Top 5 Best Myanmar Street Foods You Must Try 2018

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Here are five dishes you must try if you go to Yangon, Myanmar.Β  Myanmar Foods are really delicious. It seems Myanmar people really cook well. Two things seriously you must try is Pickled Tea Leaf Salad and Mohinga. Specially Pickled Tea Leaf Salad can go really well with beer.

1. Pickled Tea Leaf Salad (Lahpet)
It is a very unique food because they use the tea leaf as a salad. Myanmar is one of a few countries which eat the tea as the food in the world. Fermented Pickled Tea with nuts and vegetables has the very unique taste. Especially this is really good with the beer.
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2. A typical Myanmar meal
If you order the main dish like meat or fish, you would get side dishes like salad, soup, and vegetables for free. You can have it for lunch or dinner. Usually, Myanmar people cook well that always it has good taste.
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3. Noodle Salad
It is served with salad, vegetable, and a few different seasonings. This dish is good for a snack cause it is a light meal.
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4. Pork Offal Skewers (Wet Thar Dote Htoe)
It is pork offal on a stick in light soy sauce. The meat placed on the stick includes the internal organs of the pig including its intestine, liver, kidney, spleen, heart, lungs, tongue and even the skin and cartilage. The soup has really deep flavor. At first, you dip the stick into the soup and then dip into chili sauce.
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5. Mohinga
It is a rice noodle and fish soup. It is the national dish you must try if you go to Myanmar. Usually, it is eaten for breakfast. Every region cooks the different way that if you travel whole Myanmar, you can taste different Mohinga.
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