Top 20 Best Malaysian street food festival.

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Malaysia is famous for street food and there is Street food festival in Penang, Malaysia. Penang is very famous for street food. You can try so many different foods and it is so much fun to watch local people cooking. Malaysia has multi culture that there are Chinese Malaysian, Indian Malaysian, and Malay Malaysian. All foods are changed after so many years so it is different from original food that you can enjoy different taste.

Here I want to introduce 20 foods which I saw in Penang street food festival. 

#1 Putu Bambu
Traditional cylindrical-shaped and green-colored steamed cake
The cake is made of rice flour with green color acquired from pandan leaf called suji.
It is a popular local Malay snack. The texture is chewy, a bit gummy, but pleasing.
* How to make
Put rice flour first at bamboo tubes. Then make a hole in the middle. Fill with ground palm sugar. Cover it with rice flour. Place them on a steam cooker. Turn over. Push the Putu Bambu out with stick. Roll on grated coconut.

#2 Otak-Otak
Grilled spicy fish cake in banana leave.
Otak-otak is a grilled fish cake made of ground fish meat mixed with tapioca starch and spices.
The flavor combines the fragrance of burnt leaves, the softness of fish meat and chili spices

#3 Asam Laksa
Hot and sour noodles in fish soup.
Made with fresh ginger flower, pineapple, red onion, cucumber, lettuce, and spicy sour fish broth. Served with one spoon of fermented shrimp paste.
CNN Travel ranked Penang Asam Laksa 7th
out of the 50 most delicious foods in the world.
Assam Laksa is truly an exceptional dish that it is an intoxicating noodle soup dish with the perfect balance of spicy, sweet, sour, salty, and savoury flavours.

#4 Kuih Dangai
Malaysian Coconut Pie
A malay traditional food, made of coconut flesh, glutinous rice flour, and sugar.

#5 Char Koay Kak
It is fried Rice Cake; Very popular street food on Penang, Malaysia.
It is a popular Penang breakfast or supper street food.
Rice cakes are first fried with lard and a mixture of dark and light soy sauces.
You can add other ingredients to have additional layers of flavours and textures.
It is a popular Penang breakfast or supper street food.

#6 Cucur Udang
Prawn fritter is a traditional Malays snack. Prawn with bean sprouts and green onions on flour. Enjoy crunch prawn fritter with chilli sauce.

#7 Ban Chien Kueh
Traditional Hokkien thick pancake, filled with crushed peanuts and sugar.
It is a a soft fluffy and moist sweet.

#8 Putu Mayam
Indian-style steam rice vermicelli cake served with grated coconut and sugar

#9 Char Kuey Teow
Stir fried ricecake strips

#10 Murtabak
Fried dough filled with egg, meat, garlic, onion, vegetables and curry.

#11 Butter Fried Shrimp
Fried Shrimp popcorn with curry leaves

#12 Grilled Lamb

#13 Fried Sandwitch

#14 Popiah
Fresh spring rolls

#15 Rojak
Traditional fruit with sticky black fermented shrimp paste and chopped peanuts

#16 sugarcane juice

#17 Dragon’s Beard Candy

#18 Ice cream

#19 Fruit Lok Lok

#20 Steam ground nuts

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  1. Is Malaysia a muslim country, if it is you be very careful and watch your backs

    • I’m a Malaysian, and I’m a Muslim, we lived together peacefully and united despite races, religious (Christian, Buddha, Hindu) and skin colour. We welcome all tourists around the world with full respect, nothing to be feared come to our country Mr Mike Thompson to see how beautiful our country and its people. Thanks

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