The Most Uniuqe Hostel Room You have never seen probably | Sydney, Australia

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I stayed here shortly when the Covid19 have started. I have stayed in many different styles of the hostel like the capsule, the pod, the bed with curtain, and so on. But I’ve never seen this kind of dormitory room before. So, I filmed it. The name of the hostel is Tiger Hostel Sydney. I am not sure they are still open.

There are private rooms in the dormitory room.
It’s different from a capsule hostel.
You need a card to enter your room.
It has a bigger private space than a capsule hostel.
It has a safe locker.
The single bed is very comfortable.
The personal light is right next to the bed.
The wall is high enough to give privacy.
It has a little cute window.
The owner allowed me to leave my bicycle in the room cause it’s a small building.
Right in front of Sydney city center that it can be noisy.
So, the hostel provides earbud.
It was $33 AUD($25USD) per night.
It is a little higher than Sydney YHA.

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  1. You’re right! I’ve never seen a hostel like that before! Very cool.

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