bolivia) Cycling in Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat

4. Sudan desert crossing

(North Sudan) Crossing the desert with a headwind
(Sudan) Following Nile River slowly

5. Australian outback

(Australia) To survive at the outback on a bike!

6. Balkans

(Croatia) Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of the most beautiful park in the world.
(Bosnia) I just start loving cycling on the mount.
(Croatia) One of the most prominent tourist destinations in the Mediterranean, Dubrovnik!
(Montenegro) Let me try a difficult route.
(Macedonia) Come back to one of Yugoslavian countries.
(Serbia) The secret of Skull Tower and many beautiful girls

7. Armenia

(Armenia) One of the best countries for cycling

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  1. What an amazing adventure. Thank you for sharing it with us.
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  2. Brave girl! Congratz.

  3. Fabulous achievements and experiences, thank you for sharing.

  4. That’s a dream! But you have left a mark. Thank you for sharing your wonderful adventure. And you are a very special young lady. You will go a long way in life! Lyne

  5. What mechanical issues would you advise future travellers to watch out for or have spares for? You go get them girl!!!!! Amazing and koodoos to you!!!!

  6. Wow… just wow! You’re truly an inspiration for all of us.
    I might only be 18, but i’d love to be able to travel to some of these places in the future πŸ™‚

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